Agents and Publishing - and Getting Published.

Penetrate the mysteries of the publishing industry - and read some excerpts from Harry's book on Getting Published.
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Normal Topic Anyone making money from KDP?
Started By GinnyBitters
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They pay you to Paypal. Amazon pay directly into my bank? Check ...View
Latest poster: GinnyBitters 2 days ago
Normal Topic Editing services
Started By Willow
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Yes, as Squidge said, Joyful, I don't mean 'on here' as such - I mean on ...View
Latest poster: Catasshe 15 days ago
Normal Topic I think I've been very hasty. ..
Started By Peter
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Dear Peter, I cannot believe this bunch of Shysters would do anything ...View
Latest poster: JtF 23 days ago
Normal Topic Book title already used
Started By Barb
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I know someone who made a lot of money by having a book about grammar on ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 1 month ago
Normal Topic In a right ole quandary
Started By Raver in Retreat
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Dearest R in R From what little you have hinted at, I already love ...View
Latest poster: FredaPeople 2 months ago
Normal Topic Agent contracts and clauses. Who else is worried?
Started By Bonwick
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Thank you, Philippa! Yes, i got advice from the SoA, and it was very ...View
Latest poster: Raine 3 months ago
Normal Topic Opinion on the synopsis for my first book?
Started By spike1
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Yes, I think that's the trick. As you say, you don't have to ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 4 months ago
Normal Topic Manuscript reports
Started By JeanieD
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Sorry to hear there's still more to do, Jeanie, but well done for taking ...View
Latest poster: Jenni Belsay 4 months ago
Normal Topic Similar book already out there... Advice needed!
Started By Deborah
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It's a bit of a blow when it happens, I agree. I had a thing a little ...View
Latest poster: sirtanicmills 5 months ago
Normal Topic Robin Jones Literary Agency (RJLA)
Started By Trix
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I would always be wary, by definition, of an agent who's also a publisher. ...View
Latest poster: EmmaD 6 months ago
Normal Topic Any ideas? Need help!
Started By JohnBrac
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I'm really not that concerned about the short story. I haven't signed the ...View
Latest poster: JohnBrac 6 months ago
Normal Topic Whilst I hunt
Started By Cfus
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I honestly wouldn't worry about it. Once an agent is shopping your ...View
Latest poster: Cfus 6 months ago
Normal Topic How small is too small?
Started By bdcharles
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Excellent further thoughts. Thanks all!View
Latest poster: JD 6 months ago
Normal Topic #MSWL
Started By Daisy
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Sorry - DaisyView
Latest poster: Philippa 7 months ago
Normal Topic Question on writing synopsis
Started By Janeshuff
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Hi Rob, I think the author of the blog makes the very point that ...View
Latest poster: Philippa 7 months ago
Normal Topic email or snail mail for full request?
Started By JeanieD
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Enjoy your chocolate and extra large G&T, Jeanie, it probs went black ...View
Latest poster: bazbaron 8 months ago
Normal Topic Professional editing service?
Started By JohnBrac
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This is a forum topic, not a message or other ...View
Latest poster: Lou-with-the-cue 8 months ago
Normal Topic Sending CVs to agents
Started By bdcharles
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Bah! I'm so ...View
Latest poster: bdcharles 8 months ago
Normal Topic Independent Publishers
Started By Black Beret
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i.e., Aloysius of course.View
Latest poster: Black Beret 8 months ago
Normal Topic Email attachments to agents
Started By JeanieD
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I found Nicola Morgan's ebook Dear Agent good on hooks and so on. Well ...View
Latest poster: JeanieD 9 months ago
Normal Topic Young Adult language
Started By Wolf
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What Bella and Seagreen said. Certain teens swear quite a bit. ...View
Latest poster: Giselle 9 months ago
Normal Topic Selling rights to Japan
Started By Pauld
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Thank you very much for your reply, I just needed pointing in the right ...View
Latest poster: Pauld 10 months ago
Normal Topic Putting your age in the pitch letter to agents
Started By Janeshuff
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Or, as that master philosopher Chuck Berry put it: Sometimes I ...View
Latest poster: RichardB 1 year ago
Normal Topic "Much to admire"?
Started By Wil26
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Hmm, thanks, that's what I thought. Food for thought. What a depressing ...View
Latest poster: Wil26 1 year ago
Normal Topic Literary Agent Repute?
Started By Tim
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Arrrr * South African SEARCH ENGINE* I promise I CAN type, really I CAN.View
Latest poster: Snowflake 1 year ago