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Aspiring Writers

Aspiring Writers

For writers who love what they do...
Owner: Vanessa
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Why do we write? What is it that compels us to spend endless hours putting thoughts to paper? What do we want to achieve?

Is the aim to get published or is it just to find an outlet for our imagination?

Either way, share your art and don't worry about the response. Be brave ...embrace criticism...use it to become a better writer. I certainly am!

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  • Tony
    by Tony 8 months ago
    Casey, many Groups, including this one, soon become fairly inactive after the first rush of enthusiasm wares off, although as you can see below, Vanessa, the owner, a lovely lady, offers help if anyone has a specific request.

    However, for a critique of your writing, the best place to go is on the Forum under Critiques - general. Read the guidelines first before submitting something and it's nice if you have offered some comments on others' writing before putting up your own. Write on, Casey!
  • Casey
    by Casey 8 months ago
    Do we post here to exchange ideas n gain feedback?
  • Vanessa
    by Vanessa 10 months ago
    Welcome to all new members...
  • Vanessa
    by Vanessa 1 year ago
    It is as active as members make it... I don't spend a lot of time on here anymore, but I am happy to help if anyone wants support.
  • Mezz
    by Mezz 1 year ago
    Hello. Is this group still active? If no reply within a week I will guess 'No.'
  • Vanessa
    by Vanessa 1 year ago
    Thanks for commenting here, Mezz. Working on a historical fiction novel has zapped the life out of me... I now understand the frustration of wanting to get something finished! Argh!
  • Mezz
    by Mezz 2 years ago
    Morning all. I have been thinking about why I write.
    Originally, I started writing a memoir type book, re-calling the late 70s early 80s. The people and situations of the time.
    I got distracted by the memories themselves and found myself able to describe situations in a humorous way fairly quickly.
    I had a try at stand up, I am NOT one of life's performers but, I CAN write it.
    Thanks for letting me see knocking out imaginative nonsense, based on fact, is perfectly acceptable.
    We are not all cut out to be Laurie Lees' or Alan Bennetts'
  • J.R Channings
    by J.R Channings 2 years ago
    “Just another day. I walk, talk, sprint, lecture, all the things no one does in sequence expect people in my situation. I'm a teacher. The start of my day was waking up at 6:56AM because of my poor heating.
    I wake up and my right foot's coldly numb, and my left hand follows in the same way. Such an inconvenient inconsistency. Though it's likely a normal thing, I'm sure some cocky doctor can explain why part of me's cold while the other's not. Physics or pressure or my sleeping position or something.
    Then I read twelve chapter of a new book while staving off the need to go for a piss. Then drinking water, then doing the same with and old book. I give in, or give out, whichever, and move into the bathroom to do my business. My mouth's fuzzy and not much fun to breathe in, so once I've finished the necessaries I brush my teeth with the stale bristles and rough plastic that I haven't replaced in months. The second part of my day was trying to get dressed with my frozen feet. I can't feel the socks as I put then on, and so they're tangled and loose and mismatched in every sense. Brilliant.”

    “I was walking, and then falling, then floating, then bubbling, now I'm standing. I was thinking, 'where am I?' and a little voice inside me said, 'Hell.'
    That word rang around in my head a little bit, then like a towel I was wrung out and left to dry. Luckily, my subconscious had already established that I'm in hell. So drying wasn't a problem. Now, the word hurt, oddly; I'd heard hurtful words all my life and so I tuned them out naturally. Though, this word hurt like nothing else. Although words hurt, apparently that don't hurt as much as being sent to hell after your bi-weekly habitual trip to the bookstore.
    Now as an avid reader, I read and mildly studied Dante's Divine Comedy, and so I feel absolutely equipped to journey through this hell I find myself in. An intellectual naivety, it would seem. Though, that's only because I'm not a physically equipped man.”
    You see why you mustn't judge him now?
    “Well, this doesn't seem so bad. Sure, it's hot, but that's a more comfortable change from my apartment. Now, let's find Hitler.”
  • Vanessa
    by Vanessa 2 years ago
    Welcome to new members - I know I am not around much, but please message me if you have any questions! :)
  • Vanessa
    by Vanessa 3 years ago
    Welcome to all new members! Feel free to start a thread or to ask any questions :)