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Character development group

Character development group

Support group for those who find developing fictional characters a tad challenging.
Owner: Phil
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A place to exchange ideas, exercises, top tips, test out bits of description, anything to help with developing believable/interesting/rounded/consistent characters for fictional purposes....

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  • Alexander
    by Alexander 4 years ago
    I'm about to start with a new writing project and find naming my characters probably the hardest part of my pre-writing planning. How do you all choose names?
  • Kate7
    by Kate7 6 years ago
    Just started reading 'Characters, Emotions and Viewpoint: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting Dynamic Characters and Effective Viewpoints' I'm only a chpater in but already I'm feeling like I've got a stronger grip on my characters. Recomendation!
  • Stefanie Leona Baylee
    by Stefanie Leona Baylee 7 years ago
    I want to create a character that has a gift who can read an elephants thoughts and they can connect with her too? do you think it could work?=)
  • Stefanie Leona Baylee
    by Stefanie Leona Baylee 7 years ago
    hi there, i was wondering, can deaf vampire character work? I don't want to offend anyone when writing about a person who born is deaf. This character happens to be deaf before she becomes a vampire... any suggestions or advice? ... cheers!
  • Kara (silly zilly)
    by Kara (silly zilly) 8 years ago
    What is this question asking??? ----> Can you use your character's body language and be him/her?
  • Phil
    by Phil 9 years ago
    And welcome Spangles! (belatedly, sorry, travelling a lot at the moment and not often online...)
  • Phil
    by Phil 9 years ago
    Welcome Kaz!
  • Phil
    by Phil 9 years ago
    Welcome Twinkle fairy - some magic dust wouldn't go amiss on my manuscript at the moment (hah - did I say 'manuscript'? I meant 'random bits of half ideas for scenes'....)
  • EzBloke
    by EzBloke 9 years ago
    THank you!
  • Phil
    by Phil 9 years ago
    Welcome EzBloke, Pip and SamJ!