Mar 9th

Very Mrs. Dickens Episode 2

By Dave

As you may have begun to appreciate Mrs Dickens was an optimistic and resilient lady. Here is a further extract from her singular document. I think you will begin to understand why some of the best literary minds are beginning to question whether, given his monumental nocturnal walks Charles Dickens compiled his monumental works single-handed.


Another thing is my Charlie bless him can let fly with one of his monumental manuscripts as he calls them far an away too monumental for modern times I tells him unless its got nerfarous goins on in monotonus colorations an wizards an such better still if they got both but drop one of them on a rat and you have got the basis of a nutritious and sustainin stew to last a week wot wiv them been so fat now they have eaten all the children god bless ‘em the children not the rats though I have to point out the essential role they play in maintaining gods oly echo-system and population control reducing the burden on impoverished literaly gentlemen but he can let fly now without his aim bein effected for fear of crushin our poor little dorrie our last remainin treasure as was comma not that she would have taken much crushin what with not havin a scrap of meat left on her bones.

 “How does the demise of little Dorrie affect our bottom line?”

That’s my Charlie as you can redery appreciate cos of "demise" an capital letters and punkcherashon an ocourse he asks me because I don’t need to tell you who manages the finances who is the chancellor of the exchequer, who is responsible for making ends meet which is me as you might have deduced.


Let me tell you says I on one memorable occasion Hanual hincome one undred pounds and 40p outcome one hundred pounds and 39p and no dependent relatives or children and you and me Charlie is my darling are laughing all the way to the bank income one hundred and 39p and outcome one hundred and 40p i think I got it the right way round, and thats when I broke down thats when the tears started to flow at the fought of that scenario of the debtors prison and we didn’t even have enough toilet paper left for me to mop up my effusions but lo and behold there it pops up large as life in one of his literary confections and do I get a mention does he acknowledge that this idea popped out of the fertile and inventive mind of is mrs d not so much as a contributor mention on his kindle page ocourse I have to admit he did state the case a bit more serccinctly than me cos by this time he ad those dichionary of quoterations in mind is posterity an that sort of thing.

Mar 8th

Very Mrs. Dickens

By Dave

Recent research provides convincing evidence that many of the works of F for Felix Mendelssohn were written by his sister, F for Fanny Mendelssohn. It is highly likely that at least some of the works of C for Charles Dickens may be attributable to at least one of his wives and as this is International Women's Day it may be appropriate to publish at least a part of a document that may go some way to prove this assertion. It is clear that the writer was both phonetically, punctually and grammatically challenged but in the circumstances this may not be too surprising.


There are good very very infrequent times and bad very very often times. This morning I reported to Charlie that the rats have eaten the last of the children. There are reasons to be cheerful of course one less mouth to feed and one less or should that be fewer i can never remember not that it matters now on account of the child is dead to send to school rapped in toilit paper not that MR D has any objectyion to toilit paper on principul in fact he thinks it is one of mankinds better i8deas but i think it was invented by a woman on account of it being useful but how the other kiddies laughed and poked fun at poor little dorrie and when it rained she did get soggy so perhaps she is better out of it now in a better place where she is a Hangel in eaven if only she had died on her bed and the rats hadnt left so much as a kidney except for her air and they said no fear not the air cos we gets fur balls and cofs and cofs and it gets very trying what with the tin roof rattlin and those rats coughin all nite and nothin ruins a good nits sleep as much as rodents coffin so that was for the best.


Note: It is the concluding paragraph of this lengthy document that is of particular interest to the contemporary self-published but I think the above is quite moving enough for one day.

Mar 8th

HANG OVER Bang-Bang (v)

By Babli

Back to our match, the little Indo-Pak cricket encounter. Pakistan, winning the toss, had elected to bat first on what appeared to be a paradise of a pitch for batsmen, laden with runs. And, keeping in view Hussaini Bhai’s impending retirement immediately after this significant contest, he was asked to open the innings along with Mohammed Shehzaad, a young, elegant to watch, and gifted opener. May be, the move to send Hussaini Bhai upfront was meant to take India by surprise and upset their rhythm, especially during the first ten power-play overs when only three fielders are allowed outside the inner circle.

