Border People

Published by: Momo on 19th Dec 2017 | View all blogs by Momo

When the weather is sunny, and you happen to see nature in the spring here, you see why the East and West have challenged each other for these lands, and when none of them prevailed, they placed here the border. For people who wanted to stay and live here, nothing was as simple as it may seem. For as F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote "the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function." It may only be added that when it comes to faith - and people have to believe in something - it becomes even more confusing. Here at the border between East and West, God becomes devil, and devil becomes God at noon, and God becomes God and devil becomes devil again at midnight. (Because the East and West have different views on what is good and what is bad.) And thus the border people lose everything that other people have. Because what God gives them, devil - who is God from noon to midnight - takes away from them, and what devil gives them, God - who is devil from noon to midnight - takes away from them. The border people were left with only two gifts - love and music. The love that is God, and the music that heals the wounds of love. 



  • mike
    by mike 25 days ago
    A irst-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time? What then? Surely Fitzgerald cannot have left this concept in the air? You postulate opposites. East and West. Surely a first rate intelligence would try and resolve the polarities? Are East and West all the different? If you state 'a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold three opposed ideas in the mind the same time' you have posed a more complex idea. The third idea be able to reconcile the two polarities, I am afraid Whisk's blog posed a problem and I am still pondering the issue she raised. Dividing issues into polarities does not work in that the opposing points can well turn out the same.
  • Momo
    by Momo 25 days ago
    I found an error in what I have written. I wrote "the love is God". It seemed like saying "the mammal is an elephant" if one accepts that "the elephant is a mammal". I mean that there are different types of love like that there are different types of mammals and not all of them are elephants as no all kinds of love are good - the true love is different in the East and in the West.
  • mike
    by mike 25 days ago
    I would have queried 'God is Love' in that two opposing views are not held. Also 'night and day' are not really polar opposites, apart from in an American Ballad.
  • mike
    by mike 24 days ago
    You are right in that words have their opposites, good, bad, rich, poor, black white, etc. I remember the thrillers of the seventies about the cold war and each side tended to be the mirror of the other side behind the iron curtain. It does seem that when an extreme position is taken on other side, then the stances seem to converge. I think I have been reading too much Shaw lately,
    But words seem to be qualified now, We speak of relative poverty in England when the division between rich and is extreme. I tend to come across religion in works of philosophy and have read many books by Karen Armstrong. She writes in a field that used to be called the sociology of religion or comparative religion. I would agree about music having the power to heal, Radio 3 on the BBC is a music channel and over Chrsitmas, they have been discussing Bach is discussed, but Mahler had been played too, Musicians who have the most tragic lives seem to write music of this sort,
  • Momo
    by Momo 24 days ago
    I agree that taking extreme positions does converge opposites.
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