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Sticky Topic Wordle Yourself Silly - Wordling for Simpletons
Started By Harry
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A test post on a forum that seems like a quiet place to test functionality ...View
Latest poster: Liz7 3 years ago
Sticky Topic Wordle Yourself into a Coma - Wordling for pros
Started By Harry
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OK. So you know the wordling basics. (see the Wordling for Simpletons ...View
Latest poster: Harry 9 years ago
Normal Topic Blogs to visit
Started By Gamain32
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Easily done :)View
Latest poster: Philippa 10 months ago
Normal Topic Creative writing study
Started By AnnaPike
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Hi, I'm Anna. I’m writing in association with Canterbury Christ Church ...View
Latest poster: AnnaPike 1 year ago
Normal Topic Useful (and free) go-to places for writers.
Started By Zoey141
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Thank you for posting, Zoey.View
Latest poster: Hilly 1 year ago
Normal Topic TV Tropes
Started By A.R. Carpenter
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A site dedicated to stock characters, plot devices etc. Be prepared to ...View
Latest poster: A.R. Carpenter 1 year ago
Normal Topic play by post rpgs
Started By Larka Bright
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I'm a really big user of these, although not under my real name... Well ...View
Latest poster: A.R. Carpenter 1 year ago
Normal Topic Fun word game
Started By Orlanz
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Hi I'm new to this site & thought some of the members would ...View
Latest poster: Orlanz 1 year ago
Normal Topic How Writers Write Fiction, a six-week course - FREE
Started By Veronika
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All the information and course materials for the above IWP (International ...View
Latest poster: Donna 1 year ago
Normal Topic The Apostrophe Protection Society
Started By Vox Populi
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You'll be waiting awhile to get busted by any moderators!View
Latest poster: Barb 2 years ago
Normal Topic For advice on police procedures for your writing...
Started By Philippa
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Thanks for the heads-up Philippa. This will come in very handy.View
Latest poster: Vox Populi 2 years ago
Normal Topic For the easily-amused
Started By bdcharles
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Valven uphovery, the lot of it!View
Latest poster: BellaM 2 years ago
Normal Topic But I couldn't breathe
Started By Zoncyo
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Ah, so that's why it didn't work for me. Must have another go.View
Latest poster: Beep (formerly Ned) 3 years ago
Normal Topic The teacher asked Jimmy
Started By Zoncyo
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The teacher asked Jimmy, "Why is your cat at school today Jimmy?" Jimmy ...View
Latest poster: Zoncyo 3 years ago
Normal Topic The Insecure Writers' Support Group
Started By RicardoFayet
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"Self-doubt has come with each new book I’ve written. IWSG has pushed ...View
Latest poster: RicardoFayet 3 years ago
Normal Topic Collective nouns
Started By bdcharles
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A crown of kingfishersView
Latest poster: Hil 3 years ago
Normal Topic Random Daily Mail Headline Generator
Started By SkyAzure Publishing
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Oh man, that is so much fun... I could click this all day!View
Latest poster: CJ 4 years ago
Normal Topic Ghost Oak Books
Started By ghostoakbooks
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Hi Bernie. Yes, that's right. I think 1984 and The Handmaiden's Tale ...View
Latest poster: ghostoakbooks 5 years ago
Normal Topic Scam or legit?
Started By lukem
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i was looking for the section for it but couldn't find it :0sView
Latest poster: lukem 6 years ago
Normal Topic Fun word-cloud creator
Started By jennifer-editor
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Copy and paste some text, and this website creates a fun word cloud for ...View
Latest poster: jennifer-editor 6 years ago
Normal Topic Essential Guide to Being Unpublished
Started By Nan
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Well theres a fine line between insane and genius so I'm told one has to ...View
Latest poster: GothicSyn 6 years ago
Normal Topic The Culture Trip
Started By BuQ
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A new and picturesque website, invites writers from all countries to write ...View
Latest poster: BuQ 6 years ago
Normal Topic Yet Another Updated List Of Clouder Blogs
Started By Gerry
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Me too (finally) http://readysteadyread.wordpress.comView
Latest poster: Georgia Girl 6 years ago
Normal Topic A few blogging tips
Started By Spangles
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I have just come across this blog about how to blog, which some Cloudies ...View
Latest poster: Spangles 7 years ago
Normal Topic The price is write
Started By SecretSpi
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Kid, you was robbed - in the early 60s we got records for 6/7! ...View
Latest poster: Tony 7 years ago