Remastered Words - And How the Cloud Makes You a Better Writer

Published by: Stevie on 15th Nov 2017 | View all blogs by Stevie

For a short time only, you can listen to the audio version of my short story, 'The Phone' for free (you can also read my blatherings at interview too). Click on the linky below. After this, you'll need to pay!

Check out the Remastered Words website, it offers a great opportunity to get your work published.  Winning their annual competition was a real high point of my writing to date.

'The Phone' and that win, owes its existance in no small part to the Cloud.

Without AlanP's writing challenge, Now and Then, I doubt the story would have come to be. Without  Debbie Alper and the Writers Workshop self-editing course and the monthly comps, I doubt it would have been good enough to win a competition. Thanks to you folks for helping to  make it happen.  




  • Seagreen
    by Seagreen 9 months ago
    Loved that story, Stevie. Well done!
  • mike
    by mike 9 months ago
    i liked the story. Good luck with your projects. In your interview, you mention your Scottish location, It is just a small point, but the 'Independent. newspaper printed two Scottish stories a few months ago and I gave up on both as I found the Scottish dialects incomprehensible, The same thing happened on the London stage as the Scottish accents could not be understood by the audience, If you use dialect, you really need footnotes and the play should have had subtitles,
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