Agents and Publishing - and Getting Published.

Penetrate the mysteries of the publishing industry - and read some excerpts from Harry's book on Getting Published.
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Normal Topic Query Letter for critique
Started By Chico
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Hi Chico, ...Because I'm wondering, and I'm worried an agent ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 20 hours ago
Normal Topic Setting up or finding a Writers' Group - Hertfordshire
Started By Danielle
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Hello all, I'm new here, so apologies if I'm in the wrong area for ...View
Latest poster: Danielle 11 days ago
Normal Topic Copyright symbol
Started By Penworthy
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Worrying about having any of your work filched is similar to worrying ...View
Latest poster: Catasshe 1 month ago
Normal Topic Agents responding - up for discussion
Started By Gemstar
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3 weeks? Pah! That's nothing! Sit tight, check their websites for ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 1 month ago
Normal Topic Legality of sharing manuscript for critiquing
Started By Wolf
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Any submission to an agent should be matter-of-fact and professional. That ...View
Latest poster: Squidge 2 months ago
Normal Topic stage fright about sending off manuscript
Started By gill46
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Hi Gill I was just looking at Kindle Scout and wondered if you ...View
Latest poster: Mr.Smith 2 months ago
Normal Topic Successful Agent Submission letters
Started By Philippa
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Thanks, Philippa.View
Latest poster: Hilly 2 months ago
Normal Topic Formatting a novel manuscript
Started By JeanieD
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As long as an editor can tell it's a letter/email/message you are OK. The ...View
Latest poster: VinoCollapso 2 months ago
Normal Topic Query letter for critique
Started By Chico
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As an afterthought, I'd strongly recommend Dear Agent: Write the Letter ...View
Latest poster: RichardB 3 months ago
Normal Topic Synopsis writing for multiple POV stories
Started By WillRogers
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The problem I had with my synopsis was deciding how much page space was ...View
Latest poster: Gus 3 months ago
Normal Topic Is it 'rude' to send your work to work to lots of publishers!
Started By Louloulouisa
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Hi I joined 4 years ago! and then have been very busy writing a ...View
Latest poster: Louloulouisa 3 months ago
Normal Topic The joys of submission
Started By RichardB
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I feel for you Richard B because I came up against exactly the same thing. ...View
Latest poster: JeanieD 4 months ago
Normal Topic Digital Publishing - do you need an agent?
Started By MotherSlacker
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Thank you both very much. That's great advice.View
Latest poster: MotherSlacker 4 months ago
Normal Topic Another submitting to agents question.
Started By Willow
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Thanks Pen, no definitely not waiting on 1 agent, I've submitted to 10 so ...View
Latest poster: Willow 4 months ago
Normal Topic Hi guys. Are these small publishers good or no (TY ;)
Started By Turniphead
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But the Absolute Watercooler is absolutely a good place to check things ...View
Latest poster: EmmaD 4 months ago
Normal Topic How to break with a publisher who ignores you
Started By falcieri
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Good luck and well done for persevering!View
Latest poster: Janeshuff 4 months ago
Normal Topic Question about submitting to agents
Started By JeanieD
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Good luck!View
Latest poster: Philippa 5 months ago
Normal Topic Covering letter qualms
Started By RichardB
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Perfect (almost)! I'd adjust that sheep sentence so that it doesn't ...View
Latest poster: Caducean Whisks 5 months ago
Normal Topic Writer's Workshop critique -- amazing!
Started By Claire
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WW critiques are totally and utterly responsible for me being published - ...View
Latest poster: Squidge 5 months ago
Normal Topic Offer of representation from small publisher - how to proceed?
Started By Turniphead
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Authors can still get picked up by agents and bigger publishers after ...View
Latest poster: falcieri 5 months ago
Normal Topic How many times is acceptable to resubmit the same MS?
Started By Willow
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Thanks CaduceanView
Latest poster: Willow 5 months ago
Normal Topic Emailed by publishers? Help!
Started By BB
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Sounds like a superb piece of news, well done! Always nice to hear the ...View
Latest poster: OxfordWriter 5 months ago
Normal Topic Beware macauleys publishers
Started By gill46
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Harry, owner of Writers' Workshop, has been warning authors against ...View
Latest poster: eowyn123 5 months ago
Normal Topic Request for full MS! Then ten minutes later another agent rejected the same full ...
Started By Turniphead
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Good luck! Getting a full MS request is always amazing (and hard to do!) ...View
Latest poster: Daisy 5 months ago
Normal Topic First's a long road!
Started By Gemstar
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I much prefer email rejections, mainly because my house and shed are ...View
Latest poster: eowyn123 5 months ago