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Fantasy/Sci Fi

Any others out there?
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I've heard that a lot of good critique happens in the Groups section, but I couldn't find a Fantasy/Sci Fi one. So anyone interested in this genre please read and critique and do post your own work for feedback too.

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  • Duke of Bedlam
    by Duke of Bedlam 11 months ago
    Are we all cowering in the shadows of Twilight and Harry f*cking Potless? Whither art all those bright, bawdy, beautiful bobbydazzlers and body-snatchers that so make our genre utterly unique? Have we all been abducted by aliens, scaramouches, or, worse still, inertia? Come forth and be counted, brethren ... His Disgrace, Duke of Bedlam
  • Mad Cow
    by Mad Cow 1 year ago
    Ah c'mon! Where are yous?
    I know some fantasy & SF MSs can be a tad longer than other genres, but surely we can spare a wee bit of time here to help each other?
    So here's my contribution...
    Agents for SF - which is better, UK or US?
    Chapter length - which do you prefer to READ? Long (10pgs+) or short (1-3000k)?
    Best starter strategy: completed trilogy (or longer series) or stand alone MS?
    Best competitions to enter?
    Any Scots writers into SF & Fantasy out there?
    Or maybe I should try the general forums... that's up to YOU.
    Your (very) hopeful Mad Cow
  • JD
    by JD 2 years ago
    I check up on it now & again.
  • Scarlett
    by Scarlett 2 years ago
    Is this group still active?
  • angeriana
    by angeriana 3 years ago
    I haven't been here for at least two years. I'm just about to begin editing an old unfinished novel. Can someone please remind me how to post to the group to receive critique? thanks
  • Rae
    by Rae 3 years ago
    Hey there! I'm new to the word cloud and looking forward to chatting with fellow writers!
    I'm in the process of approaching agents for my first fantasy novel and so would love to get some feedback on my first few chapters from you guys. I will post them up soon. I'm also looking forward to reading other fantasy work on here. I haven't read much SF, but will happily try to be a helpful critic :-)
  • seanwray1
    by seanwray1 3 years ago
    Hello everyone,
    I've just created a forum for the revised version of the Prologue from my science-fiction novel called 'The Abductee'. For anyone interested, it is the first in four books which follow one family who go from skeptics to believers as they enter a world full of alien abductions, government conspiracies and a truth that will threaten to tear the whole world apart. War is coming - with just one problem; Who is the real enemy?

    If you're interested, take a look at the revised Prologue and see what you think - i'd love to hear feedback from you all :)
  • hoodedman
    by hoodedman 4 years ago
    hi all,
    I've written several SF short stories. One (Vermin) published in 'Attack of the B-movie monsters: night of the gigantis.'
  • UKeagle
    by UKeagle 4 years ago
    Welcome to the new joiners.
  • ColinF
    by ColinF 4 years ago
    Evening everyone. Just arrived here, this looked a likely group to join. Written a few short stories which I guess fall under the 'fantasy' umbrella, and looking to read some good advice and perhaps chat to like minded souls!