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Normal Topic Re-writing Gaskell, by Gaskell
Started By mrsgaskell
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PS. Meant to say; agents won't really give you feedback... they might of ...View
Latest poster: Catasshe 2 hours ago
Normal Topic Going Down
Started By JeanieD
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Title now changed to 'Down Time'. View
Latest poster: JeanieD 4 hours ago
Normal Topic What's everyone reading?
Started By Eli d’Elbée
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@ Rae - same here!View
Latest poster: JD 6 days ago
Normal Topic
Started By Philippa
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Did you find the review of your covering letter and synopsis helpful Mr. ...View
Latest poster: Gemstar 9 days ago
Normal Topic Podcast on becoming a writer
Started By Benjamin86
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Hi guys. Anyone struggling with self doubt about their writing ...View
Latest poster: Benjamin86 13 days ago
Normal Topic Anyone interested in discussing YA Science Fantasy writing?
Started By Ed1972
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Struggling a bit with the concept of science fantasy. I have read ...View
Latest poster: Mr.Smith 27 days ago
Normal Topic Saying hello
Started By A.R. Carpenter
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Glad to hear it. It would have been a shame to abandon the complex world ...View
Latest poster: Kate 1 month ago
Normal Topic Will anyone even care?!
Started By Lulu
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I think you have a fascinating story to tell, and I did laugh out loud at ...View
Latest poster: Rose 1 month ago
Normal Topic A Short For Prop
Started By bazbaron
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Very moving, Baz. And atmospheric and authentic with energy and vitality ...View
Latest poster: Caducean Whisks 1 month ago
Normal Topic Cloudie communications
Started By MosquitoFB6
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I use Twitter to promote my sailing blog and websites. I've only ever ...View
Latest poster: John Alty 1 month ago
Normal Topic Zen and writing
Started By John Alty
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Sorry, that was directed to Cat.View
Latest poster: Hilly 1 month ago
Normal Topic places to submit short stories?
Started By Everlasting
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Ah, sounds like a closed group probably is the best way forward when it ...View
Latest poster: Catasshe 1 month ago
Normal Topic Survival in the forest.
Started By Bonwick
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Not sure about the fish though.View
Latest poster: Hilly 1 month ago
Normal Topic Week 4 Joyful
Started By Joyful
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Saw this and thought I'd just add - Joy, if you're on the SE course, I ...View
Latest poster: Squidge 2 months ago
Normal Topic A Catholic question
Started By sooty
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@Phillippa, that's a nice suggestion, but it's set in the 19th century, ...View
Latest poster: sooty 2 months ago
Normal Topic 'I know you are there somewhere' said a little voice......
Started By Augustheme
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Hi Augustheme, and welcome. I'd agree with both Baz and Richard as stop ...View
Latest poster: Pinkbelt75 3 months ago
Normal Topic Kindle Scout
Started By Shiver
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The book is Whom the Wanted Wickeds Rake. Forgot to mention that.View
Latest poster: Shiver 3 months ago
Normal Topic Hello everyone, where do I start?
Started By Tucker
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You could run ideas/a synopsis past trusted friends but ask for ...View
Latest poster: Tucker 3 months ago
Normal Topic It's lovely to be back
Started By jo
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Thanks guys, and Merry Christmas to you all. I'm really enjoying being ...View
Latest poster: jo 6 months ago
Normal Topic MS reviews by WW
Started By John Alty
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Hi John, you need to be very careful to clarify with the WW people just ...View
Latest poster: stephenterry 6 months ago
Normal Topic Doubting my ending
Started By ScribblerBee
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Hi SB - I recognise the Ending Trauma Syndrome - I'm struggling with my ...View
Latest poster: Das 6 months ago
Normal Topic Let me introduce myself.
Started By John Alty
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Thank you for the welcome, you seem such a friendly lot.View
Latest poster: John Alty 6 months ago
Normal Topic Hello Everyone
Started By kjtcarr
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Hi Kevin, and welcome to the Cloud. Sticking a "Hello" post up is a good ...View
Latest poster: sirtanicmills 6 months ago
Normal Topic Mentorship Interview advice
Started By Philippa
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Oh, well done, Philippa! That's fantastic. I do hope the mentoring is ...View
Latest poster: Hil 6 months ago
Normal Topic The Ideas Box
Started By Barb
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I usually look for what others are discussing. I visit Google Trends or ...View
Latest poster: Ricky 6 months ago