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God of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, and endings

We have reached another January and like Janus I find myself looking both backwards to 2017 and forwards to this brand new year of 2018, reflecting that Life holds all of the qualities attributed to this mythical God ~ and so much more.

2017 was the year I turned 70 and we celebrated with three special holidays, all in some way taking us down memory lane.  After a welcome, if brief visit from our distant family in the Summer, we ended the year with a wonderful visit to them for Christmas, full of all the things which go to make up family life, love and laughter.   Not to mention Lego!

2017 was also a year in which I fell prey to four nasty chesty coughs which each lasted ages and so my priority resolution for 2018 is to continue boosting  my immune system ~ ‘Away damn cold’!  I am doing all the usual things, but if anyone has a particular pet remedy it will be gratefully received.

Another resolution is to anchor and build upon the renewed creative spurt which I seem to have brought back with me from the USA.  2017 was a year of pure relaxation and enjoyment on the whole, but the creativity I so enjoy and the itch to write were not much in evidence.  Maybe this was what was needed in my 70th year when I was reflecting on the previous decades of my life.  I have always found that periods of fallowness are followed by a period of increased productivity and hope this will be true of my 2018. 

 This is the cyclical nature of Life.


So, as we go forward into 2018 and we necessarily let go of another year of our past life, look to the future but live in the present also, I wish all of my friends here a year of fulfilment and health, happiness and peace.



  • bazbaron
    by bazbaron 2 months ago
    Jill, what a wonderful year you have left behind, apart from the chesty cough period. May 2018 and onward be the turning point for future happiness and wellbeing.
    Since my retirement three years ago I found a new found vitality in taking back control of my life and moved away from city living which has been a lifelong dream.

    I now live on the east coast of Yorkshire in a stress-free village which in part I attribute to being free of the 'nasty bugs of life - including chesty coughs'.

    Another area I have found to rid myself of the ills of modern life is by rediscovering the wonder of our body's natural immune system. By this, and research into the regeneration of the human body's needs by way of nutrients via the help of Dr John Bergman's YouTube videos: https://youtu.be/GHycbpuAXP0 I have found the benefit of juicing and organic supplements to be a great help.
    May you and your family continue to have a wonderful 2018 and many more years to come.
    Love and best wishes, Baz.
  • Jill
    by Jill 2 months ago
    Hello, Baz. It is lovely to hear from you. I haven't been around on Cloud for a while ~ must do better in 2018!

    Thank you for your comments on my blog; for the glimpse into your own present life and, not least, for the you tube link, which I shall certainly follow up.

    I'm sure that the information gleaned will help, as we already live in a village in the countryside and so life is especially stress-free since our respective retirements. Unfortunately, we don't often get sea air into our lungs, as we are about 60 miles from the coast.

    Of course, there have been the stresses of bereavements since retirement to deal with emotionally and also the return of our son and his family to the USA about three years ago, after the bonus six years back in England, in which period both grandsons were born. Their leaving then was far more difficult to deal with emotionally than when our son originally left to work in the USA. However, as one gets older, one seems to be able to adjust more easily and accept. Thank goodness for Facetime!

    As I said in the blog, 'This is the cyclical nature of Life'.

    I trust 2018 will be a very good year for you. Jx
  • Hilly
    by Hilly 2 months ago
    Hi Jill. Hope you are currently feeling better and like Baz says, may 2018 be a good'un.
    Feeling ill certainly doesn't help your creativity and it's good to hear that you have a renewed creative spurt.
    I finished another novel a couple of months ago but only sent it to a couple of agents and didn't do my usual thing of getting stuck into the next one. A bit of a fallow time for me too but today, I'm setting up a Facebook page for my artwork, mulling through the premise for a new novel and gearing up to send the last one out to whoever is in the Writers' Yearbook etc.
    Like both you and Baz, I live in a tranquil place and have mostly managed to miss most of the lurgies so far (touch wood and whistle!) but extreme garlic and chili consumption might help there.
    Good luck Jill and have fun.
    Hilly x
  • Jill
    by Jill 2 months ago
    Hello, Hilly. Congratulations on finishing another novel and best wishes, not only for the New Year, but also for the return of your writing inspiration. :) Setting up a Facebook page for your artwork seems like a creative and excellent idea to me! And you are mulling over a premise for a new novel, so I would say that you are actually not in a fallow period! You are preparing the ground...

    I did know about garlic and chilli, though too much of the latter would upset my tum. Thanks for the tip, anyhow. You are quite right, these long-lasting chesty colds have 'pulled me down' somewhat and, therefore, creativity was bound to suffer. However, despite still being in the throes of the 4th cold (probably caught on the plane!), I am managing to steam ahead with my de-cluttering, which will move around and clear energies to accommodate the creative/writing side of my life. Not doing too badly with the writing either, I suppose, what with newsy emails to friends and the above blog! Sense that something more is lurking and waiting to spring up from the depths, but I've no idea what. :) Jx
  • Penworthy
    by Penworthy 2 months ago
    Thank you for your lovely blog and for your good wishes to Cloudies. I reached exactly the same age milestone last year.

    Congratulations on your creative spurt! When there's a lack of creativity for a while it's usually very difficult to get going again, as I know only too well.

    As for health, I am currently suffering a cough from having waited too long on a railway station platform in Arctic conditions, unsheltered, for two trains that were cancelled. I'm not sure that cough syrup does a lot of good but I'm a great believer in a hot bath for swetting things out in situations like these.

    Something that will probably do even better - although you don't seem in need of it - is greater positivity. You find yourself making these resolutions unconsciously as the year draws to a close and I decided I needed to adopt a more positive attitude. I keep having to remind myself. The mind has a great influence on the body and I believe more positivity will lead to a better sense of well-being and optimism.

    Best wishes for 2018.
  • Jill
    by Jill 2 months ago
    Good morning, Penworthy. Not sure that we've 'spoken' before? As I said, I've not been on Word for a while and I believe you are quite a new member? Anyhow, Happy, Healthy, Joyful and Peaceful New Year to you. :)

    Glad you enjoyed the blog and it has been interesting to read your comments and experiences, both creative and healthwise. Station platforms can be the bleakest of places, can't they? My son, when much younger and one not prone to crying, said he was reduced to tears one morning after we'd dropped him off at a small, unprotected from the elements station, for a particular journey, as it was so, so cold.

    I fully agree with you about the Mind/Body connection. Having trained as a counsellor and had years of counselling myself I am well 'into' psychology and psychosomatic illness. In fact, during the latter days of my training I worked in a GP surgery with patients. I adopted positivity a long time ago and find it really does help get one through Life more smoothly! J
  • Giselle
    by Giselle 2 months ago
    Hello Jill! Sorry to hear about those everlasting chest colds. Sometimes they get a bit too comfortable in the lungs, don't they?
    I think you'll be full of inspiration this year, all you have to do is think of those beloved grandchildren and the stories will come rushing to you. I hope we'll have more of your magical gardens in store.
  • Jill
    by Jill 2 months ago
    Hello, Giselle. Good to communicate once more. Hope you are well, had a good Christmas and that 2018 will be kind to you.

    Trust you are right about the inspiration coming from our beloved grandsons and I think you are correct, I should return to the magical garden ~ prune, sow more seeds and let the garden and the children flourish and maybe go out to the wider world. It was fun to write, especially as I had help from Cloudy friends, but it has lain in the drawer for too long now. And I must remember my great niece and nephew who were of appropriate age and read some or all of Book 1 loved it. This must serve as encouragement. Thanks a bunch for the kick up the proverbial!! Hugs. Jx
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