Creepy childhood writing

Published by: ThatOneNerd on 20th Dec 2017 | View all blogs by ThatOneNerd

Has anyone ever looked back at their old old writing and think to themselves, "Wow, how did my parents not have me tested?" Well, I had one of those moments. 

Hola, I'm Trula. And I am a potato in search of friends. Welcome to my first blog post. 

So for the past few days, my mother has been nagging me to clean my room for visiting relatives. Finally, I surrendered. It was here that I found one of my old diaries, filled cover to cover in stories. The last entry was 2013, so I was still in elementary school.

Holy shizzel sticks! My 3rd grader mind was twisted! One entry, for example, was a story about little Trula battling this evil woman who used a laser to slice apart my friends and turn their insides to stone. I defeated the woman and became the queen of the land.

Another one was a short story for my aunt's blog back in 2012.
Barbie and Ken's failing marriage story. It jumps from them screaming at each other, to a giant lizard kidnapping Barbie, Ken killing the thing, them having babies then taking their newborn babies on a family vacation to "The Temple of Doom." No wonder why she didn't put it on her blog. 

Oh! I just found another! In 1st grade, we had to write daily one page stories at the beginning of class. This one is about how my teacher at the time was kidnapped by a giant tarantula, and I had to save her with this chick called Emily. Long story short, poor miss teacher didn't survive and Emily became the new teacher.

Wow. I was really messed up when I was younger.

"Trula has a wonderful imagination, but please have a talk with her about limits in writing. I enjoyed the story, but not my death." Was the teacher's note. 

Well, I guess that settles it. I was destined to be a writer since the very beginning. 


Thats all for now! Have any of you ever reread some of your childhood writing and had a similar experience?



  • Seagreen
    by Seagreen 6 months ago
    I vaguely remember writing about a half-eleven girl called Periwinkle who had the power to char her enemies. There was definitely a scene in a forest with incinerated bodies and the smell of burning flesh.
  • Seagreen
    by Seagreen 6 months ago
    *Half-elven. Not eleven.
  • Philippa
    by Philippa 5 months ago
    Oh yes.
    I remember writing a story for an exam when I must have been ... 13? About a boy whose best friend had just fallen out of tree and died, and the boy was still sitting up in the tree wondering what to do now...
    I think young children have a lot of "weirdness" in them, not least as through stories in particular, they are often trying to explore / make sense of the more disturbing aspects of their world in a healthy way.
    Shame, Trula, that your teacher suggested a discussion about "limits". You clearly had / have a great imagination that should have been left to run free! I agree you were destined to be a writer :)
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