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Dweezlehumbard & the Curious Adventures of the Straw People, The discovering of the Bawkhoor, Book one, a folklore fantasy-adventure. Set against the backdrop of Edwardian England, tells a heartwarming emotional story about an orphaned eleven-year-old Strawwilligan boy (minuscule folk made of straw), and his nine-year-old brother, whom both feel abandoned and unloved. With little to do except get into mischief, Dweezlehumbard stumbles across an invention that changes the fortunes of his village; for worse. A series of calamitous events throws the Straw People into chaos and peril. A daring adventure ensues, whereupon Dweezlehumbard journeys to lands of unknown danger to save his village from the dreaded Blackbirds; who have captured his dear inventor friend, Mr. Strewwingle. The demanding quest also renders a more personal journey, where ultimately Dweezlehumbard discovers his real identity. With impending danger, ruthless monsters and a sense of heart-throbbing discovery, Dweezlehumbard uncovers his true worth.

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