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Critiques - general
A place to read and critique members' work. NB: some of the best critiquing goes on in "Groups". Either sign up to a group that suits you - or set one up yourself. (Click "Create New" in Groups.)
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"Hi Claire, thanks for the comments. The whole point of this opener I guess " - Gemstar
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Festival of Writing
The place to talk about the York Festival ... the one that's been and the one that's coming.
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"I was a newbie at the last festival. I mixed and mingled very easily among" - Lin
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Coffee Break - Reviews & Other Discussions
Book reviews, chat & biscuits. A general discussion forum.
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"@ Rae - same here!" - JD
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Writing Techniques
The place to exchange thoughts and ask for help on writing technique
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"Count me in too." - Jenni Belsay
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Agents and Publishing - and Getting Published.
Penetrate the mysteries of the publishing industry - and read some excerpts from Harry's book on Getting Published.
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"Since the first day I sent work out, many years ago, I have had many reject" - Hilly
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Our regular Word Cloud comps. For non-WC competitions see News.
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" Not my fault. 'Stup" - dyslexic of dartford
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The Heated Debate
A regular series of debates about topics of importance to writers and the books trade. We invite major contributors and welcome controversy. Let the Heated Debate begin!
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"The Trustee from the Toolroom by Neville Shute is about someone who is enti" - AlanP
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How to get around on the Cloud
A place to discuss any technical questions about using this site.
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"With a tadge of oojimiflippin about, I can answer my own question. The wall" - Rae
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A place to chat about all things self-publishing - and a place to seek and exchange advice & experiences
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"Sorry, left out hte first link:&n" - EmmaD
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The Screenwriters Club
Everything to do with film - A nice civilised sort of place where screenwriters can escape from all those horrible novelists ...
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"Have hectic weekend of work ahead. You have missed your window of opportuni" - JtF
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The Great Word Cloud Bazaar
Have you published (or self-published) a book? If so, use the Bazaar to hawk your wares and garner reviews. Just set up a thread, tell us about your work, and remember to include an Amazon link ...
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"We are all waiting breathless Mozzie to see how you get on. I'm too embarra" - Joyful
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Places to Visit
Fun places on the web for writers and language lovers.
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"A site dedicated to stock characters, plot devices etc.Be prepared to lose " - A.R. Carpenter
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