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For the lover of things that go bump in the night
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Come one, come all, join us on the dark side. We've got cookies.

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  • Yidhra Codex
    by Yidhra Codex 4 years ago
    I'm a Lovecraft-Being Brightlex... You too?
  • Brightlex
    by Brightlex 4 years ago
    The horror...the horror...
  • Brightlex
    by Brightlex 4 years ago
    Does anyone like Lovecraft, here?
  • jan
    by jan 5 years ago
    Hi everyone, I've just joined the Horror group. Be very scared....
  • StoneGhost
    by StoneGhost 5 years ago
    New ghost in the machine here....will try to, ahem, 'liven' things up.
  • greenpen
    by greenpen 5 years ago
    "It's not alive!"
  • greenpen
    by greenpen 6 years ago
    I'm also a member of the Horror writer's association:
  • greenpen
    by greenpen 6 years ago
    It's dead as a dodo. I just came back to see if anything had changed since last time. Why did I even bother?
  • Damien
    by Damien 6 years ago
    So do any horror writers actually use this group then? It seems a bit desolate - content-wise
  • Bilbo
    by Bilbo 6 years ago
    Have just finished my first novel in a planned series, its a supernatural romance with a lot of things that go bump in the night! A little unsure what route to take next with it I'm currently looking down the self publishing route.