It would not be Christmas without Scrooge.

Published by: mike on 24th Dec 2017 | View all blogs by mike

     ‘It would not be Christmas without Scrooge.‘  This was proclaimed by ‘Talking Pictures‘  - an English freeview channel  - when they announced one of their Christmas offerings.  Last night’s offering had been ‘Heaven’s Above”  I think few ‘Word Clouders’ will be old enough to remember this film.  My local cinema is showing ‘The Main who invented Christmas’ about Dickens and ‘The Christmas Carol.’  

    I wish World Clouders all the best for the New Year.   Like many people I am spending Christmas on my own but I do feel, if I were not, my companions might well be people of a literary bent.  I have got a posh bottle of wine, some stuff to put in the slow cooker in the morning and a thriller from my local library.  I am counting my blessings.

    My particular Christmas wishes are to the staff of ‘St Martins-in-the Field’ in Trafalgar Square. I do go there regularly and put my spare cash into their collecting boxes.



  • Catasshe
    by Catasshe 6 months ago
    Happy Christmas, Mike! And New-bee-author! A twosie here too, with my mother. Twosie's are good! No hordes or relations either. Phew. Hope that thriller is proving good stuff, Mike! And goes well with the wine. St Martin's in the Field are such a great organisation aren't they? Always used to think of them when I passed that side of Trafalgar square when I lived in London. X
  • mike
    by mike 6 months ago
    I think it should have been 'Christmas would not be Christmas' without Scrooge' It scans better.
    A 1935 version of 'A Christmas Carol' was shown in the morning. It was quite a sober interpretation, I was rather endeared to Julian Clary . The weather was appalling where I was, so I got up a bit late, after listening to a program he presented early on Radio 4. He came across as engaging and humorous and a good interviewer. It is great that he can be himself without suffering persecution. I had not been aware of it, but Cole Porter had been a homosexual. He is Radio 3's composer of the week,
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