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Writing for children and teenagers

Writing for children and teenagers

A group for everyone who loves writing for children and teenagers.
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A place to chat about all things children's book-y, young adult literature, illustrating for children, and so on. And if anyone can find a more relevant picture to upload than the green alien one, please feel free.

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  • Hil
    by Hil 1 year ago
    Hi, Bebbster, there aren't many publishers of children's fiction who accept unsolicited manuscripts. IMO you would do better to look for an agent.
  • Bebbster
    by Bebbster 1 year ago
    Hi can anybody recommend a good publisher. I have written an action adventure story for the age group of 6 to 10 years.
  • Bebbster
    by Bebbster 1 year ago
    Hi folks, not been on for a while, been busy writing. I have two books on Amazon, Kobo, called 'Marley the Adventurer; the map stone and the red leaf of ortom. The other is Marley the Adventurer; Captain Logan "Avast me Hearties" Do me a great favour download it read it and give it a review.
  • Helena
    by Helena 1 year ago
    Here I am Helena Maria in Bangkok, a writing coach actually, and waiting to get a bite from a publisher for a book I put together. I am also mainly an illustrator and thought writing a children's story would be a breeze! HA HA!! NOT SO, so I am here and about to take a course. My BIG obstacle is that I have a good basic idea and a good beginning but somehow the story gets stuck half way with no sold plot or avenue and so it can't end :( I would love to hear from anyone with the same situation and ideas for how to get through this quagmire :) Thanks to all :D
  • Snowflake
    by Snowflake 1 year ago
    AUDIO CLIP - Oliver Jeffers and graphic artist Sam Winston have worked together to create A Child of Books, which presents extracts from 42 classic stories and lullabies in a new way.
  • Lies
    by Lies 2 years ago
    Hello writers, I'm looking for you! I'm a parent, a reading enthusiast and co-founder of Storytime for Kids. We're encouraging the reading of children by making fun and unique children's stories available through a free app.

    After the great success of the Dutch version of the app, we will soon be launching the English version. Currently, we are looking for people who like to write children's stories. The Storytime app will offer you a great platform to easily share your stories with others. By submitting a story you won't give up any of the copyrights! Please visit for more information and maybe your stories will be read all around the world!

    In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!
  • JT
    by JT 3 years ago
    I just popped over to see what you are all up to. If anyone has anything they would like me to take a peep at this week. Please post, it would be great to read it.
    You could always Pm me or write on my wall to remind me to take a peep over here.
    Happy writing!
  • bazbaron
    by bazbaron 4 years ago
    Hi Jeanie, You've posted your story in the wrong place. To get proper feedback, if that's what you want. Create a new topic on the Writing for Children's' Forum. That way people will see it and can comment properly.
  • Jeanie
    by Jeanie 4 years ago
    Hi there, remember a few months ago I posted a question about whether it was appropriate or not to include a reference to 'fart' in a kids story. My partner had said it was an absolute no where I thought it was okay. Well, following feedback here I decided to tone it down a bit and here is my almost finished project. Its missing the final two paragraphs (12 lines) as I am still working on them, but interested in what people think. Really grateful for any comments as I have been a bit absent recently.

    The Birthday Party
    Today is the day; at long last he is six,
    To celebrate, a party for birthday boy Felix.
    Invitations have been sent, everyone is coming,
    The decorations are up, everywhere looks stunning.
    There are balloons and streamers, even glow sticks,
    Later on a magician with amazing new tricks.

    They began to arrive just a little after lunch,
    Dressed up in costumes, they look a fun bunch.
    Joe is a pirate; a coat hanger for his hook.
    Harry has pants on his head; it’s not a good look
    Mac's dressed as a spider with only six legs,
    The smallest child came as Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    The invitation stated clearly NO GIRLS ALLOWED,
    But look, who is standing out from the crowd?
    Two girls! Sneaking in as Batman and Robin.
    Felix laughed and said “okay then, come on in.”
    Inside the noise had reached a deafening roar,
    The party would go on until a little after four.

    They danced to music; they jumped up and down,
    They wrestled together, they span round and round.
    It was madness and mayhem it was the ‘The Wild West’
    Gran got tired watching and went upstairs for a rest
    Mum wanted to cry while Dad hid in the loo
    The dog started barking, what else could he do?

    Hooray! To the rescue, came Felix’s big sister,
    She organised pass the parcel and a game of twister.
    But all of a sudden someone let out a loud PUMP,
    Sis thought ‘I should have stuck with musical bumps.’
    Everyone fell in a heap; they were in such a mess.
    There was nothing else for it, someone had to confess

    Poor little Charlie, his face red and glowing,
    He’d hoped it would pass without anyone knowing.
    He is saved by the arrival of ‘The Great Alexander’
    Except this Great magician was a total disaster.
    All the tricks went wrong, he lost his white bunny,
    The kids were all booing, he wanted his Mummy.
  • Jeanie
    by Jeanie 4 years ago
    I think the occasional reference to it is fine and I am writing a humerus rhyming story where it just seems to fit and takes up about two lines. I took out six further lines that had my six year old in fits but did, on reflection, just seem too much. Having considered all the feedback I did decide to take out the 'F' word and replaced with an alternative, truth be told it was banned in our house until very recently so I not sure why I suddenly thought I would use it for a picture book story aimed at 4-6 year olds! I will post it soon, I am leaving it to rest for a few weeks before I go back and tinker with it again. I felt a bit silly posing the question in the first place so thanks for all the feedback.