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Normal Topic June 2017 Comp
Started By BellaM
37 529
Tough Love God that hurts! My ears ring from the open palm ...View
Latest poster: Newbie 4 hours ago
Normal Topic May 2017 Comp
Started By Seagreen
84 810
No apology necessary, Hil. :-)View
Latest poster: Seagreen 23 days ago
Normal Topic £1000 in cash prizes - Young Oxfordshire Writers (18-30)
Started By robert
0 36
Writers in Oxford is holding a competition for young Oxfordshire ...View
Latest poster: robert 1 month ago
Normal Topic April Competition (The Real One)
Started By Pinkbelt75
78 960
Well done Sea! And what a rich cornucopia of awesome talent.View
Latest poster: Bric 1 month ago
Normal Topic April Competition
Started By stamadan
20 168
Latest poster: Barb 2 months ago
Normal Topic February 2017 Competition
Started By Stevie
30 461
Congratulations Baz - well deserved. Thanks StevieView
Latest poster: tarquilla 3 months ago
Normal Topic Call out for stories - paid collaboration
Started By george_researcher
3 191
...and the plural of penis is not penis's but penes...View
Latest poster: Mashie Niblick 4 months ago
Normal Topic January 2017 competition
Started By Mashie Niblick
67 945
Thanks folks, thanks Mashie, this I was not expecting! Sorry for taking so ...View
Latest poster: Stevie 4 months ago
Normal Topic December 16 competition
Started By MosquitoFB6
33 638
Well done, Mashie and cheers for the idea, Mozzy. Nice one.View
Latest poster: bazbaron 5 months ago
Normal Topic November 16 Competition
Started By Hil
45 750
Well done everyone and a worthy winner, Mosquito. See you all ...View
Latest poster: Mezz 6 months ago
Normal Topic October 16 Comp
Started By Squidge
65 1214
Mosquito - I get teh same thing...finger dyslexia. Only problem is it ...View
Latest poster: Squidge 7 months ago
Normal Topic September 16 competition
Started By mike
43 899
Congrats Squidge - anything that starts with "Yo, Cornelius!" and ends ...View
Latest poster: JD 8 months ago
Normal Topic August 2016 Competition
Started By bdcharles
55 1252
He's on the case. View
Latest poster: bazbaron 9 months ago
Normal Topic RE: August 2016 Competition - Old Fat Prop > Reply #8
Started By Mezz
0 245
Original Post Thanks alot.... first thoughts were of a stripper I ...View
Latest poster: Mezz 10 months ago
Normal Topic July Comp
Started By dyslexic of dartford
52 1022
Well done, BDC! Nice potted biog.View
Latest poster: FergC 10 months ago
Normal Topic June '16
Started By Old Fat Prop
64 1236
Thanks again guys and a big thank you to Prop. I'm really looking ...View
Latest poster: dyslexic of dartford 1 year ago
Normal Topic May 2016 competition reconstituted
Started By FergC
66 1194
An excellent competition, Ferg; unsettling, but useful to further ...View
Latest poster: RedRuth 1 year ago
Normal Topic April 2016 competition
Started By Squidge
45 939
Congrats, Ferg. This was an interesting comp idea. Thank, Squidge.View
Latest poster: Barb 1 year ago
Normal Topic March 2016 Competition
Started By Conker
41 1059
It's not part of the wip. Just a few lines I stuck together for ... well ...View
Latest poster: BP 1 year ago
Normal Topic February 2016 Competition
Started By BellaM
35 992
Good one, Conker - and unusually very true to life. Imagination can be a ...View
Latest poster: stephenterry 1 year ago
Normal Topic January 2016 Competition
Started By Jaime
46 1155
Congratulations, Bella for a great entry, and thank you, Jaime for setting ...View
Latest poster: bazbaron 1 year ago
Normal Topic December 2015 Competition
Started By Bric
77 1608
You are most welcome to do it again, it was a lot of fun, but we ...View
Latest poster: Bric 1 year ago
Normal Topic November 2015 competition
Started By Sandra
37 1030
It was a wonderful range of stories to read and reread! Well done everyone ...View
Latest poster: jkdavies 1 year ago
Normal Topic October 2015 Comp
Started By Stevie
61 1467
Congratulations, Sandra! :-) View
Latest poster: Seagreen 1 year ago
Normal Topic September Competition 2015
Started By Mashie Niblick
79 1727
...oh shuss... Thank you Mashie for everything else, by the way. ...View
Latest poster: Mat 1 year ago