A walk in a forest

Published by: mike on 7th Apr 2018 | View all blogs by mike

I had posted this for Jill,  This computer does not post well and different spelling, punctuation and even words appear.   It is just to see if it comes out ina blog  This is a poem written about suburbia and decribes a walk next to a railway line.  I know the oak mentioned because it is opposite the entrance to the walk which begins though a subway unnder a railway line.   The poem is a bit deceptive as the poet was quitr capable of parodying Elliot and Betjamin and her poems for tiny tots were published in a magazne for teachers.


If you walk in the wood
To the ancient oak tree
Say, in springtime,
You will come upon primroses

 Dark violets and bluebells
And the frail white wood-anemone.

On this pathway, too,
Along the railway line
On summer days,
You can wander among the willow-herb,

Red campion and ragwort

And the yellow-petalled calandine.


There are blackberries to pick 

Where the narrow path dips,

 When autumn comes,
You will see michelmas daises 

Toadstools, mauve peppermint

 And a tangle of scarlet rose-hips.

If you walk in the wood
The wild flowers all gone
In winter time,
Look there for traveller’s joy
Snow-berries and heliotrope
And the great oak, full of tears, standing alone.



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  • mike
    by mike 3 months ago
    The poem is correctly set out in the edit. There are four stanzas of six lines each. This aunt could solve the Daily Telegraph crossword in a morning so it should be correct. It was published in the local suburban gazette
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