My first book.

My first book.

For first time writers.
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For writers who are currently writing or selling their first books.

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  • Logan
    by Logan 1 year ago
    Really looking forward to receiving input from a professional author/editor.

    Edward VIII remained king. Germany conquered Europe. Britain rules the waves.
    German-Americans Petra, Siegfried, and Karl emigrated to the Reich together. In 1963, after Siberian rebels launch a rocket attack on Berlin, paratroop commander Siegfried and singing star Petra discover the Holocaust's real architects still run the Fatherland, while the SS soldier-farmer colony Gothengau hosts its genocidal perpetrators. Together with the Wehrmacht and the Reich Space Agency, they kick off regime overthrow by blackmailing occultist Karl to murder the German High Priest.
    Will they succeed before heavily-armed Gothengau snatch the Reich for themselves?
  • Jessie Writes
    by Jessie Writes 1 year ago
    Hello everyone, I'm am just starting my first ever book. Ive looked extensively through the writers workshop site, plus have downloaded a vast amount of self help bits and pieces. I'm still very much in the research stages of my first fiction novel. I was hoping for any advice on the research part. So far, I have a notebook, which I take with me everywhere. I have found this really good as when an idea hits me I can write it down and develop it. How do you guys keep perform your research?. I was thinking of a running word document and a folder with pictures and things, but I'm not 100% sure of a good place to start here. Do far all my ideas I have developed in my note book..... thanks
  • Bebbster
    by Bebbster 1 year ago
    Hi Can anybody recommend a good publisher, action adventure, reading age 7 to 10 years.
  • David
    by David 1 year ago
    Welcome to My First Book. This is the start of a long and fulfilling career in writing!
  • JD
    by JD 1 year ago
    Hi Jane, the best place to post it is under forums -> general critiques as that is more visited than the groups

    Welcome to the cloud btw :) there's a good bunch here
  • CromerGem
    by CromerGem 1 year ago
    Hi everyone, my name is Jane and I live in Cromer, Norfolk in the UK. I have only just joined the group after sending my MS to one of the editors of WW for critique. I am not sure exactly what the protocol is here, but while I wait for the response I would love to share some of my book with you all and would like to read others' work too. I this the best area to post some of my book, is there anyone experienced here who can guide me?
  • Roobsk
    by Roobsk 3 years ago
    Hi, brand new to this site (joined a year or so ago and then got lost writing). But my first book is now finished and I'n hoping to get some feedback from some fellow writers. I've had some friends read it but it would be nice to get some actual critique' :)
  • Amber
    by Amber 3 years ago
    FREE DOWNLOAD TODAY! Please please download 'The Hazardous Life of a Man & Wife' on amazon and leave a review. Help a fellow writer out! Thanks x
  • Leogarlian
    by Leogarlian 3 years ago
    Hi I'm newish to the site and thought I would join here as it pretty much summed my experiences up (first time writer) :)
  • Rhombus Man
    by Rhombus Man 3 years ago
    Hello. I am brand new to all of this. I have posted a blog - which is more of a request for help and guidance. I promise to be more assertive when I get the hang of this writing lark. Anyhows - please have a look at my blog - and advice much appreciated. Thank you.