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Normal Topic Chapter Length
Started By Anna
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I try to give myself a lower limit for chapter length, as I occasionally ...View
Latest poster: K.S. Crooks 1 day ago
Normal Topic Describing a face...
Started By Benjamin86
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Thanks for your responses all. Certainly been interesting reading them. ...View
Latest poster: Benjamin86 14 days ago
Normal Topic oops
Started By jkdavies
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please delete, created by mistakeView
Latest poster: jkdavies 16 days ago
Normal Topic Switching tense in a novel
Started By JeanieD
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JT, that sounds pretty much like what I've been trying to do: getting the ...View
Latest poster: JeanieD 26 days ago
Normal Topic Can reading poor-quality fiction help your writing?
Started By Gus
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As an earlier post said, I agree that the educational benefits of reading ...View
Latest poster: Gus 26 days ago
Normal Topic Those asterisks.
Started By newbie author
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Oh yes, I see that, EmmaD! Thank you for all your valuable tips, great ...View
Latest poster: newbie author not the real Newbie 27 days ago
Normal Topic What is narrative non-fiction?
Started By Penworthy
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Definitely. Loved 'Vulcan 607'View
Latest poster: Daedalus 29 days ago
Normal Topic Has anyone use Beemgee?
Started By Undiscovered Adventures
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Hi All, Has anyone use Beemgee? It's an online tools for authors ...View
Latest poster: Undiscovered Adventures 1 month ago
Normal Topic The importance of a 'main character'
Started By Gus
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'Main' character Xanthe is involved in (or at least present for) 20% of ...View
Latest poster: Gus 1 month ago
Normal Topic Question re VOICE of 1st-person narrator
Started By JeanieD
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"an all or nothin' gal." This post was partly about that - about what ...View
Latest poster: EmmaD 1 month ago
Normal Topic Importance of pace after dramatic opening
Started By Groggy
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Thanks. I'll do that now :)View
Latest poster: Groggy 1 month ago
Normal Topic Thoughts on 'head hopping'
Started By Groggy
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I never change back-and-forth between points of view within one scene. ...View
Latest poster: Gus 2 months ago
Normal Topic Crime Writers' Casebook
Started By Philippa
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I can certainly endorse that. I asked Stuart some questions after your ...View
Latest poster: RichardB 2 months ago
Normal Topic Blurb
Started By falcieri
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Hi falcieri You could post draft blurbs in the "critique" section ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 2 months ago
Normal Topic Dive in with both feet or meticulously plan it first?
Started By MosquitoFB6
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For my MS I had a fairly good idea of what the (fantasy/sci-fi) world was ...View
Latest poster: Gus 2 months ago
Normal Topic Creating a Timeline for a book series
Started By M. L. Bull
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Excel spreadsheets are your friend.View
Latest poster: Barb 2 months ago
Normal Topic Alternative retreats
Started By falcieri
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I run my own business that's separate to my writing. That means switching ...View
Latest poster: falcieri 2 months ago
Normal Topic Grammar help with em dashes please!
Started By Benjamin86
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Emma, Thanks for your advice - I've actually gone with your ...View
Latest poster: Benjamin86 2 months ago
Normal Topic Father, Dad, etc.
Started By Wattyd
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Thanks for all your help. I hadn't thought that Dad is just as much a name ...View
Latest poster: Wattyd 2 months ago
Normal Topic Word count?
Started By OxfordWriter
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Thanks. I'd seen blogs and articles etc that were giving similar numbers ...View
Latest poster: OxfordWriter 2 months ago
Normal Topic Chapter length?
Started By Willow
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If possible, I'd also like to read it, Richard. I'd start with the 10,000 ...View
Latest poster: Hilly 2 months ago
Normal Topic That damned synopsis
Started By RichardB
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Nice one! Thanks RichardView
Latest poster: Philippa 3 months ago
Normal Topic Grammarly etc.
Started By GinnyBitters
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Hi Baz, sure, thanks. Definitely interesting to know what help can these ...View
Latest poster: Undiscovered Adventures 3 months ago
Normal Topic Advice for writing love scenes
Started By A.R. Carpenter
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... Unless you are doing erotica in which case it's no holes barred. ...View
Latest poster: Rae 3 months ago
Normal Topic 11 Smart Tips for Writing!
Started By Ramandeep08
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To sound smart, you must stop trying to sound smart. Brilliant writing is ...View
Latest poster: Ramandeep08 3 months ago