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Occult and Supernatural Stories and Poetry

Occult and Supernatural Stories and Poetry

Where the Spirit inspires the Mind words of the Hidden and the Commonly Unseen.
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This group aims to be a place where members can exchange examples of their work on a supernatural theme or the occult, and provide a forum where feedback can be received for that work whether it's short stories or poetry. Members can also spend time discussing issues arising from those stories or poems, as well as simply just read for the pleasure of it. Everyone welcome - keep an open mind and your wits about you!

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  • Newbie
    by Newbie 3 years ago
    Hello CathyD, I've got it on Kindle, yet to read it, but have the DVD. Incredible to watch and more than a little complicated to follow but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Must read the real story to get fully immersed.
  • JD
    by JD 3 years ago
    Hi, Cathy, yep I've read it twice. It's brilliant isn't it? Love all the different voices, from a 19th Century explorer to a couple of luvvies from the thirties, through to numerous unexplained futures. The film ... hmm, I wasn't totally sold on it despite the trailer being amazing. Maybe I will try it again ...
  • CathyD
    by CathyD 3 years ago
    Has anyone read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I had to read it twice before I fully understood it but I found it the most amazing book. I also watched the movie twice. It's one of those stories that has stayed with me and I often find myself thinking about it. For me that's a great novel. Loved, loved it.
  • Sam
    by Sam 5 years ago
    Greetings Oscar and welcome to the group :)
  • Sam
    by Sam 5 years ago
    It is the anniversary of Lovecraft's birthday (20th August) so let's all wish him Happy Birthday when "even death may die". On his grave, it is carved "I am Providence"... aside from his home town being Providence, it's an interesting play with how he is the the father of modern horror and so "Providence" in what he believed to be a godless universe (he professed to be agnostic most of the times rather than atheist but you get the gist).
  • Sam
    by Sam 5 years ago
    Welcome Deep, CathyD and Khaloth to the group :) take pleasure in it
  • StoneGhost
    by StoneGhost 5 years ago
    Many thanks!
  • Sam
    by Sam 5 years ago
    Welcome StoneGhost to the group :)
  • Sam
    by Sam 5 years ago
    how wonderfully gross! makes me think of the Mountains of Madness and all those delightful horrors in the Antarctic! Awesome post Wrathnar
  • Wrathnar the Unreasonable
    How's this for Lovecraftian horror?

    and it's real! The worst nastiness starts at 1.25 when the beasties find a dead seal. Yick!