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Normal Topic Ebook
Started By Squongo
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Thank you very much Scheherazade. Just writing the back cover copy and ...View
Latest poster: Squongo 21 days ago
Normal Topic Hello :)
Started By Ariejester
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Hi I am new here too! I also just recently started writing again in my ...View
Latest poster: Lio 2 months ago
Normal Topic Hall of Fame for the Writing Challenges - how to do it
Started By Philippa
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I think it would be best to share a link to the published work as you ...View
Latest poster: Lio 2 months ago
Normal Topic paranormal vs supernatural
Started By AlanRain
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Supernatural + horror normally falls under the dark fantasy genre. As far ...View
Latest poster: L. 4 months ago
Normal Topic Why You Should Read Ramsey Campbell
Started By fudgetusk
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Best horror writer ever. Here's some free stories by him. It tells ...View
Latest poster: fudgetusk 4 months ago
Normal Topic The land of the audio book.
Started By TheWeyMan
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Get on your computer - narration, USA - there's plenty. Record 5 minutes, ...View
Latest poster: Mat 4 months ago
Normal Topic hello and a question about writers groups...
Started By Danielle
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Hi Danielle Hope you find a good group to join, but there's lots ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 6 months ago
Normal Topic When should (or shouldn't) we request a fee?
Started By JeanieD
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Brilliant, Jeanie - well done!View
Latest poster: Jenni Belsay 7 months ago
Normal Topic Active groups
Started By Ariejester
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Hello, are there any active groups for horror / dark romance ...View
Latest poster: Ariejester 8 months ago
Normal Topic Memoir recommendations...
Started By Edison
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Hi Edison, I am on the last week of a onlne life writing module ...View
Latest poster: Tracyann 8 months ago
Normal Topic Going Down
Started By JeanieD
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I have a story called Beneath Me. You could borrow it. Double meaning too.View
Latest poster: fudgetusk 8 months ago
Normal Topic New member - query about Writing for Children group
Started By hermionejapp
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§ Hi everyone. Looking forward to starting on the 23rd. View
Latest poster: Skylark 9 months ago
Normal Topic New, but not.
Started By Edison
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Cheers Edison, I haven't posted any of it on here yet, but I will do once ...View
Latest poster: Gus 9 months ago
Normal Topic Hello all
Started By Penworthy
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Saved you dunking it though, Penworthy.View
Latest poster: sirtanicmills 10 months ago
Normal Topic Request for help
Started By Aniqe
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Thank you very much for your help! View
Latest poster: Aniqe 11 months ago
Normal Topic Crime Writers' Casebook
Started By Philippa
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Hi Cloudies, A friend of mine (Stuart Gibbon) who is an ex-police ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 11 months ago
Normal Topic A funny thing happened on this student forum...
Started By Philippa
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Yo, authors can't proscribe what readers get from their reading - you put ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 11 months ago
Normal Topic Have a question
Started By Evanhdc
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Are you looking for books on content or the bigger picture such ...View
Latest poster: Barb 11 months ago
Normal Topic
Started By Philippa
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Mine took about 4 weeks Richard. I sent them an email asking ...View
Latest poster: Willow 11 months ago
Normal Topic What to do? Help. Rewrite or Start something new?
Started By Gemstar
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Ditto all of the above. Good luck with agent subs and forge ahead with the ...View
Latest poster: Jenni Belsay 11 months ago
Normal Topic What makes a good writing tutor?
Started By JeanieD
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No, it's not an online course, Catasshe. It's at an Education Centre here ...View
Latest poster: JeanieD 11 months ago
Normal Topic Re-writing Gaskell, by Gaskell
Started By mrsgaskell
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PS. Meant to say; agents won't really give you feedback... they might of ...View
Latest poster: Catasshe 1 year ago
Normal Topic What's everyone reading?
Started By Eli d’Elbée
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@ Rae - same here!View
Latest poster: JD 1 year ago
Normal Topic Podcast on becoming a writer
Started By Benjamin86
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Hi guys. Anyone struggling with self doubt about their writing ...View
Latest poster: Benjamin86 1 year ago
Normal Topic Saying hello
Started By A.R. Carpenter
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Glad to hear it. It would have been a shame to abandon the complex world ...View
Latest poster: Kate 1 year ago