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Normal Topic Great series of podcasts on the writing craft
Started By Philippa
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The Story Grid book is excellent too. I'm working my way through the ...View
Latest poster: Julie C 1 day ago
Normal Topic Chapter length?
Started By Willow
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I don't think there is an exact rule but I personally prefer ...View
Latest poster: Lio 23 days ago
Normal Topic A Question of Tense
Started By L.
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Thanks Philippa, this is exactly what I needed. You're correct those ...View
Latest poster: L. 26 days ago
Normal Topic Advice on court proceedings
Started By Philippa
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Thanks Seagreen, that's brilliant. I'm DMing you xView
Latest poster: Philippa 1 month ago
Normal Topic Use of a real public personality in a story
Started By L.
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Thanks Spi - I’ll definitively get working on it, I just need to do some ...View
Latest poster: L. 1 month ago
Normal Topic Writers Toolbox
Started By cookiemonster
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emmadarwin.typepad.com Top right of the home page is a 'toolkit'. ...View
Latest poster: Kate 1 month ago
Normal Topic Translations in the footnote
Started By Laura N
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Going back to your ealier questions - I agree that the use of footnotes or ...View
Latest poster: BellaM 1 month ago
Normal Topic Cliche vs Idiom. Are they the same?
Started By neocrimson
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I seem to remember the late great Terry Pratchett writing something in one ...View
Latest poster: T B Carter 2 months ago
Normal Topic Improving characterisation
Started By A.R. Carpenter
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I was recently re-introduced to the magic of flashcards. During ...View
Latest poster: Zoey141 2 months ago
Normal Topic Feel emotions
Started By katie
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You can use as much or as little as you like, it's all just a rehash of ...View
Latest poster: TheWeyMan 3 months ago
Normal Topic Paper or plastic?
Started By TheWeyMan
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Correcting manuscript by hand is more immediate and yes - it can make a ...View
Latest poster: Penworthy 3 months ago
Normal Topic Nods to your favourite books and mentioning corporations
Started By T B Carter
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Our own dear Moira (I have forgotten her screen name) has recently had a ...View
Latest poster: BellaM 4 months ago
Normal Topic Help writing a short story
Started By Mark
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Hi Mark, Here's some courses you might consider: ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 4 months ago
Normal Topic Dual POV
Started By Philippa
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Thanks, L. Much appreciated.View
Latest poster: Philippa 5 months ago
Normal Topic Spinning Plates
Started By MosquitoFB6
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Just came across an app called Scrivener which allows situations like ...View
Latest poster: Casey 5 months ago
Normal Topic Transfering Scrivener from laptop to Mac
Started By Philippa
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I have a similar but different question. I swing between Scrivener (great ...View
Latest poster: Casey 5 months ago
Normal Topic Describing a face...
Started By Benjamin86
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I believe you can tell a person by their face. I have met several ...View
Latest poster: fudgetusk 6 months ago
Normal Topic Chapter Length
Started By Anna
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I try to give myself a lower limit for chapter length, as I occasionally ...View
Latest poster: K.S. Crooks 7 months ago
Normal Topic oops
Started By jkdavies
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please delete, created by mistakeView
Latest poster: jkdavies 7 months ago
Normal Topic Switching tense in a novel
Started By JeanieD
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JT, that sounds pretty much like what I've been trying to do: getting the ...View
Latest poster: JeanieD 7 months ago
Normal Topic Can reading poor-quality fiction help your writing?
Started By Gus
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As an earlier post said, I agree that the educational benefits of reading ...View
Latest poster: Gus 7 months ago
Normal Topic Those asterisks.
Started By newbie author
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Oh yes, I see that, EmmaD! Thank you for all your valuable tips, great ...View
Latest poster: newbie author not the real Newbie 7 months ago
Normal Topic What is narrative non-fiction?
Started By Penworthy
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Definitely. Loved 'Vulcan 607'View
Latest poster: Daedalus 7 months ago
Normal Topic Has anyone use Beemgee?
Started By Undiscovered Adventures
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Hi All, Has anyone use Beemgee? It's an online tools for authors ...View
Latest poster: Undiscovered Adventures 8 months ago
Normal Topic The importance of a 'main character'
Started By Gus
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'Main' character Xanthe is involved in (or at least present for) 20% of ...View
Latest poster: Gus 8 months ago