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Synopsis Workshop

Synopsis Workshop

Need help with the dreaded synopsis?
Owner: Marion
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Post your synopsis in the "Forum" block by clicking "Create Topic" and hopefully the pro's will come rushing in with fabulous tips, tricks, crits, and maybe a tissue or two.

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  • Undiscovered Adventures
    Hi all,
    I have finished my synopsis, around 480 words, hope it’s not too short. Only outline of the story is disclosed - descriptions were rather general with no details. Is it necessary to give a bit more details into the story? Eg. They went on spellbinding sea adventures.

    Any advice is very much appreciated. Many Thanks.
  • Tom
    by Tom 1 year ago
    So glad to have discovered this group. I'm blowed if I can get synopses right. Shall look forward to some sound, helpful advice.
  • The WordCloud
    by The WordCloud 3 years ago
    Hello all, for those still struggling with this, do see our advice page here:

    I brief:

    A synopsis is simply a clear, factual summary of your novel's storyline.
    A synopsis is typically 500-800 words. Unless an agent specifically requires a much longer synopsis, your summary should not run to more than 1000 words
    A synopsis does not have to fit on a single page.
    A synopsis is not the same as a blurb for the back of a book and the text should not be 'salesy'.
  • Scarlett
    by Scarlett 4 years ago
    Is this group active?
  • Scarlett
    by Scarlett 5 years ago
    I just joined, but 6 months to late I'm thinkin'
  • Beau
    by Beau 6 years ago
    Why are all these so old? Do we have no new comments or members in this group?
  • MinxieAD
    by MinxieAD 7 years ago
    I've posted a synopsis that started off around 4 pages! I've edited it down but I think it isn't flowing well and I'm not sure if the storyline comes across properly. Any help would be very welcome
  • Drew
    by Drew 8 years ago
    Just posted a synopsis in 'General - Critique' area on the forum. Hope that's ok - I'm a newbie here!
  • Weens
    by Weens 8 years ago
    I'd find that really useful too Mel. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say.
  • Mel
    by Mel 8 years ago
    Thanks Tony - will do. Still feeling my way around this site at present so leaving comments in the wrong place all the time, sorry!