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Normal Topic Kindle Scout
Started By Shiver
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The book is Whom the Wanted Wickeds Rake. Forgot to mention that.View
Latest poster: Shiver 14 days ago
Normal Topic Hello everyone, where do I start?
Started By Tucker
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You could run ideas/a synopsis past trusted friends but ask for ...View
Latest poster: Tucker 24 days ago
Normal Topic 'I know you are there somewhere' said a little voice......
Started By Augustheme
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Welcome to the cloud Augustheme - I would suggest just getting the ...View
Latest poster: Kate 25 days ago
Normal Topic Anyone interested in discussing YA Science Fantasy writing?
Started By Ed1972
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Science Fantasy is exactly the genre I would like to write in.View
Latest poster: Tucker 26 days ago
Normal Topic It's lovely to be back
Started By jo
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Thanks guys, and Merry Christmas to you all. I'm really enjoying being ...View
Latest poster: jo 3 months ago
Normal Topic MS reviews by WW
Started By John Alty
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Hi John, you need to be very careful to clarify with the WW people just ...View
Latest poster: stephenterry 3 months ago
Normal Topic Doubting my ending
Started By ScribblerBee
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Hi SB - I recognise the Ending Trauma Syndrome - I'm struggling with my ...View
Latest poster: Das 3 months ago
Normal Topic Let me introduce myself.
Started By John Alty
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Thank you for the welcome, you seem such a friendly lot.View
Latest poster: John Alty 3 months ago
Normal Topic Hello Everyone
Started By kjtcarr
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Hi Kevin, and welcome to the Cloud. Sticking a "Hello" post up is a good ...View
Latest poster: sirtanicmills 3 months ago
Normal Topic What's everyone reading?
Started By Eli d’Elbée
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Just started a terrific thriller set on a Greek island Lie With Me by ...View
Latest poster: Scheherazade 3 months ago
Normal Topic Mentorship Interview advice
Started By Philippa
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Oh, well done, Philippa! That's fantastic. I do hope the mentoring is ...View
Latest poster: Hil 3 months ago
Normal Topic The Ideas Box
Started By Barb
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I usually look for what others are discussing. I visit Google Trends or ...View
Latest poster: Ricky 3 months ago
Normal Topic Who are the best self-publishers?
Started By ZintinW4
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There's this guy Chandler Bolt who made a fortune by teaching people hot ...View
Latest poster: Ricky 3 months ago
Normal Topic The Writers Bureau Course?
Started By Cyanide Cupcake
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The Writer's Bureau course is excellent for those who already has some ...View
Latest poster: EricYoung 4 months ago
Normal Topic Aspiring Cover Artist
Started By alexander_london
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Fabulous work. So good to see someone working in the 'old' medium. may it ...View
Latest poster: Stephen Mark 4 months ago
Normal Topic Never sure where to put things
Started By SecretSpi
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Thanks, Spi. Worth thinking about.View
Latest poster: bazbaron 5 months ago
Normal Topic What do you do in a break between drafts?
Started By Janeshuff
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Well, writing something else sounds like a good option but I generally do ...View
Latest poster: Ricky 5 months ago
Normal Topic On finishing a novel
Started By Catasshe
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It is a strange journey as you go through each of the stages. I think the ...View
Latest poster: Barb 7 months ago
Normal Topic Big Magic - for aspiring writers and artists
Started By Catasshe
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I am currently reading The Idea in You; how to find it, build it and ...View
Latest poster: Snowflake 7 months ago
Normal Topic Disappointing books by good authors
Started By Lou-with-the-cue
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Hi CW, Sandra and Squidgey I'm quite surprised that another three ...View
Latest poster: bryo 8 months ago
Normal Topic Research
Started By JeanieD
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Hello JeanieD, not too sure how you could research that info. Would census ...View
Latest poster: Snowflake 10 months ago
Normal Topic Police Procedure
Started By TheAlmightyDada
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Thanks. Very useful link. I've bookmarked the site. I think I might need ...View
Latest poster: JeanieD 10 months ago
Normal Topic New Online Literary Magazine - Open for Submissions!
Started By TyneTales
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Hi Philip This sounds exciting and the website looks good. ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 11 months ago
Normal Topic If you need advice on police procedures for your writing
Started By Philippa
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Basic procedures are the same, but there are local differences even ...View
Latest poster: Pete 11 months ago
Normal Topic Question...
Started By LiamMurphy
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Good luck working through this lot. A quicker, ready-reckoner of fantasy ...View
Latest poster: Clwydian 11 months ago