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Sticky Topic How to seek an effective critique
Started By The WordCloud
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Gentle comment: If you are seeking critques you need to also ...View
Latest poster: Barb 1 month ago
Sticky Topic How to give effective feedback
Started By The WordCloud
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Richard, I have made suggestions of what you might do but I ...View
Latest poster: BellaM 1 year ago
Normal Topic Literary fiction prologue review, would be very grateful for any critiques.
Started By S J Hughes
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Guys thank you very much for your invaluable input, to be honest i'm ...View
Latest poster: S J Hughes 16 hours ago
Normal Topic Just Starting out - Advice appreciated
Started By T B Carter
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Hi there i think it's a really good start; but as i think other people ...View
Latest poster: S J Hughes 1 day ago
Normal Topic Short ghost story critique please!
Started By Groggy
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I don't think I can add all that much to the earlier comments, but ...View
Latest poster: Monica Handle 2 days ago
Normal Topic Short Story - Part 1
Started By L.
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Thank you everybody for your kind feedback. I am glad that you enjoyed the ...View
Latest poster: L. 2 days ago
Normal Topic Picture Book thoughts??
Started By Tpfm
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This is sweet. I liked the repetition and the poetry. There is some ...View
Latest poster: Giselle 3 days ago
Normal Topic Picture Book.
Started By Jonas
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Love the title... can visualise the illustrations. Perhaps Jack the rabbit ...View
Latest poster: Tpfm 3 days ago
Normal Topic Dream sequence
Started By Squidge
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Thanks all - it deffo needs a tweak! I dream myself sensorily (is that a ...View
Latest poster: Squidge 6 days ago
Normal Topic Blurbs for Critique
Started By falcieri
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Late as ever, sorry! Your many-times-great grandfather does indeed sound a ...View
Latest poster: SecretSpi 6 days ago
Normal Topic First writing for a while - any thoughts, folks?
Started By Maggiesue Alexa
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I don't do poetry either, but this I like.View
Latest poster: Seagreen 11 days ago
Normal Topic Synopsis
Started By Bob
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Looks good - the only thing I'd possibly look to change for clarification ...View
Latest poster: Squidge 12 days ago
Normal Topic My 1st draft. Could really do with people's opinions. Thank you.
Started By Topcat79
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Hello Topcat. The concept is intriguing and unusual. I echo what others ...View
Latest poster: Giselle 14 days ago
Normal Topic Changed Tense would love a critique
Started By Gemstar
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Thanks Kate, I think the change of tense in the first place has fryed my ...View
Latest poster: Gemstar 19 days ago
Normal Topic Life is a Packet of Sugar (short story)
Started By L.
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Thank you both for reading it and I'm glad to hear that the twist and ...View
Latest poster: L. 19 days ago
Normal Topic The Gimp
Started By justintuijl
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Thank you!View
Latest poster: justintuijl 20 days ago
Normal Topic Doodling with a short story...
Started By John Alty
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Pretty good for only target practice. Credible voice and a great sense of ...View
Latest poster: OFP 20 days ago
Normal Topic Deeper
Started By Jacqui
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Thank you. I really appreciate your feedback, especially the coments on ...View
Latest poster: Jacqui 21 days ago
Normal Topic A new chapter
Started By OxfordWriter
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Hi OxfordWriter, I enjoyed reading this extract. I think Kate gave ...View
Latest poster: L. 21 days ago
Normal Topic Ode to Candlelight Dinner (Flash Fiction)
Started By L.
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Thanks everybody for your feedback! I have been wary about sharing my ...View
Latest poster: L. 26 days ago
Normal Topic Sudden Impact - flash fiction.
Started By Benjamin86
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Thanks for the feedback you two. On a second read I agree with you both on ...View
Latest poster: Benjamin86 26 days ago
Normal Topic Departure Gate (short story)
Started By justintuijl
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I agree with the other feedback too, thanks all! ...View
Latest poster: justintuijl 28 days ago
Normal Topic Rupert (short story)
Started By justintuijl
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Thanks for the feedback people! Glad you liked the story!View
Latest poster: justintuijl 28 days ago
Normal Topic Would like feedback on a short story (666 words) that's a little strange please
Started By Ian Blackwell
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Sorry to hear about the lightning. It's amazing how important wifi has ...View
Latest poster: Ian Blackwell 28 days ago
Normal Topic First three chapters
Started By OxfordWriter
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Thanks Mr Smith, that's a nice idea. I have edited it a couple of times ...View
Latest poster: OxfordWriter 28 days ago