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Sticky Topic How to seek an effective critique
Started By The WordCloud
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Indiana, you need to post this in a thread of your own. Try Forum ...View
Latest poster: Seagreen 1 month ago
Sticky Topic How to give effective feedback
Started By The WordCloud
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Richard, I have made suggestions of what you might do but I ...View
Latest poster: BellaM 11 months ago
Normal Topic Chapter One- The Braille Club. Feedback please if you have a few moments to spare :)
Started By Juls
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A BRAILLE PARTY, MARBELLA, 10 YEARS AGO. The host enters the ...View
Latest poster: Juls 53 mins ago
Normal Topic Into the blue
Started By katie
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Hi Katie, don't feel embarrassed. Everyone has to start somewhere, and ...View
Latest poster: Catasshe 2 hours ago
Normal Topic Would you... ?
Started By succinct
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I think you've got some good ideas in this and the idea of her having to ...View
Latest poster: Pinkbelt75 3 hours ago
Normal Topic Short story (2455 words)
Started By Everlasting
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Hey guys, hope everyone's having a good weekend. I've spent about three ...View
Latest poster: Everlasting 4 hours ago
Normal Topic A World Where No One Weeps Critiques Please!
Started By Aigerim
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I made a big list of things I enjoyed or thought could be improved with ...View
Latest poster: AceOfAllTrades 2 days ago
Normal Topic Feedback please (729 words)
Started By fka ally
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Hey, Ally! Sorry if this goes haywire, but I'll give it my best shot. ...View
Latest poster: AceOfAllTrades 2 days ago
Normal Topic Hunter, Chapter 1, 707 words, feedback please :)
Started By Everlasting
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Well done for taking it all on board. It's bloomin' hard sometimes to hear ...View
Latest poster: Hilly 3 days ago
Normal Topic Making technical issues entertaining
Started By John Alty
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Thanks OFP and JD. I do like technical detail when I read - I ...View
Latest poster: John Alty 3 days ago
Normal Topic Just a poem I've been working on
Started By MosquitoFB6
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I want to make it clear that the work is not autobiography View
Latest poster: MosquitoFB6 3 days ago
Normal Topic Hazel Hill Woods
Started By Mashie Niblick
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Wow, this is good. I really like the ending. I got a real sense ...View
Latest poster: MosquitoFB6 5 days ago
Normal Topic Fine thanks.
Started By Chico
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When I try, fear falls like a curtain. might be better If I ...View
Latest poster: Mashie Niblick 9 days ago
Normal Topic Mozzie's Beta Barn - Critiques Needed
Started By MosquitoFB6
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Hi everyone. This is just an an announcement to let you know that I've ...View
Latest poster: MosquitoFB6 10 days ago
Normal Topic 2514 Words: Thoughts? (Experimental)[deleted previous topic]
Started By Seek Guidance
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SG - I wrote a detailed post earlier and it's disappeared! I'll try and ...View
Latest poster: Squidge 14 days ago
Normal Topic Welcome to Serconea - Chapter 1 Feedback Requested
Started By A.R. Carpenter
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Dear ARC, it's this type of plot snippet "So Julie has the starring ...View
Latest poster: A.R. Carpenter 18 days ago
Normal Topic 'Jaundice', first short story, would love your thoughts! (2300 words)
Started By Blaze Longhorn
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You're welcome. Look forward to reading some more.View
Latest poster: Hilly 19 days ago
Normal Topic A poem. Does it speak to you? (Or is it too vague?)
Started By Maggiesue Alexa
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Thank you, everybody. Because I couldn't find the 'Watch Topic' button the ...View
Latest poster: Maggiesue Alexa 20 days ago
Normal Topic Would love some feedback on my opening pages (Adult Fantasy)
Started By Erkembald
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yes... the rest of the book. Ain't no mountain high enough, as the old ...View
Latest poster: Erkembald 22 days ago
Normal Topic Character Development in short chapter
Started By Ben
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Thanks for the feedback, the mc is kenny so Ive overhauled the passage to ...View
Latest poster: Ben 22 days ago
Normal Topic Looking for some feedback, please! (Very new to this!)
Started By Maggiesue Alexa
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Hi JtF - I think, in a funny sort of way 'tepid water' was just what I ...View
Latest poster: Maggiesue Alexa 22 days ago
Normal Topic Monday Morning Blues - feedback please
Started By Vox Populi
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Thank you to all for responding to my request for assistance. I will ...View
Latest poster: Vox Populi 24 days ago
Normal Topic Feedback request - Sci-Fi short story 1,070 words
Started By Iridium Dawn
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Thanks, Hilly.View
Latest poster: Iridium Dawn 1 month ago
Normal Topic Feedback request for first 3000 words of my sci-fi novel
Started By Nic
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Hi Stephen, Thanks for your comment. I am glad to hear that you ...View
Latest poster: Nic 1 month ago
Normal Topic Football Action Scene - Boxing Day
Started By Paris Paul
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Hi Paul As a non football lover I'm not sure I'm qualified to say ...View
Latest poster: Kate 1 month ago