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Passion for Poetry

Passion for Poetry

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Group for anyone who wants to show their poetry, discuss writing and ideas. A group to share and give feedback on your work x

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  • Sucatraps
    by Sucatraps 1 year ago
    There's a reason man's best friend's a dog,
    For contentment comes sat on a log,
    And playing fetch with ball or stick,
    And watch him run, both true and quick,
    And often fields we do walk long
    And share the early sparrows song,
    And when we rest from far and wide,
    He comes to sit right at my side,
    And content with a hand upon his neck,
    A tousled ear or a forehead peck
    He makes no great demands except to be,
    Me with him, and him with me
    And let me be not misunderstood,
    This goes beyond a brotherhood,
    I do love him and he loves me,
    A truer friend there'll never be,
    And so it was when he departed...
    That bugger left me broken-hearted...
  • Sucatraps
    by Sucatraps 1 year ago
    I love my kids when they are asleep,
    Before at dawn they start to creep,
    Or while it's dark "I've wet my bed!"
    But why must they sleep upon my head?
    And so oft' to couch I go at last,
    And wake with Pokemon up my ass,
    And yes it's true I do sleep deep,
    Like the time I woke with make-upped cheeks,
    And by God this parenting is tough,
    Though it has its perks, albeit just enough,
    Because just when freedom you start to miss,
    They break your resolve with a hug and a kiss,
    A pretty smile or a cheeky grin,
    Which makes love surge within,
    And although you love them a great big heap,
    I thank God daily when they fall asleep...
  • Sucatraps
    by Sucatraps 1 year ago
    I wish that I... I wish that I,
    could be as lovely as a pie,
    Be it tart, or full of mince,
    Or even pastie at a pinch,
    I wish my wife was in the mood,
    Or she'd look at me, like she does to food...
  • Mashie Niblick
    by Mashie Niblick 1 year ago
    hmm pretty dead here
  • Mezz
    by Mezz 1 year ago
    Mary's Literary Corner
    7 hrs ·

    Moments together you'll treasure.
    You'll fall for their charm.
    A romantic endeavour show they mean you no harm.

    A guffaw, a joke, a quick grip on your arm.
    Your friends are so jealous,
    They tell you it's smarm.

    You forget when exactly the grip started to hurt.
    When did you relax into feeling like dirt?

    When did they stop you seeing your friends?
    restrict time spent with family?
    Their demands never end.

    No matter what happens, one day you will see,
    and I will always be here for you.
    Just ONCE, that was me.
  • Mezz
    by Mezz 1 year ago
    Tonight I stood and faced the sea.
    I waited in silence. It surrounded me.
    I watched the waves as they crashed and rolled.
    I saw my life, my choice, unfold.
    I chose to step back and run along the shore,
    Not drowning now, My future's pure.
  • Mezz
    by Mezz 1 year ago
    My mistakes are the bricks that build a wall. They seal up the past and help me place stepping stones into the future. I stand on one each day. My successes will walk beside me always, I don't need to look back.
  • MadHatter
    by MadHatter 1 year ago
    Hello, I wrote my first entry yesterday which I guess could sort of b considered poetry...I would really appreciate any feedback. I'll post it here...See below.

    Thoughts on a Windowsill
    The shadowed night always does me well, in for the night while I mend my weathered soul. Shunned is my heart from the undying scrutiny that my brain keeps denying. Sheltered from the pain and the demons inside, I quiver to realize the damage that has been done. Brightness shines through the black abyss of the billions of galaxies unwavered by my thoughts. Suggesting the inevitable, and the literal reaction to the damage I have done. Take these broken scars...the scars of the past...For I must have reopened them, and my strength is still diminished.

    In your eyes I wish I could be everything I'm not and everything you wish you could be. Broken and scattered...empty and whole. I want to gather the pieces and walk through the trash that has become our lives, walk through it together to a destination unknown to us and known to the stars, the bright eyes which our future can be...It's all in our hearts where our future can be.

    I hate how you've been, and let it be known that I'm there too. Heart on your sleeve or up in the nosebleeds, I can only pretend you don't mean the world to me. Our fate can be exquisite or falter into time to another statistic that holds our kind.

    What I want and what I need are only important when my mind can be clear. These monarchs have been flying all over the sky and you know exactly what I mean when I say that hasn't happened in while.

    I sit here and gaze into the sky and think about these tiny lights that exist so gallantly all in their own demise. So tiny they seem but majestic they are, to be in this mast existence and still make it matter. Darkness all around but that light still shines, until it goes dark but not after its shooting compromise. Going out with a bang all in a beautiful way and yet we wonder how it all got to be there.
  • Kulvinder Kherteru
    by Kulvinder Kherteru 2 years ago
    Hello Everyone.

    My name is Kulvinder and i am currently doing my BA Honors Degree, i have posted a poem about cricket. Part of our assessment is feedback on creative writing. Would appreciate any comments. Thank you.
  • Kulvinder Kherteru
    by Kulvinder Kherteru 2 years ago
    For The Love Of Cricket by Kulvinder Kherteru

    The glorious club came forward in all their suited and booted attire,
    The trousers and t-shirts and sweaters was a sight for sore eyes to admire
    The teams waited and anticipated with caps, gloves and boxes intact
    The ground was just perfect, ready for the match

    For a moment the earth stood still as the coin was tossed up into the crisp air
    It shone brightly in the sun as it came flickering down, just like waves making subtle flares,
    A solid decision was made like writing set in stone
    The men had scattered onto the ground, as if this is all they have ever known

    The two umpires are ready for action with their eager eyes on the game
    No-one can try and pull fast ones for there will be nothing to gain
    The umpire holds all the cards and you will get what you are dealt
    For they have their secret weapon the third umpire under their belt

    The bowler rotates his shoulders and gives his legs a shake
    Feeling comfortable and happy and ready to embrace
    This moment in history the start of the game as the umpire hands over the ball
    Which has strong stitches across the middle that are short not long

    This ruby red is in the center of it all, will be watched by everyone big and small
    This ball is a celebrity in its own right as it has been hit, caught, dropped, lost, batted and bowled
    The beamer misses the batsman but it is a close call the umpire is not impressed, its a 'no ball'
    The crowd is up on their feet shouting 'no way', umpire is strict, how can they play

    The verdict is clear, the bowler's foot was over the line,
    The captain's delivery is disappointing before even starting it is looking to decline
    The game got off on the wrong foot but now is in full swing
    This is a delight to watch as the spectators are being entertained in this ring

    There were boundries flying all over this pitch
    Even at one point it started to rain sixes without any hitch
    240 was the score when they were finally done
    But now it is the turn of the fielders who have stood under the hot sun

    Time for a break biscuits, lemonade and tea, everyone is watered and refreshed
    There is no suspending this game, the weather is stupendous, no chance of rain
    They are heading for a century just a little less, this second half is anybody's guess
    As the partnership is formed the pressure is now on, 'six, six' up and away that is gone, gone

    There 20 balls remaining and they need 35, the tension is growing very high
    There goes a stumping and 'oh he is out', the batsman lets out a hugh sigh
    Last man comes out can he be the saviour, is this the moment of truth
    The fielder's threw the ball, its hit the wicket, but the batsman's on the floor what a move

    All eyes fixed on the screen, is he out or is he in, wait 'oh he is out' what a game
    A spectacular finish they have all delivered well, they all belong in the hall of fame
    The ending was crucial especially the wicket keeper's catch and stumping
    For the love of cricket has left the fan's hearts pumping

    Thank you