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Published by: Dolly on 30th Oct 2017 | View all blogs by Dolly

A short time ago, I posted that I wondered where my mind went when I was asleep, as when I woke up, the first thing that came to mind, was Old Moore's Almanac, which I hadn't seen for years, but remembered it as being odd, weird, and a bit off the wall. I consulted the Great God Google, (who knows all), and discovered it was still going strong! Three days later, with the aid of pay-pal, it popped through my door. Its basically an astrological magazine, with predictions for the year. Its also full of all sorts of weirdly, absurd, daft, and sometimes downright silly things in-between.

For instance, up until now I always thought that the financial crash of 2008, and the subsequent mess that followed, was caused by the reckless behaviour of bankers and other members of the world's financial institutions. Not so. What the poor sods of the money world didn't know, was that while they were driving the world economy towards collapse, they were being influenced and manipulated by the planet Pluto! That's right, the planet Pluto! The bankers and company were mere pawns and playthings in Pluto's nefarious scheme! But fear not, help is on the way as Saturn is entering Capricorn. Oh! Happy day! Now, if you consider that Pluto is smaller than the moon, 4.67 billion miles away, and it took the space craft New Horizons 9.5 years to get there, that's some trick, and you might think it's a good job its not any nearer! On the other hand, it's more than likely you think it's a load of old tut!

There are predictions for each month of the year, which are generally on-going situations in the world and at home, with astrological attachments. There is also monthly predictions for each star sign, so I thought I'd have a quick peek at what I might be doing next May, as I like May. Lovely month May. According to Old Moore I will be brimming with self-confidence in the workplace. I'm retired, so I don't work anymore, but if I did, I would be able to use my persuasive powers over others to achieve my objectives, whatever that means. Gobbledegook!

22 January to the 7th of March would be a good time for me to play bingo. Likewise July to September, and November to December, and there are lucky numbers for all forms of the lottery.

There are useful things though. There are best sowing and planting times for the garden, and the best times to go fishing. Neither of these have any astrological information attached.

I've saved the best 'till last Cloudies the ads! There's NIRVANALIGHT.COM, who have gifted psychics at hand. (£15 + 1.50 a minute thereafter.) Then there's Lost Magick Rites of the Ancients long out of print books that cover everything from winning court cases, finding a job, making money, removing a curse, or use as an aphrodisiac. The list goes on and on. The word allegedly is used a lot. All yours for £9.99. from the same address, also for £9.99, you can obtain Salt Magic Rites. Are you aware that sprinkling salt outside your door, could keep unwanted persons away?

There are others with 'mystic powers' that can remove curses etc, then there are clairvoyants who do readings and distant healing, and the money cat that attracts riches and stops bad luck from entering your home. Yours for £3.99. also from the same address.


My favourites though are get your own Angel. White magicians of old knew that the key to stirring angels into action, depended on certain words and calls. Once called, they automatically do one's bidding! There's nothing they can't do, and you don't have to stop at one either, you can have a few knocking about the place. Gain wealth, love, success and happiness, by invoking celestial forces! You probably wouldn't have to work again! The booklet will cost you £9.99 from, yes, you've guessed it, the same address! 



