Hall of Fame for the Writing Challenges - how to do it

Sat, Mar 24 2018 05:58pm GMT 1
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Hi Cloudies,

You may be familiar with the yearly Writing Challenges originally set by AlanP and lately taken over by Athelstone.

Many of the stories participants have written in response to the challenges have gone on to be published in literary magazines, anthologies, or placed in competitions. This is a fantstic acheivement which seems to deserve celebrating (a little like the Hall of Fame for published graduates of Emma and Debi's self-edit course).

I have volunteered to take a lead with setting something like this up. I could create a blog or forum post (which I can regularly update) called something like "Writing Challenge Hall of Fame". On it, I'd love to include the author's proper name (as well as their avatar), the story title, challenge it was written for, and - where available - a link to the published / prize-winning piece.

A valid point has been raised that we have to be careful not to accidentally disqualify someone who has gone onto to have a story published or placed under the 'not-previously-published' rule that usually applies in these matters. This is a potential issue because our challenge stories are shared on the Cloud for peer judging.

However, I am pretty sure that posting stories in a private forum group (as we do for the challenges) does NOT count as "published online" (which is a disqualifier for most comps etc.). This is more like simply emailing your story to a mate or critique group for comment.

Is that right?

On any Hall of Fame list, I could simply say: "The following stories were written in response to the Cloud's yearly writing challenges and went on to place in magazines, anthologies and competitions."

Do let me know your thoughts on whether the above could work, and how you would feel about having such a listing.

Sun, Mar 25 2018 02:07pm IST 2
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When the quality of the writing that the winter challenges produced became apparent thoughts turned to re use, comps etc. The T&C s of a number of comps were interrogated and opinions sought. It boiled down to this. Published online means generally available to anyone, even if it means paying money to access. The type of closed group these things have always run on is not generally available and so does not disqualify due to being published.

On the other hand this group, coffee shop, can be accessed by people who aren't even registered on the cloud. Putting work here would certainly disqualify, but just mentioning it should be fine.
Mon, Mar 26 2018 05:30pm IST 3
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Many thanks, Alan, that's really helpful and clear. Yes, the idea would be to share information about the published works, and perhaps a link to them, but of course not the work itself.

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