Just Starting out - Advice appreciated

Tue, Sep 12 2017 11:12pm IST 1
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I like that a lot. The pace of the action was good. I still think that the exposition at the very start was still a bit 'shoved in' it feels like you are in such a rush to get to the meeting bit that the lead up is a bit 'yeah yeah whatever'. It's only two scentences that do it. The 'friends since' one (first paragraph) and the 'fiance's uncle' one (third one). I don't know why but I hate them being there. Maybe you could have done it through dialogue, then I could stay immersed in Xaviers world. I really like the charachters, they have tons of personality, and the dialogue felt very natural. I felt like they were real people by the end of it. Goodjob.
Also it was a bit mean of you to stop there right on that question mark. WinkTongue out
Fri, Sep 15 2017 08:26pm IST 2
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I'm guessing 'don't take this piss' should be 'the', rather than his boss being possessive.

Still loving this and would genuinely be interested in the whole thing. Dialogue is king, but L has made some excellent points.

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