  • Caducean Whisks
    by Caducean Whisks 25 days ago
    Gotta love Old Moore's Almanac. It's a treasure trove. Nay, an institution. What fun it is.
    And Pluto - yes, I thought good old Pluto had something to do with it. Thanks for joining the dots.
    Watch out for Pluto, young man, that's all I'll say.
    Off to get my copy as soon as :)
  • Dolly
    by Dolly 25 days ago
    Hi Whisks. Isn't it just! Bit shifty that Pluto. Thought I'd quote a small bit of January's prediction for your enjoyment. The full moon on the 2nd of January is in Cancer in a difficult opposition to Venus and Pluto and a harmonious grand trine to Mars and Neptune. God knows what that means, but, I must admit it does sound important. A harmonious grand trine! Well, whatever else it is, I've rarely come across such a marvellous, top class example of true waffle, mixed with old tut! and a subtle sprinkling of tosh. It's worth buying the magazine just for that. Never mind the rest of it and get your own angel, (or two!)
  • mike
    by mike 24 days ago
    Dear Dolly,
    i rather miss reference libraries. Whitaker's Almanac' is still available and large reference libraries kept back copies, You could look previous editions and see what books were popular in each year, The internet has not replaced this. I was looking for details of a ship that crossed to Egypt in1832. I had the name but could find no trace. Old libraries might have kept Victorian copies of travel guides. But these are all now gone now The London Library or the British Library and Oxford Collages might b the only source for this sort of material.
    Do you know anything about Arab music? Arab musicians come on Radio 3 sometimes which I have on as a background. I saw some plays which used music from the area. One of these plays was 'The Kite Runner' which had, I recall, two drummers and a flute, or stringed instrument.
    A play called 'Salome' at the NT used a female singer too. The material I am researching can include Arab singing and dancing. But it is period and far too difficult for an amateur historian! Is ther a modern Arabic group which uses music from a family tradition?
  • Caducean Whisks
    by Caducean Whisks 24 days ago
    Dolly, I'm wagging a finger at you, young man. You mock Pluto at your peril. *cackles*
    FYI, Grand Trines are usually considered harmonious, so it's odd they included that unnecessary word. Although Grand Trines can be bad things as they never challenge you - things come too easily. Unless they mean it to contrast with the opposition. Oppositions are usually considered trying, although being tried can be a Good Thing because you have a chance to grow. They're usually 'good' in retrospect, admittedly; or from a distance. Not while you're going actually through it.
  • mike
    by mike 23 days ago
    Dear Dolly,
    The Ancient Greeks seemed to have taken heart, and political advice from the oracle at Delphi, whose ambiguous announcements were due to the priestess being high on gasses escaping from the rocks beneath her. However, these statements were given a more plausible interpretation by others. Soothsayers play a beneficent role in society in that they give people hope. I know you will reply, ‘So does gambling‘ But the emperor of reason is on high and heads are being lopped.
    Last week I went to an old place of work to ask how people were getting on and an old colleague - not old in age - enquired as to what I was doing and I replied that I was looking into the sex life of prostitutes in the Nile Delta of two hundred years ago, No comment was made on this, but in my defense, I could point out the ‘almeh’ (there is a Wiki on ‘almeh). This travel writer describes an almeh and he visits the places were she operates and he did her the honour of falling in love. But just a few hundred words, links the world of the Almeh to that of ordinary Arabs on the River Nile. The problem with modern Arabic music is that it gets played with the usual combination of amplified bass, power drums and electric guitar. Arab music sound pretty much the same as every other group. I don’t really know, but the music at the time of the Almeh might not have been recorded, It seems to be Arabic folk music, This is all too difficult for me. There were some articles in the newspapers about theaters looking for plays which encompass ethnic diversity and ones that are large in scale, My research does provide the material, but all I can provide is a plot!! It is for professionals.
  • Dolly
    by Dolly 23 days ago
    Hi Mike. Can't help you on the Arab music. You're right about the modernisation of Arab music. A little while ago Jools Holland had an Arab band on his show. It was probably his idea of diversity. Unfortunately, although they were dressed as Arabs, I don't think a Fender stratocaster or Fender Jazz master bass were traditional instruments, and neither was the music. The genuine article will be in existence somewhere, even in this country, but music, is very much like literature in the sense, that it doesn't matter how good it is, if it doesn't sell, it won't be seen or heard. I would liked to have been a fly on the wall, when you explained to your ex-work colleague that you were looking into the sex life of prostitutes in the Nile delta two hundred years ago, priceless!
  • Dolly
    by Dolly 23 days ago
    Hi Whisks. Thanks for the information on grand trines, although I still think that Pluto is a bit of a shifty character. Much prefer jolly old Jupiter!
  • mike
    by mike 22 days ago
    Dear Dolly,
    The conversation was interrupted by a member of the public who, at one point, informed us that two men had proposed to her the previous Thursday. This did not surprise me and I proposed to her immediately. My offer was promptly declined. I asked her why? She said it was because my heart was not in it, and I replied, 'did she really doubt my sincerity?" It was all a bit Wildean. My proposal was greeted with some shock by the ex-colleague.
    There were some singers on Radio 3. One was from india and she explained how music had been handed down though the generations, It was almost as though the caste system was in operation, It was a family skill, The same family skill had been passed down to a very well known African musician. But he had also gone to the Royal College of Music. ) I think the Arab tradition might be the same.
    Some street buskers play African and middle-eastern music on traditional instruments and, oddly, one of the African busker's music reminds me of Bach. He plays wind instruments, There were some middle-eastern buskers and I think one of them played a hamered dulcimer, The Globe used period instrumentalists and played without amplification, Sadly this got changed to the usual derivative bass, drums and electric guitar. I suppose it is what people want.
    A an upright piano was on the stage during the play on Marx and very effective use was made of it, But then the usual combo belted out during scene changes. But this is only a moan by me.
    I saw Handel's Rodalino last night, I got a stall seat from the booth on Leicester Square and was three rows form the front. This did not break the bank. You could hear the singers and the orchestra quite clearly, Amplification was not required,
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