Dr Hairy and the QCQ, Part 8

Published by: Edward Picot on 24th Oct 2017 | View all blogs by Edward Picot

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The eighth in a new series of puppet-animations about the life and misadventures of an ordinary (but rather hirsute) GP.
News of Dr Hairy's outburst about the QCQ comes to the ears of the vengeful Dr Stead, who decides to pay Dr Hairy a visit to sort him out. In the meantime, we find out the truth about the yellow man Dr Hairy's mother has been seeing in her house, and the mysterious writing he's been putting on her walls.
YouTube - https://youtu.be/fACVxRH6SgU
Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/239346872



  • Athelstone
    by Athelstone 7 months ago
    You have fun with your stuff which is great. I don't know whether you write as well - sure you must do. QCQ. Is this a CQC care/crying joke? Anyway, life would be dull without one of these every so often.
  • mike
    by mike 7 months ago
    Dear Edward,
    I was unable to look at your video, I coped and pasted the two eels at the end of the post and got the companies. The other ones did the same and I wasn't sure what do do next. I think I am one of those people who are increasingly unable to use computers. They have got too complicated.
  • Edward Picot
    by Edward Picot 7 months ago
    Thanks for the responses, guys. Yes, the QCQ is a CQC reference. And yes, I do have lots of fun making these: I'm glad if that comes across.

    Mike - another way to access the videos, if you can be bothered, is to go to my website, www.edwardpicot.com, and click the 'Dr Hairy & the QCQ' link at the top of the left-hand column. It takes you to a page which has got links to all the episodes.

  • mike
    by mike 7 months ago
    I like the common touches - the mention of hairgrips and feng shui. It makes your absurd arguments all the more real, especially as your spacemen seems to have some sort of hairgrip himself.
    I watched in on utube accessed from your site, where the utube on word cloud, did not work. But this probably my computer. It is not my world - and less and less so. I was at a concert on thursday and someone to my right kept accessing his smartphone which flickered in my vision, and somebody further down did the same, In front of me, a girl was whispering to people on her headphones. People with smartphones don’t seem to be smart and I wish they would stay at home as they ruin plays and concerts for everybody else.
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