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Brain Bartering - Bargain Basement

Brain Bartering - Bargain Basement

Pick one up, put one down.
Owner: Mezz
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This is intended to be a fun place. A jumble sale for ideas, as it were.

Pick through all your long forgotten, often good. but abandoned, Ideas and put them on here.
There must be some?
Stuff you thought of but had no idea where, or even, whether it would work. Could be anything; Story, stage, sketch show, Plots, people, even just a title you thought was good but never came to anything.

This group is a recycling area for head stuff.

Look at what is put on the bartering table. If it appeals to you, pick it up as something to work on for your own and donate a replacement

The only rules are;
If you up pick up something from the bartering table, you must tell everyone what you have taken & why you like it. NO FURTHER INFO NECESSARY.
In return. You must trawl through the mists of time and replace what you have taken with one of your own long abandoned ideas or projects for someone else to pick up and work on. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Hence the title: Pick one up, put one down.

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  • Daf
    by Daf 1 year ago
    At about the time of the Kuwait war (1990?) I found myself on the Fosse Way in Gloucestershire, stuck behind a convoy of blacked out coaches. It led me to think of mobile libraries going to the front (because that's what they looked like). I love the idea of an army of mobile libraries but haven't taken it any further in the last 26 years so if someone else wants it... please let me know!
  • schoolofthewolf
    by schoolofthewolf 1 year ago
    What a great idea for a group, I'll get trawling
  • Donna
    by Donna 1 year ago
    FREE IDEA for picking: Always write your favorite scenes or chapters first. You can feel in the gaps afterwards. And the best scenes are very likely to determine the rest of the story.
    Don't worry too much with the opening chapter at first: if you leave it for later, when you have already written the middle and end of your story, you'll be able to come up with a stronger attention grabbing opening that will relate and resonate with the whole story.
    If unsure where to start your story, leave it for later too. It will become very clear to you where the story begins, once you are writing the deepest chapters.
    To start writing, you just need to have your basic idea and basic plot. Good luck and let us know if you are using this FREE IDEA.
  • Mezz
    by Mezz 1 year ago
    This group is up and running again. Silly me!
  • Amarantha
    by Amarantha 1 year ago
    The first I read - BPs wicked judge and an innocent hanged - gave me a lot to think about. So much scope here so I'm off into the garden with a clipboard and what's left of a bottle of wine to plot :-).
  • Amarantha
    by Amarantha 1 year ago
    A new and refreshing idea, Mezz. Just what I needed to get the creative juices flowing again after too long in the wilderness :-)
  • /
    by / 1 year ago
    Pretty cool concept and not entirely unknown on the Cloud to lend a character.
  • BP
    by BP 1 year ago
    Prop, I have a fork if that is any good for the swap? (Brass)
  • BP
    by BP 1 year ago
    How splendid!
  • /
    by / 1 year ago
    I need a toaster. I can trade a sociopathic contract killer looking for true love...