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Sticky Topic How to seek an effective critique
Started By The WordCloud
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Gentle comment: If you are seeking critques you need to also ...View
Latest poster: Barb 3 months ago
Sticky Topic How to give effective feedback
Started By The WordCloud
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Richard, I have made suggestions of what you might do but I ...View
Latest poster: BellaM 1 year ago
Normal Topic Critique of first chapter - thriller (I think) 1000 words
Started By Willow
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Just jumping here to answer Vino Collapso. I often feel slapped when ...View
Latest poster: Catasshe 5 hours ago
Normal Topic Always on My Mind - Flash Fiction - Critique Needed
Started By L.
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Thanks Willow! Thanks Kate and Newbie for the additional feedback. View
Latest poster: L. 11 hours ago
Normal Topic MG fantasy - ages 7+
Started By Alex
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Thanks Kate! I think you're absolutely spot on, this is really helpful, ...View
Latest poster: Alex 2 days ago
Normal Topic Tragedy Of Huntingdon Manor (Two Chapters 2380 words)
Started By Bellablue
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@L. Thank you very much for your reply and advice. Yes, after considering ...View
Latest poster: Bellablue 3 days ago
Normal Topic Irish & Wild ~ Chapter 1: Now (Fantasy/Adventure/Anthropomorphic)
Started By LittleRat
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Ok - I need to know who 'she' is... all I know is, she has fur and doesn't ...View
Latest poster: Squidge 6 days ago
Normal Topic Irish & Wild ~ Chapter 2: Welcome To Menthol City (Fantasy/Adventure/Anthropomorphic)
Started By LittleRat
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This is good. I liked the chalkboard part, very poetic. I do feel that ...View
Latest poster: healeymonster1 6 days ago
Normal Topic Critique Requested; Another Short Story (Weird Fiction)
Started By S.McQuail
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A good short story with an original idea. It made me think which ...View
Latest poster: Mr.Smith 7 days ago
Normal Topic Opening 3K words - Science Fiction - Please comment :-)
Started By Gus
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Just wanted to say I liked this. Put me in mind of Robin Hobb or some of ...View
Latest poster: Mr.Smith 7 days ago
Normal Topic Children's picture book
Started By Debs1989
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Concept good, Rhyme scheme :-( ??? Seems like it has rhymes in it, but ...View
Latest poster: Babblefish 7 days ago
Normal Topic Entire first chapter of an un-named practise novel. Would really appreciate your thoughts.
Started By healeymonster1
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'Edited 20 times' shows you have the level of determination needed to ...View
Latest poster: healeymonster1 9 days ago
Normal Topic Critique please! Short story
Started By King's Daughter
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Thank you both so much! It makes me really happy that you enjoyed it!View
Latest poster: S.King 13 days ago
Normal Topic Children’s story
Started By Mickyboyblue
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Jaxx, you’re a genius. Purse. Of course purse. It’s so much ...View
Latest poster: Mickyboyblue 13 days ago
Normal Topic Comments welcome as usual. Thank you.
Started By Topcat79
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I really enjoyed reading this piece! As someone who enjoys both reading ...View
Latest poster: S.King 15 days ago
Normal Topic Prologue to a fantasy book - critique please!
Started By Groggy
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Thanks, all. Really useful feedback.View
Latest poster: Groggy 18 days ago
Normal Topic Critique of short prologue please. Thanks
Started By Willow
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Thanks Gus, that's really helpfulView
Latest poster: Willow 18 days ago
Normal Topic Cyberpunk/Dystopian Short Story, Critique needed!
Started By S.McQuail
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I don't have a lot to add that everyone else hasn't already said in more ...View
Latest poster: Gus 18 days ago
Normal Topic After many rejections, seeking advice on whether or not I am wasting my time writing novels!
Started By Anna
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Thanks Edison for your encouraging words! I will be writing on, taking ...View
Latest poster: Anna 19 days ago
Normal Topic week 1 - lulu
Started By Lulu
0 122 Latest poster: Lulu 26 days ago
Normal Topic Just starting out and doubting my work - advise needed
Started By Chloe
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I agree too that this is worth persevering with. You have fell into all ...View
Latest poster: healeymonster1 1 month ago
Normal Topic Is work posted on this forum 'published?'
Started By Sean
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Hi Sean, for a terrible reason/conspiracy nobody cares that a ...View
Latest poster: Mat 1 month ago
Normal Topic Query re: agents predilections
Started By Hilly
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Hello Hilly, Nobody worries that you're posting from a foreign ...View
Latest poster: Mat 1 month ago
Normal Topic Short ghost story critique please!
Started By Groggy
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Hi Groggy This is a great spooky tale! I like this a lot, ...View
Latest poster: CurlPower 1 month ago
Normal Topic Just Starting out - Advice appreciated
Started By T B Carter
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I'm guessing 'don't take this piss' should be 'the', rather than his boss ...View
Latest poster: Groggy 1 month ago