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Sticky Topic How to seek an effective critique
Started By The WordCloud
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Indiana, you need to post this in a thread of your own. Try Forum ...View
Latest poster: Seagreen 2 months ago
Sticky Topic How to give effective feedback
Started By The WordCloud
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Richard, I have made suggestions of what you might do but I ...View
Latest poster: BellaM 1 year ago
Normal Topic Can I please have some constructive criticism on my opener
Started By Gemstar
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Hi Claire, thanks for the comments. The whole point of this opener I guess ...View
Latest poster: Gemstar 2 hours ago
Normal Topic Critique of prologue?
Started By Claire
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It seems like a slow burn, and I wonder how much background/scene setting ...View
Latest poster: stephenterry 11 hours ago
Normal Topic One Slip Away - a flash fiction story
Started By annemarie
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I don't want gory/explicit details either. I just want to know what's ...View
Latest poster: Catasshe 3 days ago
Normal Topic Welcome to Serconea - Chapter 1 Feedback Requested
Started By A.R. Carpenter
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Too deadpan then? I understand where you are coming from. I think much of ...View
Latest poster: A.R. Carpenter 7 days ago
Normal Topic Thinking of making a humourous anthology including 'Mary's Literary Corner's one sided conversations.
Started By Mezz
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Would love to read more of them. I always find myself smiling as I read ...View
Latest poster: OFP 7 days ago
Normal Topic Beneath the Waves
Started By Jon
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Thank you, Kate. I will do a rewrite with your comments in mind. Once its ...View
Latest poster: Jon 8 days ago
Normal Topic The Cloutie Well
Started By Mashie Niblick
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Rather nice that, Mashie. A touch of T S Eliot in Glasto? View
Latest poster: Athelstone 8 days ago
Normal Topic She lay dreaming.
Started By Chico
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This is beautiful, Chico,View
Latest poster: Willow 8 days ago
Normal Topic Fine thanks.
Started By Chico
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When I try, fear falls like a curtain. might be better ...View
Latest poster: Chico 11 days ago
Normal Topic My first attempt (after countless tweaks and edits...)
Started By RHB
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Thank you all for the feedback, it is very much appriciated! I like the ...View
Latest poster: RHB 11 days ago
Normal Topic Feedback request (600 words)
Started By stevecdub
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Hi Steve, I though the imagary of the playground was great - being a ...View
Latest poster: RHB 12 days ago
Normal Topic Rain is
Started By Trade
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The good news is, Dee, that's how I wrote it - curled up at ...View
Latest poster: Trade 14 days ago
Normal Topic Dee - Feedback request
Started By Dee999
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Thank you. Feedback really helps. It gives a different angle on things. ...View
Latest poster: Dee999 15 days ago
Normal Topic 2514 Words: Thoughts? (Experimental)[deleted previous topic]
Started By Seek Guidance
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So.. a few thoughts.... The sentence structure is very... regular. ...View
Latest poster: Babblefish 15 days ago
Normal Topic Screw It, I'll Take The Elevator - feedback request
Started By StairsforBreakfast
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Hello Stairs. An amusing tale well written but it was a bit like one of ...View
Latest poster: Mr.Smith 17 days ago
Normal Topic A practising novice (would love help :)
Started By Bellablue
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Mr Smith - Thank you and yes, thinking about it I feel you are right that ...View
Latest poster: Bellablue 18 days ago
Normal Topic Synopsis
Started By JT
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Hello JT. Just one thing - and a pet hate of mine - different agents ...View
Latest poster: Mr.Smith 18 days ago
Normal Topic Poem - Jacket (re: Manchester 23/5/17)
Started By MancLass76
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(This is written with complete respect to those who have been ...View
Latest poster: MancLass76 24 days ago
Normal Topic Mid-book chapter, feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Started By Berks
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Hi All, thanks as always for the replies so far. It's amazing that, no ...View
Latest poster: Berks 1 month ago
Normal Topic Passage about emotions - Boxing Day
Started By Paris Paul
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I'm glad you've found the feedback useful, Paris Paul. If the story is in ...View
Latest poster: Catasshe 1 month ago
Normal Topic New fantasy novel - Beta-reader/Feedback requested
Started By Purple Prose
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Thanks all for the suggestions, will go through my book with ...View
Latest poster: Purple Prose 1 month ago
Normal Topic Into the blue
Started By katie
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Hi Katie, I have read your work above from start to finish, and ...View
Latest poster: Benjamin86 1 month ago
Normal Topic Feed back on sub letter Please.
Started By JT
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Thanks Philippa and Sea for taking the time to read it.View
Latest poster: JT 1 month ago