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Sex Drugs and Om

Sex Drugs and Om

An Autobiography of an American Yogi
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I have just finished my first book, and published the kindle version on Amazon:

I am now seeking people to read it and review it. If you think you might be interested, please let me know, join the group, and I'll send you a free digital copy.
The back cover blurb is below
Thank you all:)

Sex Drugs and Om
An Autobiography of an American Yogi

From the zeniths of ecstasy to the dark depths of despair, one man’s search for peace will lead him across a colorful landscape of strange adventures, through valleys of darkness, and high up into heavenly realms.
After attempts to escape his mysterious past through sex, drugs, and violence; things end up in ruin. Life seemed hopeless. But then, a series of profound mystical experiences compel him along a different path. An unfoldment of the spiritual sciences opens up before him and leads the way to self-discovery, knowledge, and the tools to realize lasting happiness.
In Sex Drugs and OM: An Autobiography of an American Yogi, a journey of a hundred lifetimes is undertaken by one man. It is a tale of the dark night of the soul that leads to enlightenment. It speaks to all of us in search of something more from this life. And it lights the way to unraveling the secrets within.

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