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Tea & Typing

Tea & Typing

Anything goes...all you need are tea, a keyboard and opinions. Please feel free to shoot the shit in any way you please.....
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Does your partner watch Jeremy Kyle too much?
Do you wonder if your bum actually does 'look big in this' even if your partner says it doesn't?
Anything at all you want to get off your chest, you can put it here...everyone's welcome.

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  • Augustheme
    by Augustheme 25 days ago
    Hello.. is anyone putting the kettle on for a cuppa then?
  • Mezz
    by Mezz 1 month ago
    Is this group still active? If no reply within a week I will guess 'No.'
  • Mezz
    by Mezz 11 months ago
    Is this group still active? Last post showing 3 years ago !
  • Spangles
    by Spangles 4 years ago
    Hi Bazbaron
    Could you elucidate a little? Do you mean the protocol in mentioning a particular brand name - such as 'The Ferrari purred to a halt' - or some other aspect? Maybe you could give an example, and then I'll do my best to help.
  • bazbaron
    by bazbaron 4 years ago
    Hi all I don't know if I'm asking this question in the correct Group, I've had it hanging around for a few days in the writingg techniques group with no responses yet, but does anyone know what the protocol is for using brand names or manufacturing names in novels.

    Thanks :-)
  • Oscar de Muriel
    by Oscar de Muriel 4 years ago
    Hey Gipps!
    I started drinking tea when my 6 daily cups of coffee at work were turning me into a bag-eyed monster.
    Now I have a mini Twinnings store in my drawer: Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Peppermint, camomile & vanilla, lemon & ginger...
    Last year I discovered Fortnum & Mason's smoked Early Grey and drank it by the bucket. If you like Assam leaves you'll probably like this one too. Can't wait to go to London to get another tin!
  • GippsGirl
    by GippsGirl 4 years ago
    I see the activity in the group has withered away, so thought I'd introduce myself and my tea-drinking habits

    I was raised in Australia on strong tea, inherited from Irish roots. My tea has to be extra-super-strength: made with Assam leaves, 1 and a half tea-caddy spoonfuls in a small pot, lots of milk. The amber colour has to be just the right shade of strength and milkiness before I will drink it. People are usually horrified at the sight of my personal brand of nectar.

    I start the day with a cup of tea, then have another one or two before 2pm but rarely after that as caffeine prevents me from falling asleep.

    What's your tea habit?
  • Lyddie_xx_Whitetips
    by Lyddie_xx_Whitetips 5 years ago
    Does anyone else find that if they are stuck, they'll go make a cuppa? Even if they haven't finished the last one?
  • Kate
    by Kate 5 years ago
    Well here I am trying to research Tudor Kitchens... I thought I would be easy but... Anyone got any ideas?
  • tabitha
    by tabitha 6 years ago
    I have finished the steroids almost over a month now I believe but my weight hasn't gone down any oh just half a pound so neither here or there really. Drinking more water at moment and just discoverd a nice nut bar that holland and barrat sell and discovered it a shocking 28 slimming world synergies.... NOT FAIR :-))) No syns for me till after Wednesday if am doing it anywhere near proper! huh. life.