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Normal Topic AMAZON paper colour
Started By bookynose
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Hi all Does anyone have any experience with paper colour? Amazon ...View
Latest poster: bookynose 10 days ago
Normal Topic Amazon Reviews - pre-publication
Started By bookynose
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Thanks very much for all of the replies, your time has been ...View
Latest poster: bookynose 10 days ago
Normal Topic Pros and Cons of self publishing
Started By will
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Barb - that is REALLY helpful advice! Thank you. Much easier to see where ...View
Latest poster: Rose 11 days ago
Normal Topic Text Leading size
Started By Dev
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I'm about to self-publish my first novel and I want to use an online ...View
Latest poster: Dev 18 days ago
Normal Topic Cover design courses
Started By Gill
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Latest poster: Newbie 1 month ago
Normal Topic Beta readers
Started By shelaghsmith
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Try Goodreads Shelagh. There are lots of people offering beta reading ...View
Latest poster: Clwydian 1 month ago
Normal Topic Another question about book covers
Started By MosquitoFB6
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Thanks for these recommendations. I'll give them a whirl.View
Latest poster: MosquitoFB6 5 months ago
Normal Topic Amazon Reviews - do they stay forever?
Started By BellaM
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Yes, you've discovered that UK reviews don't automatically appear on the ...View
Latest poster: Tony 5 months ago
Normal Topic Japanese Publisher wants my book legal side
Started By Pauld
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By the way the Contract is not yet drawn up, it is waiting for ...View
Latest poster: Pauld 6 months ago
Normal Topic #RealPopUpPeople TV Opportunity
Started By Daisy
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Not according to your profile!View
Latest poster: Mashie Niblick 6 months ago
Normal Topic E-book giveaway in return for feedback... please!!
Started By JPW
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JPW, mine is only one opinion. Why not do as Bella suggests and post the ...View
Latest poster: Seagreen 8 months ago
Normal Topic Self-publishing - Six months in.
Started By Rebecca
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I hadn't realised that accepting an IBSN from Createspace tied me to that ...View
Latest poster: Rebecca 9 months ago
Normal Topic Free Book Cover Giveaway
Started By acebookcovers
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Hoping that this is OK to post... I just joined the forum. I am ...View
Latest poster: acebookcovers 10 months ago
Normal Topic Any experiences with
Started By daverage
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Amazon do publish books created via Lulu, provided they have an ISBN ...View
Latest poster: Sandra 1 year ago
Normal Topic Opinions wanted on my book cover lamination! :)
Started By jamesfinegan
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I've had gloss covers on both Granny Rainbow books - it looks good and ...View
Latest poster: Squidge 1 year ago
Normal Topic You just have to read this! Noodledoodle's debut triumph!
Started By Rebecca
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**double blush, MrP** View
Latest poster: Noodledoodle 1 year ago
Normal Topic Amazon might be screwing you
Started By JayG
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oh wow, thank you for that! i shall have to remember that should i decide ...View
Latest poster: haworthgirl 1 year ago
Normal Topic Lulu ?
Started By WorkinginPJs
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Hi there Yes, Dave's session was good - some good tips - in particular ...View
Latest poster: Pete 1 year ago
Normal Topic So many questions! Help!
Started By Andy
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Thanks Emma, I will take a look. :)View
Latest poster: Andy 1 year ago
Normal Topic Marketing
Started By argive
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Howdy I wanted to share some thoughts and get some advice on ...View
Latest poster: argive 1 year ago
Normal Topic How to promote e-book?
Started By will
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Will there have been many discussions on self-publishing, why don't you ...View
Latest poster: Giselle 1 year ago
Normal Topic Free event on self-publishing during London Book and Screen Week
Started By Black Cat
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Hello Cloudies, I was looking at stuff to do next week and learned ...View
Latest poster: Black Cat 1 year ago
Normal Topic A curated network of editors and designers
Started By RicardoFayet
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A last! This is what I have been looking forView
Latest poster: WriterColin 2 years ago
Normal Topic Does anyone out there need help typesetting?
Started By EasyTyper
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Hi ET, A kind offer! Forgive my ignorance, but can you explain just ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 2 years ago
Normal Topic Publicity
Started By Sarah
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Thanks for your support Black Cat! Really want to support as many people ...View
Latest poster: Loretta Milan 2 years ago