Be that as it may, Hussaini Bhai was out first ball, yorked by Umesh Yadav, the fastest bowler of the lot on the Indian side, much to the disdain of Brij but amusement for Shaloo. Shakila too was a bit upset about this particular dismissal, knowing in her heart that her brother would be even more upset about it, especially in view of his last outing in cricket. The whole of Pakistan was stunned into silence and rubbed its eyes in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Mahesh, calm and composed, as always, came forward to soothe Saraswati alias Shakila, telling her that Hussaini Bhai still had a chance to bowl well in the Indian innings, and that all was not lost as yet.

Misbah-ul-Haq, the skipper of the Pakistan team, walked in next and boy, what an innings he played, simply breathtaking and out of this world! Along with Mohammed Shehzaad, the diminutive young opening batsman, he put up a bewildering partnership of one hundred eighty runs, in which his own personal contribution was a marvellous one hundred fifty runs, full of strokes all around the ground, comprising twelve fours and a towering eleven sixes, to boot.


Although he got out soon after reaching this milestone, trying to hammer another six and caught brilliantly near the boundary by Suresh Raina, who took a low tumbling catch running a good twenty yards to his left, followed almost immediately by Shehzaad, who played a rather needless rash shot in trying to up the ante even more, Pakistan reached a respectable and healthy looking score of two hundred seventy runs eventually, losing five wickets in their allotted fifty overs. For India, Umesh Yadav took three wickets with Mohammed Shami and Ravichandran Ashwin being the other two successful bowlers, bagging one wicket a piece. Suresh Raina, a part time bowler used by India, strangely turned out to be their most economical one, conceding just thirty runs off his ten overs, giving him an economy rate of three per over, which was simply stunning under any circumstances.

Mar 8th

Haiku Story Game

By Barb

Welcome to the haiku story game. Simply continue the tale using haiku format. Here's the first:


Midnight, a sliver

of moon reflecting wine-black

blood on the dagger

Mar 7th

Wheelchair man

By AlanP

So I just read about a young man who has had a shit life. He has invented a superhero who's main power is that he can make people see the consequences of their crime in advance.

For a kid stuck in a wheelchair I reckon that's good going. Imagination - I wish we could bottle it.

Mar 7th

HANG OVER Bang-Bang (iv)

By Babli

Before the match, there had been frequent calls from Shakila’s family and other near and dear ones from Pakistan all of whom were rooting for their home team and wanted Shakila alias Saraswati to fall in their footsteps and follow suit. Only Saraswati knew how tormenting all those moments had been. On one hand, she was supposed to and had to support India in the wake of her foremost relation as Mahesh’s wife and on the other, she couldn’t afford to displease her native relations too, not to speak of her role as a sister to Hussaini Bhai.

But, there was one very good point and factor working in her favor. Mahesh knew his wife well, trusted her, and supported her through and through. Furthermore, he was not a jingoist or a cricket fanatic and was wise enough to understand not only the intricacies of the game but also the significant fact, missed by many but not him, that after all, it was only a game in which one of the two competing sides had to win and the other to lose.

Sometimes, he just brooded over and told himself that people were, by and large, foolish enough to put at stake so much for their chosen team, even going to the extent of gambling and betting heavily on the outcome. All this, he so wisely surmised, added to the ever increasing pressure on the players from both the sides and everybody else genuinely concerned about the game, which in modern times, had already acquired and taken the form of an explosive volcano, ready to erupt anywhere anytime.

He stood by his dear wife, Saraswati, often consoling and calming her down with soothing words, telling her to take all the discomfiture in her stride and that things would take their own course and everything would eventually work out well, God willing, or ‘Inshallah’, as they say in Urdu.

