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Normal Topic Opening sentences
Started By Suzi
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'If there's one thing I've learnt in the past 15 years, it's this; that ...View
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Normal Topic Sending your drafts to an e-reader
Started By A.R. Carpenter
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Haven't got one of those either View
Latest poster: MosquitoFB6 5 days ago
Normal Topic A query re critiques
Started By MosquitoFB6
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Okeydoke, I've set up the ...View
Latest poster: MosquitoFB6 10 days ago
Normal Topic Dive in with both feet or meticulously plan it first?
Started By MosquitoFB6
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Welcome to Serconea was very much a dive-in, but the one I'm doing now ...View
Latest poster: A.R. Carpenter 22 days ago
Normal Topic Stuck on going forward and need some advice
Started By A.R. Carpenter
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A.R. if it's any consolotation I think - in general - one finds the right ...View
Latest poster: Giselle 22 days ago
Normal Topic Crime/Court Writing
Started By crumpets
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My daughter is a custody officer at a sheriff court in Scotland, if ...View
Latest poster: A.R. Carpenter 24 days ago
Normal Topic Filtering and 3rd Person POV
Started By Berks
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I get the point about the flashback, Berks. 14k of history via dialogue ...View
Latest poster: BellaM 1 month ago
Normal Topic Writing a coming of age novel
Started By literaryloverholly
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It took a moment (only) to realise she was in a student share. ' I’m ...View
Latest poster: Hilly 1 month ago
Normal Topic Chapter-by-Chapter Critiques
Started By Jaxx
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Oh hello everyone! Thanks again for taking the time to reply. ...View
Latest poster: Jaxx 1 month ago
Normal Topic I've Been Hit by a Passive Comment
Started By Jenni Belsay
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Thanks for the link, Berks. (I don't think posting it is frowned upon at ...View
Latest poster: Jenni Belsay 1 month ago
Normal Topic POV vs naming convention for parents in children's novels...
Started By Squidge
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Richard - think you might have hit on why I was uncertain...I can recall ...View
Latest poster: Squidge 2 months ago
Normal Topic Novel writing techniques - Chapters??
Started By LLM
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Ive just finished writing a childrens' book which had a fairly unique (can ...View
Latest poster: Tony 2 months ago
Normal Topic Grammarly etc.
Started By GinnyBitters
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Hi, So sorry, I just didn't see this reply. My apologies :) ...View
Latest poster: GinnyBitters 2 months ago
Normal Topic File format fun
Started By RichardB
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I've read that the government is proposing to standardise on .odf formats ...View
Latest poster: RichardB 3 months ago
Normal Topic Grammer at its essence!
Started By Mark
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'Indeed. Long as these issues do't manifest themselves as ...View
Latest poster: Mashie Niblick 3 months ago
Normal Topic Writing a biography - help wanted
Started By Tom
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Just bought it - thanks! View
Latest poster: Tom 3 months ago
Normal Topic Self-editing Your Novel: the prose microscope
Started By EmmaD
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Came across this post by chance the other day and found it really useful. ...View
Latest poster: jo 4 months ago
Normal Topic little advice about writing in a southern drawl?
Started By spike1
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Blast from the past, is Mitch... Bumped a memory of a guy I served with a ...View
Latest poster: Old Fat Prop 4 months ago
Normal Topic How do I write a plural of 'you'
Started By Chico
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There was a time when 'ye' was used as a plural form of 'you' but lately ...View
Latest poster: Ricky 4 months ago
Normal Topic Archaic language - resources?
Started By MosquitoFB6
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I don't mind in the least. It is indeed the DeHavilland Mosquito, the FB6 ...View
Latest poster: MosquitoFB6 4 months ago
Normal Topic UK Teenspeak
Started By SecretSpi
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I'll second that - many, many thanks, Kali. As someone who doesn't ...View
Latest poster: SecretSpi 5 months ago
Normal Topic Word 16
Started By Thea
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Squidge, that's an interesting point re authors with typewriters ...View
Latest poster: Thea 5 months ago
Normal Topic Am I 'writing the wrong way?'
Started By Na11
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The simple answer, Na11, is, Yes, you always need the ...View
Latest poster: Tony 5 months ago
Normal Topic Multiple POVs
Started By Altus
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Interesting question and I love suggestions by Squidge and Thea. Although ...View
Latest poster: Jenni Belsay 5 months ago
Normal Topic Order of Adjectives
Started By Caducean Whisks
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I came across this in a review of Mark Forsyth's 'The elements of ...View
Latest poster: sirtanicmills 5 months ago