Hazel Hill Woods

Thu, Apr 20 2017 02:12pm IST 1
Mashie Niblick
Mashie Niblick
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Following Chico's posting of a poem, here's one I've written for a woodland retreat at the wonderful Hazel Hill Wood this weekend...

Hazel Hill Wood

The trees weaved and waved a kaleidoscope of green

Against the bleached blue sky.

Our necks ached, and so we lay instead

On needles and decay,

Rich with the heady promises of life.

The wind hushed at our silent earth, and at us upon it.

Tiny shadows fluttered overhead like butterflies

While long ones crept by carefully under the inching sun.

We breathed in the living air and into it

‘Til our lungs were one with it,

Our eyes absorbed by the shifting canopy of light,

Our bodies held in the palm of the ground.


A woodpecker rattled from far and high.

Just once.

Thu, Apr 20 2017 03:28pm IST 2
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Lovely atmosphere, Mashie. I particularly like the long shadows creeping by carefully.
Thu, Apr 20 2017 03:38pm IST 3
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Very nice. I struggle with poetry most times, but this has something natural and engaging about it :) Well done.
Thu, Apr 20 2017 03:43pm IST 4
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Beautiful, Mashie.
Very atmospheric, with rich and engaging language.
Loved it.
Fri, Apr 21 2017 09:16am IST 5
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Lovely poem, Mashie. Evocative words and images take the reader into that woodland place and the sensations experience by 'we'.
Fri, Apr 21 2017 11:22am IST 6
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This is lovely, Mashie. Takes me back to my childhood when school holidays set us free to roam the woods and sit beneath the trees to eat a Kit-kat and make up stories.
Mon, Apr 24 2017 12:18am IST 7
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Wow, this is good. I really like the ending. I got a real sense of poignancy from the solitary rattle of the woodpecker in the silent wood.

Lying flat among the pine needles is how I see you - it's a vivid image.

Lovely piece of work Smile

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