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Dear writers,

i am a (very unknown) writer from Germany. My next project shall take place at a school in London. Could you give me an advice, how i could contact some students, who are sixth former? Or could somebody here answer some questions concering the school routines? For instance i need to know:

1. Are there schools, where the Year 12 and 13 students need to wear the school uniform or is it common to wear the uniforms only till Year 11?
2. Could someone give me one or some examplarily timetables?
3. Are the students completely free in the choice of the 4 subjects - would it be possible to study the following combination: Mathematics, Economics, English Literature and Technical Diploma in IT?

Thank you a lot! If someone needs informations about anything in Germany, i am glad to help.

(and sorry for my bad english)

Tue, Aug 22 2017 09:36pm IST 2
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I work in a FE college and have some idea of the above, although don't work with 16-19 year olds.

Typically in the UK, in 2017, I believe it's most common to be non-uniform but 'smart dress'.
Example here:

Here is less clear: But some of the photos seem to indicate no uniform and the document 'behaviour' states Key Stage 5 (16-18) no uniform

However, Shropshire is not London. It may well be a very different scenario there.

I believe timetables can vary massively, as it will completely depend on what subjects you want to take and how many of them. I would guess the aim is to 'fill out' the day, so students don't have long breaks between lessons. Imagine a lesson from 9-10 and then the next one doesn't start until 2-3. The attendance in the afternoon will be minimal as they will all bugger off to McDonalds, KFC, or worse...the pub. Long breaks also get bad feedback from students and with schools and colleges heavily regulated by OFSTED this is a big no-no and both the students or college wouldn't benefit.

I don't think there would be any problems doing the subjects above, as long as they don't clash with one another on the timetable. Colleges will bend over backwards to do whatever it takes to get students to enrol, there is a lot of competition nowadays as the government is pushing the apprenticeship route rather than the academic route

One critical stumbling block may be the requirement to achieve a Level 2 qualification in maths and English before the age of 19, if they have failed to do so at 16.

Although this looks set to change:

Hope this helps, but it's ever-changing and much of it will depend on the year of your story.

Wed, Aug 23 2017 06:38pm IST 3
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Thank you very much for your help! Smile

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