Mahesh also had the good sense to realize that the game and so to say, everything in the modern world, from education down to health facilities, had become too commercialized, especially, of late, for comfort. The common man was hard put to even afford the “grand luxury” of going to a cricket stadium to watch and catch the action right in front of his eyes, not only due to the heavily priced match tickets but also taking into account the fact that as no outside food was allowed these days at the stadia, he would have to foot the bill for the highly over priced eatables and drinks being offered and available at the match site and that too of much inferior quality in comparison to their rates.

Anyway, as he sometimes would take up and broach these topics with his wife, she would tell him to be ‘practical’ and not think too much but enjoy and, rather, relish the fun of it all, as if “any fun could be greater than humanity”, thought Mahesh although he used to keep and remain silent, accepting Saraswati’s views, but only outwardly. His inner senses were just neither willing nor ready to accept this hard reality and these harsh facts of life and he always wished he could do something about it.

But, “what could he do”, all alone. He needed outside support and backing to buck him up in his mission and in this instance, his own wife was telling him in plain words to be ‘smart’ and ‘practical’ and let things go their own whacky way, whether “right or wrong”, how it mattered! His conscience would prick him no end and he often thought and wished he could write a book and express his views and opinions openly without any fear or regret whatsoever.

As of now, he had a family, may be small, but it was after all a family with a beautiful young wife and two decent kids to be taken care of and he just couldn’t afford to put their lives at stake, for the time being, at least.


“All right, let me be rid of my family responsibilities and my office as well after retirement. Then, possibly, I can take a chance and would be able to write, fulfilling my cherished wish for so long!” he told himself consolingly and softly.

Mar 7th

HANG OVER Bang-Bang (iii)

By Babli

The match had a significant sidelight too – a touch of the Indian cinema. Mr. Amitabh Bacchhan, the veteran actor well known for his versatility, and the famed anchor of the popular soap opera and Sony’s TV show – “KBC (‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’)”, was making his grand debut in the commentary box, for a change this time, during the course of the match. It may be pointed out in this context that Amitabh Ji’s voice is his greatest asset and everybody, whether from India or abroad, was keenly looking forward to listen to this golden voice on the occasion. Star Sports, who had roped Amit Ji in for the event, was particularly keen on cashing upon his worldwide popularity and up the ante as far as TV ratings were concerned.

Mar 7th

HANG OVER Bang-Bang (iii)

By Babli

The match had a significant sidelight too – a touch of the Indian cinema. Mr. Amitabh Bacchhan, the veteran actor well known for his versatility, and the famed anchor of the popular soap opera and Sony’s TV show – “KBC (‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’)”, was making his grand debut in the commentary box, for a change this time, during the course of the match. It may be pointed out in this context that Amitabh Ji’s voice is his greatest asset and everybody, whether from India or abroad, was keenly looking forward to listen to this golden voice on the occasion. Star Sports, who had roped Amit Ji in for the event, was particularly keen on cashing upon his worldwide popularity and up the ante as far as TV ratings were concerned.

Mar 7th


By Babli

(19) – “Love N Purity”

Both of us today

Have taken a grand ‘oath’

WE will never ever separate again

Your love is full of vitality

Like nothing else

Your love is full of purity

Like Mother Ganges

Taking your worthy NAME,

O lord of the Universe,

WE drink a cup

Of your Divine nectar

Please take care

Lest I fall down

Please be aware

Lest I die,

O almighty




(20) – “Met”

WE are so happy to finally meet today

As if two rivulets have met each other

After undergoing a long lonely journey

Not only was that evening rare,

This evening is also rare

Not only was she around before,

She is around here

I know

She is singing my name

I know

She is coming closer by sense

I am waiting

Upon you

I am calling upon you




(21) – “Tits N Bits”

I have chosen seven shades of dreams

Only for you

Dreams, golden dreams!

