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Sticky Topic How to seek an effective critique
Started By The WordCloud
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Gentle comment: If you are seeking critques you need to also ...View
Latest poster: Barb 8 months ago
Sticky Topic How to give effective feedback
Started By The WordCloud
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Richard, I have made suggestions of what you might do but I ...View
Latest poster: BellaM 1 year ago
Normal Topic The Fall of The Curtain - Flash
Started By L.
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Good stuff. Well written. Interesting to read. A little confusing. View
Latest poster: fudgetusk 4 days ago
Normal Topic Not finished...but I would like your opinions.
Started By Topcat79
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Hmmm. I'm no authority on poetry even though I've had a few ...View
Latest poster: fudgetusk 4 days ago
Normal Topic "The New Maid"
Started By Celtmists
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Good. But we need more to make a judgement on the plot. View
Latest poster: fudgetusk 4 days ago
Normal Topic Critique wanted please - first chapter and synopsis posted here.
Started By Polly
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You may not be experienced, but you have 'hit the nail on the head', thank ...View
Latest poster: Polly 4 days ago
Normal Topic The King in the Car Park - Short Story, 1328 words
Started By A.R. Carpenter
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This is a separate story set in the same world. It was a 'challenge' from ...View
Latest poster: A.R. Carpenter 5 days ago
Normal Topic Short story critique please!
Started By Sandawana
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thank you! I will take some of the names out to try and make it less ...View
Latest poster: Sandawana 5 days ago
Normal Topic Some, er, advertising copy...
Started By secondtime
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I have to say, personally I find white on black a really hard red - I get ...View
Latest poster: Squidge 7 days ago
Normal Topic Flash-fiction. I'd be interested in your thoughts
Started By JimB
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Wow. Only just checked in since posting my story, and I've got all this ...View
Latest poster: JimB 8 days ago
Normal Topic New opening. What do you think?
Started By cookiemonster
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Hi, Agree with above. It’s definitely intriguing, but I thought ...View
Latest poster: JDB 9 days ago
Normal Topic Women’s fiction prologue - comments and criticism welcome
Started By Julia
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Good plan. Make your readers think something, even if you're then going to ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 13 days ago
Normal Topic Excerpt for Scrutiny
Started By TheWeyMan
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No probs - we've all been there. If you're new to this, it takes some time ...View
Latest poster: Squidge 16 days ago
Normal Topic Short story, 1377 words, 'Red Sky At Night'
Started By Everlasting
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Thank you to you both, I appreciate your feedback very much. I've spent a ...View
Latest poster: Everlasting 17 days ago
Normal Topic Fiction - Feedback and opinions would be Greatly appreciated :)
Started By Woods
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Begin first paragraph with how Max is feeling and name the town a ...View
Latest poster: Polly 17 days ago
Normal Topic First chapter critique wanted, adult fiction/psychological thriller.
Started By Polly
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Thank you. I have posted it.View
Latest poster: Polly 17 days ago
Normal Topic Name This Film-a story
Started By fudgetusk
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Previously published in BARE BONE 8 Name This Film I ...View
Latest poster: fudgetusk 18 days ago
Normal Topic Can you put a dash of horror into a YA comedy?
Started By lukem
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Hmmm. Where to start. Your sentences are ok but your paragraphs need ...View
Latest poster: fudgetusk 18 days ago
Normal Topic Why They Are Crumbling
Started By fudgetusk
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Latest poster: fudgetusk 18 days ago
Normal Topic First Chapter. Thoughts and criticism greatly appreciated.
Started By Matty
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Hi Matty, very tidy presentation, very handsome in the SPAG :) ...View
Latest poster: Mat 19 days ago
Normal Topic Sorry me again!
Started By TheWeyMan
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Thanks L. I hope I continue to improve! :) Apologies for adding so ...View
Latest poster: TheWeyMan 21 days ago
Normal Topic RE:
Started By Celtmists
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Oh good feel much better now....View
Latest poster: Celtmists 22 days ago
Normal Topic Does this intro for a non-fiction book grab your attention?
Started By sylong1986
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Y'know most writers are quite fat? A very large posterior in particular - ...View
Latest poster: Mat 24 days ago
Normal Topic Nervously requesting critique on part of my first chapter
Started By Amulette
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Very enjoyable and relaxed reading I was hooked almost straight away well ...View
Latest poster: Celtmists 24 days ago
Normal Topic 1st person unreliable narrator - feedback
Started By Rattlearrow
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Well written. Not too wordy. An intelligent snippet of a story. View
Latest poster: fudgetusk 25 days ago