Agents and Publishing - and Getting Published.

Penetrate the mysteries of the publishing industry - and read some excerpts from Harry's book on Getting Published.
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Normal Topic Question on writing synopsis
Started By Janeshuff
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It's a strong opening, so in some ways it would be a shame not to ...View
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Normal Topic Submissions and suspense...
Started By SophieCatScribbles
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Hi again, Sophie Cat. It is so hard but we keep on trying. As long as we ...View
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Normal Topic First's a long road!
Started By Gemstar
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Dear Gemstar, as the Agent is living off thin air until ...View
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Normal Topic Beware macauleys publishers
Started By gill46
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Harry, owner of Writers' Workshop, has been warning authors against this ...View
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Normal Topic Offer of representation from small publisher - how to proceed?
Started By Turniphead
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How do I edit posts?View
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Normal Topic Manuscript formatting Qs
Started By Pipz182
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There are some funny stories about how authors 'embellish' their ...View
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Normal Topic Request for full MS! Then ten minutes later another agent rejected the same full ...
Started By Turniphead
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Clearly something is really working here - full MS requests don't come ...View
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Normal Topic How long is the usual wait when an agent requests a full MS?
Started By Turniphead
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No, I'm not doing any agent submissions at all, as I have one; and as I'm ...View
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Normal Topic Beware macauleys publishers
Started By gill46
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basicallty they are masquerading as regular publishers, but in fact are ...View
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Normal Topic Publishers for Children's Picture Books
Started By Kevin
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Hi Kevin, Best source for picture book info that I've found is Lou ...View
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Normal Topic Cover Letter, take two
Started By Squongo
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Latest poster: Philippa 1 month ago
Normal Topic Why should I send to only 12 agents at a time? It's madness
Started By Turniphead
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Hi TH, yes, folk would probably only edit after ...View
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Normal Topic Opinions on my cover letter welcome
Started By Squongo
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Sounds really interesting. Writers' Workshop offer some very handy advice ...View
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Normal Topic Synopsis Service?
Started By Squongo
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I even have a cover letter in the progress, too!View
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Normal Topic
Started By Philippa
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Thanks guys xView
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Normal Topic Waiting for godot
Started By JeanieD
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OK, speaking as someone who would say "ohmigosh where do I sign?" at the ...View
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Normal Topic Conventions for writing under an alias
Started By Squongo
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Apologies Caducean Whisks, I should have been more explanatory and chose ...View
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Normal Topic Synopsis, Cover letter or Both?
Started By Squongo
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Especially Philippa, for your detailed replyView
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Normal Topic Manuscript reports
Started By JeanieD
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Normal Topic Anyone making money from KDP?
Started By GinnyBitters
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They pay you to Paypal. Amazon pay directly into my bank? Check ...View
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Normal Topic Editing services
Started By Willow
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Yes, as Squidge said, Joyful, I don't mean 'on here' as such - I mean on ...View
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Normal Topic I think I've been very hasty. ..
Started By Peter
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Dear Peter, I cannot believe this bunch of Shysters would do anything ...View
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Normal Topic Book title already used
Started By Barb
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I know someone who made a lot of money by having a book about grammar on ...View
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Normal Topic In a right ole quandary
Started By Raver in Retreat
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Dearest R in R From what little you have hinted at, I already love ...View
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Normal Topic Agent contracts and clauses. Who else is worried?
Started By Bonwick
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Thank you, Philippa! Yes, i got advice from the SoA, and it was very ...View
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