Sometimes, I have woken you up

In the nights by calling out to you

Sometimes, these hearts

Are not able to meet anyway

Sometimes, these hearts, since eternity,

Are meant to meet come what may

Little tit bits –

These little tit bits have a lot to say sometimes

Little moments appear and seem to be big

In loneliness sometimes




(22) – “Legacy”

It’s all a saga

Of love and happiness untold

‘Life’ is nothing

But a story of mine and yours unfold

Ripples have to come

In the ocean and go away

They are but the passing clouds

To be cast away

The shadows of our work

Are left behind

And, left behind is nothing

But our legacy




(23) – “Wisdom N Handsome”

There’s a strange bond

Between us two

Neither do I know

Nor do you

We are meant

For each other

May he be damned, who lives without the other

May he be doomed, who lives without the other

May she be damned and doomed too, who lives without the other

Take it

That you lack wisdom

Know it that you are handsome

Appreciate the lively eyes

Forgetting everything else




(24) – “Flute”

Sing along

And move along

Flute is meant

Only to play along

Both Radha and Meera

Dance along

Nobody knows

What the flute has to say

Whoever adores it more, its tune

The flute has to play

People unnecessarily

Malign Meera’s good name nay

Mar 7th


By Babli

(13) – “Peace N Presence”

You, the ‘peace’ of my mind,

I beseech you to pray for me

That real everlasting ‘peace’

Dawns over me,

Relaxing my entire body,

Being and inner Soul,

Calming and soothing them over

In a loving and caressing manner,

Just like a benevolent Mother

Fondles and takes care of her little one!

I ask for ‘you’

And “your” presence in my ‘Life’,

All in the worthy Holy, Divine

And Merciful NAME,

Of the Omniscient

And Omnipotent Loving GOD –

The Greatest, Greater

And Great Grandfather of One and ALL!!



(14) – “Grief”

I implore you to please

Pass on all your sorrows

Onto me

I call upon you to please

Pass on all your tears

Unto me

I’m prepared to share

All your grief

By sharing your grief,

Why don’t you

Lessen your distress, anguish, and pain

I can’t ever stand any tears

In your expressive eyes now!

I have but only one desire now –

To see you smiling forever!



(15) – “Eyes N Promise”

Your expressive eyes have

Made a beautiful promise

In these moments of sheer joy and happiness,

I am at a complete loss

What to do,

Please take care of me,

My dear partner,

My dear friend

For years together,

I have been waiting

For these moments

Of sheer ecstasy

With your wonderful promise,

I have achieved

Literally everything



(16) – “Search”

You have become

A part and parcel of my life,

In fact, interwoven into it

In such a way that wherever I go,

I feel you are with me

Leading me on and on

This beautiful horizon,

This limitless sky,

These green surroundings,

This gentle breeze,

Everything is arranged and put so nicely

That I have No more problems

With anybody any longer

I don’t quite know

What I am searching for!

There is neither any ignition

Nor any energy left for any more “search”



(17) – “Love N Company”

Seeing your expressive gait,

The creepers bend down in admiration,

Indeed, there is none like you

It’s a half-lit sky; it’s a half-lit night,

Let’s complete our half-complete

Sojourn quickly lest it goes incomplete

The sky laughs, the stars twinkle,

Making the night absolutely mesmerizing

Let those who have understood, understand,

Leaving the rest a cropper

Hope, at least, you have understood!

Keeping myself tongue-tied,

How long can I keep myself waiting and awake this night?

It’s rather straightforward coming straight from the heart –

“I need your love and company”!

Please listen to this cry of the soul and call upon me appropriately!!



(18) – “Making”

Whatever happened to your promise, oath,

And your intent!

The day I forget you

Would be the last day of my ‘Life’!!

A little bit of love has happened,

A little is in the making

We have already given IT up,

Only your ‘YES’ is remaining

“YES”, we have already given IT up,

Only your ‘YES’ is remaining

“YES”, a little bit of love has happened,

A little is in the making






A little is in the making


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