Vampire Fusion Book 5 of Vampire Illusion series

Sun, Jun 3 2018 09:51pm IST 1
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Hi, I've just released Vampire Fusion on Amazon Kindle. It's free 4 - 7th June if anyone is interested.

As anyone who has read them will know, my vampires are not Gothic, they don't hide from the sun and they can eat garlic.

In this story Ellie is finally transitioning into a vampire, but discovers it isn't quite that simple when one is first and foremost a witch. She needs all the support she can get from Damien, Sophie and Frey.

Rachel, Tansy's nurse, is also having problems. A previous boyfriend is under the impression they're getting married. Kit, her fiance is not impressed.

Once again, the vampires are being threatened by outside sources and have to fight their way out of a dangerous situation.

This is the cover:
Front cover for Vampire Fusion.jpg

Sorry it's so big - I never get it right...
Anyway, here is a link

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