Apr 10th

What authors really think of the folks who publish us

By Harry


There's a post that you really need to take a look at. It's a survey conducted by Agent Hunter (our sister site) and Jane Friedman in the US. We asked 800+ traditionally published authors what they thought about the firms that publish them, and we got some extraordinarily illuminating answers.

Get a full tour of the conclusions here: http://agenthunter.co.uk/blog/363/

Get a peek at the entire dataset here: http://agenthunter.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Data_All_Final.pdf

Leave a comment either over on Agent Hunter or right here among friends.


Apr 9th

A damn fine excuse

By Harry

I know, I know. I missed the Festival in 2013, and that was probably forgivable as long as I promised never ever ever to miss it again.

Trouble is, though, I've been and gone and done it again. Another set of twins (yes, really) arriving in July/August this year (yes, really) and some ever-so-gentle hints from the missus that she doesn't really want to be stranded at home alone with 4 kids under two.

This is terrible news in one way of course (no Festival for me!), but it's wonderful news in another. We're expecting a boy & a girl. All involved are faring just fine. The existing two (Tom & Tabby) have no idea what's about to hit them and will probably never forgive us.

It's thrilling to acquire a whole - and not under-sized - family after around 20 years of marriage. Exhausting in one way, rejuvenating in another. This looks like being a superfab Festival and I really wish I could be there. Have a fabulous time and I'll see you next year.

Meantime, here's a pic of the two horrors we already have (from a few months back).

Mar 2nd

Do You Love Your Publisher?

By Harry

Following my long series of blogs about my own publishing history, it occurred to me (and Jane Friedman, a blogger in the US) that it would be very interesting to know what traditionally published authors as a group thought of the firms who published them.

So we decided to find out.

We have put together a survey - available here: http://agenthunter.co.uk/blog/do-you-love-your-publisher-a-survey/ - which asks all the questions that we thought most interesting and most important.

If you are a traditionally published author (that is, not self-published; I don't care if your publisher is digital-only) then please fill out the survey. Your thoughts and opinons matter.

If you can blog or tweet about the survey, then please do. Our hashtag is #authorsay. A twitter-friendly version of the survey link is http://tiny.cc/2kmpux

We will keep the survey open for four weeks and gather as many responses as we can in that time. We will publish all the results and make them widely available to key opinion formers in this industry of ours. Thank you very much indeed for helping.

Feb 24th

Some authors are rich and some are stupid

By Harry

FInal reflections on my life and times with Big Publishing. Nip over here, take a look, report back.

Feb 22nd

Winding up

By Harry

The penultimate episode of my Magnum Blogus can be found over here - thoughts and reflections on all that's gone before. Comments welcomed below.

Feb 18th

Sorry - busy, busy

By Harry

Busy today - but the next episode of my life story is over here for thems as is interested. I'll look in the comments when I can.

Feb 15th

The Twist

By Harry

Anyone who's been following my recent blogs has had a long old journey. Three days ago you had the long-advertised Happy Ending. Now comes, that commercial fiction essential, The Twist. It's over here if you want to know what happens next.

Read about it there. Chat about it here. See you in a bit.

Feb 12th

Harry's Magnificent Publishing Career

By Harry

What's this? A book that actually worked? And written by our Harry? That can't be right, can it?

Pop over here and take a look at the next episode in H's history. It looks like a happy ending . . . but is it?

(Clue: there are a few more episodes left to go.)

Feb 9th

Playing it safe

By Harry

Oh gosh - a blog from Harry about playing it safe in publishing. Bet that worked out well.

If you need a blast of Monday morning schadenfreude, then hop over here for the latest episode in Harry's so-called publishing career. (Also, a definition of what "career" means in this context.) Have fun, have a laugh, then share your thoughts below.

Feb 6th

The Everest of Catastrophe

By Harry

Yep, folks, a blog title like that can be advertising only one thing: the next episode of Harry's Inglorious Career is up and live at a website near you. Trot over, have a chuckle, grab a cuppa, & let's have a Damn Good Chat.


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