Has anyone heard of chipmunkapublishing.co.uk/shop/

Sat, Oct 9 2010 11:54pm IST 1
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They are interested in my book. Don't really now much about them. Any advice would be appreciated.

henza xxx

Sun, Oct 10 2010 12:33am IST 2
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From a quick glance it looks as if it's not a conventional publishing model: it looks more like a self-publishing one. But they're not publishing conventional books either: if their mission is at least as much to offer a voice to people with mental health issues and stories, as it is to work commercially, then that might be a legitimate reason for them to be different. Having said that, legitimate reasons can still disadvantage you as an author. For example, they go into quite a lot of detail about the contract but don't say on what basis royalties are calculated. If they offer you a contract, I'd suggest that you use it to join the Society of Authors and get them to check it out. You could actually ring them now, and see if they can help.

I see they say they're Arts Council funded: you could ring the Arts Council and check they still are. (There have been organisations that got a grant for a single project ages ago, and then went on saying 'Arts Council funded' for ever. There's one which I keep seeing referred in the aspiring writer world as 'founded by the Arts Council, so it must be all right,' when it's nothing of the sort: neither founded by ACE, nor all right. Needless to say the owner has no interest in disabusing people.)
Fri, Feb 9 2018 05:37pm GMT 3
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Expensive vanity publisher - Avoid!

There are serious concerns regarding this publisher - especially as many of their authors are vulnerable. Suggest looking elsewhere or, even better, self publish. Warning link is below

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