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Normal Topic Call for Entries: Future Femme Fest
Started By DaisyFranklin
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Hey, We wanted to let y’all know about our forthcoming film ...View
Latest poster: DaisyFranklin 7 months ago
Normal Topic The Wayward Fest – Regular Deadline Reminder: October 13
Started By TheWaywardFest
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Hey Guys, we wanted to make sure you know about our film festival ...View
Latest poster: TheWaywardFest 9 months ago
Normal Topic Learning script layout rules
Started By Scott_Martin
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Thanks Kellie and Mezz. I will take a look View
Latest poster: Scott_Martin 10 months ago
Normal Topic Call for entries: The Wayward Festival
Started By TheWaywardFest
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Hey guys – it’s great to meet y'all. I just wanted to let you ...View
Latest poster: TheWaywardFest 11 months ago
Normal Topic Proof-reading exchange
Started By Jimi
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Have hectic weekend of work ahead. You have missed your window ...View
Latest poster: JtF 1 year ago
Normal Topic Finding a mentor
Started By Tinks
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Hi everybody, Thanks for all the great advice, I'll get onto looking. Lou, ...View
Latest poster: Tinks 1 year ago
Normal Topic Northern Film School Screenwriting Competition
Started By LauraT
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Oooo! this sounds like an interesting project, Laura, thanks for posting.View
Latest poster: bazbaron 2 years ago
Normal Topic ‘Out (how I learned to love Clause three-one-seven-point-zero-four-F, sub section 9)’
Started By RickMcC
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Hi New to the forum and only just really started looking around. I ...View
Latest poster: Trug 2 years ago
Normal Topic Film/TV adaptation of a book - what should the author earn?
Started By Party7
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How super-exciting! But you badly need specialist advice. Your agent ...View
Latest poster: EmmaD 2 years ago
Normal Topic Help on Scene changes
Started By Goya
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I am an idiot. I only just noticed this is in the Screenwriters' section. ...View
Latest poster: BellaM 3 years ago
Normal Topic Celtx
Started By Kasubi
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I love Celtx, so easy to start with, it's free and simple.View
Latest poster: Goya 3 years ago
Normal Topic Scripts Pro App
Started By Elizabeth Muse
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Anybody use the app Scripts Pro for their ipad/tablet? How do you find it?View
Latest poster: Elizabeth Muse 3 years ago
Normal Topic Getting started
Started By Andrew_2010
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Hi, I just want to thank Vero for the tips, even though it's not my topic, ...View
Latest poster: Goya 3 years ago
Normal Topic Looking for short film scripts
Started By dograyturner
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Hi Barb Thanks for the reply. First off, absolutely the writer would get ...View
Latest poster: dograyturner 3 years ago
Normal Topic First screenwriting attempt - advice please :-)
Started By
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Thanks for the feedback, Barb. Really appreciate it. :-)View
Latest poster: 4 years ago
Normal Topic Video killed the radio star
Started By Wellyorbust
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Hi there. I am a newbie, just joined today, hence the long gap between ...View
Latest poster: Prickly 4 years ago
Normal Topic screenwriters group in South East London
Started By laurencej
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Hey Laurencej - do you know about East Dulwich Writers' Group? There are ...View
Latest poster: Debi 4 years ago
Normal Topic A book to tv thing
Started By postman syndrome
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I've just had a quick gleg at the first 7 preview pages and IMHO one of ...View
Latest poster: JtF 4 years ago
Normal Topic Video Game Writers Wanted
Started By RJHelms84
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Hello, My name's Robert and I represent an upcoming Indie development ...View
Latest poster: RJHelms84 5 years ago
Normal Topic Written a screenplay - what now?
Started By maxinefrances
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I'm from a journalism background and have recently started ...View
Latest poster: maxinefrances 5 years ago
Normal Topic Advice to a Newboy
Started By tomcat
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The terms and conditions page says "If you have not heard from us within ...View
Latest poster: maxinefrances 5 years ago
Normal Topic Crowd-funding my film ... any help?
Started By Neville
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Oh yeh, I forgot to say. If anybody would like to ask any questions about ...View
Latest poster: Neville 5 years ago
Normal Topic A Screenplay For A Short Film
Started By Prahaas Oldman
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Synopsis A comedy revolving around a girl and a boy who have just entered ...View
Latest poster: Prahaas Oldman 5 years ago
Normal Topic Critique of script
Started By angeriana
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I actually think this sounds really good. Exciting, vivid, easy to follow ...View
Latest poster: JD 6 years ago
Normal Topic Ship Happens - Proposing participation in promising project, presently prepping for production
Started By MetaControl
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Hello Wordsmiths! Storybenders, Glassblowers of imaginary worlds, ...View
Latest poster: MetaControl 6 years ago