Got plotting problems?

Published by: Squidge on 20th Apr 2017 | View all blogs by Squidge

Emma D's just shared this brilliant article on facebook - thought I'd share it here as with things other than plotting.


Click HERE.



  • Jenni Belsay
    by Jenni Belsay 1 year ago
    Useful - thanks!
  • Sandra
    by Sandra 1 year ago
    Thanks Squidge - I am slowly subsiding under the unwieldyness of a unplotted novel. This points out problems I haven't discovered yet ;-)
  • Hilly
    by Hilly 1 year ago
    Thanks, Squidge. Need to be reminded of all these, as they can slide away from you and you find yourself doing the things you know you shouldn't.
  • Hil
    by Hil 1 year ago
    Thank you!
  • mike
    by mike 1 year ago
    If you are interested in farce and look at this, you should find you are doing the right things!
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