Published by: Kimberley on 11th Feb 2018 | View all blogs by Kimberley

I have no idea what to write here, I'm round my sisters at the moment, her youngest child is munching on crisps on her mums lap. My sisters worried about her six year old getting a boyfriend, as this morning her daughter came to her very serious and said she doesn't like her crush any more but has a new one, and her best friend told her old crush that my niece doesn't like him any more.

I'm going home tomorrow with my mum, and I was supposed to go out tonight and stay at a hotel, but he cancelled due to his nan becoming Ill. This is selfish I know but I dont get oppurtunities like this much, I hope it comes again.




  • Jill
    by Jill 6 months ago
    Kimberley, we were all pretty clueless when we first became members. :) I think you have been given some guidance on navigation of the site already. The best thing, I think, is just to wander around or play around if you like and enjoy. Cloud has always been a very friendly forum and people are always willing to help. There are a load of useful tips on improving our writing in various places on here. I encourage you to explore!

    Must say, I had a little giggle at your niece's boyfriend situation! Children can be so funny...

    Hope your opportunity does come again...

    And, btw, welcome. :)
  • Dolly
    by Dolly 6 months ago
    What are you taking about, you don't know what to write? What you have just written is a good start. Have a good look at it. Rewrite it, edit, play around, and take Jill's advice!
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