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Published by: mike on 6th May 2018 | View all blogs by mike

  I was interested in Gerry’s poetic vision of the supernatural; the universe viewed from the perspective of a crystal.  Progressive politics suggest a continual expansion of universal rights. I had wondered when these would be assigned to the mineral kingdom.  I now think these rights should be included in the Labour Party manifesto.


      I had researched the life of a composer of English regimental quick marches.    There will be a military band present at the Royal Wedding at Windsor. The papers report this band is that of the Irish Guards.

     However, London has become a venue for popular music and little else gets much play.  I suspect Windsor will be no different and rock bands will provide the music.  On the other hand, massed bands often perform on prime London sites; Horse-guard’s Parade being one site and Buckingham Palace  another!

    Evidence suggests that the composer’s most popular work had not been a military march but a ‘salon’ piece.  This music genre  is seldom played today.  It was the music performed in Victorian drawing rooms.  This work is scored from anything from a piano to full orchestra.   The original theme had been composed for a zither.

        My mother had been quite enterprising and added words to the piano score of a march.  The result was then sung by a local primary school.  A tape was sent to Blue Peter but they declined the offer. My mother’s Royal Wedding march was easily the best and most appropriate work that was not sung at Lady Di’s wedding!


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  • mike
    by mike 2 months ago
    There is a military band at Windsor. I sat next to one of the bandsmen when I attended a london concert! I suppose, for the bandsmen, life goes on.
    Newspapers report that the music for the Royal Wedding has an American bias. Copeland is mentioned. I was at a a concert recently which included Barber’s ‘Angus Die‘ This is one of those works that you know, but cannot place the composer. Bernstein is certainly being played this year.
    There is a massed band display on Horseguards Parade at the end of May. My grandfather is rather an oddity in this musical sphere but he does have links with what are now Commonwealth countries - in particular Australia and the Pacific Basin.
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