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Writing Right - Grammar Guide & Punctuation Profundity

Writing Right - Grammar Guide & Punctuation Profundity

How to improve spelling, punctuation & grammar.
Owner: Persia
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Even though most Clouds had English in school as their basic language, the nuts & bolts of the language often get rusty, or come loose, or get lost altogether.
I've been an English teacher for adults since I was 11 years old (!), and have taught the past 15 years at business levels, as well as specialising in areas such as medical English, Scientific English, and linguistics as a hobby on the side.
I've been surfing around on here, and have recognised the need people might have for reminders of the basic rules; after all, if most editors won't look much further than the second mistake, it behoves us to get it right and help ourselves get published faster!
So, ask away. No question is silly if it helps you - and you'll probably end up helping someone else who's afraid to ask!

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  • Persia
    by Persia 1 year ago
    Welcome to our latest members! If you have any questions, just fire away. Check out our forum topics above; they may seem "old", but the questions and answers are timeless, as grammar is never outdated! :-) If you want to add your questions there, I do check it regularly for additions, so don't be shy.
  • Persia
    by Persia 2 years ago
    Hi Donna! Both are correct, though the second sounds more modern. You could also consider replacing "said" with other verbs or verb phrases - "called over her shoulder", "shouted", etc. to give it more verve.
  • Donna
    by Donna 2 years ago
    QUESTION: Are those two sentences correct?

    'I'm going out,' said Anna.
    'I'm going out,' Anna said.

    Thank you
  • Persia
    by Persia 2 years ago
    Welcome, Jayne! Hopefully this forum & our topics can cheer you up. :-)
  • Proofread-Write-Jayne
    by Proofread-Write-Jayne 2 years ago
    Thank you for accepting my request! I may be seen as very sad, well in fact, I admit that I am very sad because I love grammar, punctuation and spelling. I hope to be a worthy contributor.

    Jayne x
  • Persia
    by Persia 2 years ago
    Welcome to new members! Browse through the topics, and if you have any questions about grammar, syntax, etc, just ask!
  • Persia
    by Persia 2 years ago
    Welcome to the new members! Take a moment to browse the topics, and if you have any grammar questions, fire away!
  • Persia
    by Persia 2 years ago
    Happy Christmas to you all! Whether you're finishing off a manuscript before year's end like me, or starting a new one, be sure to take some time, switch gears and put your feet up for a change!
  • Persia
    by Persia 2 years ago
    Welcome to all new members!
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask - no question is trivial if it helps you. You may also want to check out the topics in the forum above; there are a wide range of FAQs, e.g. comma rules, punctuation in dialogue, grammar rules, capitalisation rules, etc.
  • dyslexic of dartford
    by dyslexic of dartford 2 years ago
    Thanks Persia, I'll check it out.