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Mitch and Ying are sitting in an outside restaurant in Bangkok. Mitch's quest to find Mint is being aided by Ying, and they will be going to the club which the police raided, to see if any of the girls (who were released) can recognise photos of Mint. They are to be accompanied by Ying's police 'friend' who has his own reason for visiting. Mitch thinks Ying is involved somehow, but he hasn't yet raised the subject.

As is the norm, my M/C has to suffer setbacks along the way and the chapter ends with Ying receiving a phone call. Help me come up with ideas of what happens next?


Chapter 14

I gathered we still had plenty of time, the club stayed open all night, and Ying’s beau was off duty around midnight. I sensed his motive for returning was a sweetener in a brown envelope, plus fun time with a girl of his choice. Underage? — I cringed at the thought.

As if Ying wasn’t enough.

Which led me to another thought as I sipped yet another Heineken and a small plate of cashew nuts while Ying downed her purple cocktail, pushed the curry to one-side and picked at her third dish, baby squid pieces in fish sauce.

Apart from me being irresistible and available, why was Ying helping me? Why had she gone to all the trouble of screwing her “police friend” twice for information on my search for Mint?

Or had she?

I couldn’t put a finger on it right then, but her involvement, from the time she pulled out the news clipping on the club bust and trafficking of young girls, told me she was involved somehow.

Coincidence? Hmm.

Maybe I’d find out more at the club. And maybe I could come up with a better plan to encourage Jerk-off to spill the beans.

The beer was affecting me, and I needed a clear head. Coffee. Black. Which I ordered for both of us, despite Ying twiddling her empty cocktail glass at me.

She screwed her eyes up when the coffee arrived and pushed her cup to one side. I feigned indifference. We sat silent for a while as the night wore on, neon signs intensified when a few nearby clubs and bars opened, and live music filled the air.

Elvis back in town.

When Ying resurfaced from her sulk, she asked about Choclit and I gave her a brief rundown of my time with Jerk-off and my scam to gain information from him.

‘Good,’ she said. ‘Check tonight. My friend…’ she gave me a sideways glance…‘can help.’

Her glance had unsettled me. She seemed to be seeking my reaction. Jealousy or what? Jealousy, no, intrigued, yes. But sitting at an outside restaurant teeming with people was not the time or place to raise the subject — what’s in it for you?

Instead, I looked at my watch. Gone eleven. The coffee had cleared my head. ‘Time to make a move,’ I said, waving at a waitress.

Just then, Ying’s phone warbled. She looked at the display and frowned. Started to get up from her seat.


‘This is important,’ she said.



  • Barb
    by Barb 11 months ago
    Go big, my friend - make Ying the owner of the club that was raided. Or even better - Ying's mum.
  • Caducean Whisks
    by Caducean Whisks 11 months ago
    The police friend has been arrested? Murdered? Become a Ladyboy?
    A dose of cholera has gone through the working girls at the club?
    The snake's escaped from the third act?
    Ying is pregnant?
    She's just heard there's a contract out on Mitch?
    Her house has been ransacked?
    There's a sunbear on her decking?
  • Squidge
    by Squidge 11 months ago
    Not sure... but if he's sipping cashew nuts, a choking scene might be in order! ;)

    She's got to pick up a package...and pass it on. But to who? And what's in the package?
  • Dolly
    by Dolly 11 months ago
    Mitch unknowingly, eats a Budgerytoise, thinking its chicken curry. It make him very ill, and he is hospitalised. The police visit him in hospital and arrest him for eating the Budgerytoise, because, even though the Budgerytoise is considered to be extinct, its a protected species, and against the law to eat one, whether its extinct or not.
  • Barb
    by Barb 11 months ago
    Good grief. And I thought I was going big.
  • stephenterry
    by stephenterry 11 months ago
    I thank you all for some really excellent ideas and, don't fret Barb, I'll see what works in the overall story-line. I'll keep you all up to date.

    Maybe I'll get Dolly to ghost write an alternative story - ha, ha. very funny.
  • mike
    by mike 11 months ago
    It is either an order for chop suey and chips or from Yang, Ying's twin sister, also known as Yang Van Jing.
  • mike
    by mike 11 months ago
    It is a phone call from someone ordering a girl, but it is all done in code ie, a specific meal = a different girl. The club is exposed when a copper orders a meal and gets a young girl delivered instead. There could be an international girl smuggling group. 'Ying Yan and Co."
  • stephenterry
    by stephenterry 11 months ago
    I think you have an over imaginative mind, Mike. If this was the Chinese quarter, it could be appropriate but this is Bangkok. Nevertheless a good idea.
  • stephenterry
    by stephenterry 11 months ago
    Squidge, missed out munched cashew nuts - thanks.
    Whisks -good grief, what an imagination - thanks. I guess you know all about snake acts? Same as ping-pong balls.
    OFP - possibly. I'll think about it.
  • Caducean Whisks
    by Caducean Whisks 11 months ago
    Stephen, my imagination doesn't stretch to playing ping pong with a snake. ;-)
  • mike
    by mike 11 months ago
    Mitch, whose alcohol of choice is super cool Heinekein - which he drinks from the bottle while flicking super size pastachio nuts into his mouth with consummate ease - is not whom he seems. He is man of cunning disguises. He is a poseur who hides his true self - an innocent tourist abroad. But this persona hides another self - a desperate man whose one aim in life is to be played by Liam Neeson. His daughter has disappeared in the Near -East.
    He has teamed up with Inspector Chockabo, the local police chief of police and they have made an introduction to the beautiful Ying Poo, who controls all sorts of businesses - one of which is a Thai take-away.
    Chokaboo has found Mitch’s daughter who has been delivered instead of his potpoi-curry with choice green shoots. His police instincts have been awakened by this chance event.
    They are at the headquarters of a world wide restaurant chain. (For exotic location shots, this should really be in Walthamstow. Liam Neeson not being available, the role has been taken by Rowan Atkinson))
    Mitch and Chockabo have discovered that Ying Poo has a sister, Yang Poo, and they are in mortal combat for control of the family business.
    The phone rings and the phone is picked up by the beautiful Ying Poo. It is her sister phoning who makes an order.
    A meal is ordered. Bit this is the coming to the climax. They hear that food ordered will be the choicest dish on the menu. What is served up is Yan Poo’s youngest daughter, who has been turned into noodle soup. Yang Poo recognises her daughter by the eyeballs in this soup. These can be sheep’s eyes. So it is a false alarm. But Titus Andronicus is used to provide street cred and the play is raided for sub plots.
  • stephenterry
    by stephenterry 11 months ago
    Pity Peter Sellers is not alive, Mike. He'd make a great Inspector Chockabo
  • stephenterry
    by stephenterry 11 months ago
    I'm going to go with Barb's suggestion - thank you - of Ying's mother owning the club, as it fits in perfectly. I'll also go with Squidge's suggestion that a delivery package will appear somewhere. As to other suggestions, yes, Mitch will find himself in a whole lot of trouble as the story progresses and I'll bear them in mind. Always useful to have back-up ideas.

    And here is the continuation -a short extract:

    Chapter 15
    Ying pointed to the bathroom, her phone pinned to her ear. I could hear a shrieking woman’s voice. Sounded alarmed, although it was in rapid Thai.
    ‘Back soon’, Ying said.
    “Soon” turned out to be fifteen minutes or so. I’d settled the bill, finished the cashew nuts, and the waitress had cleared the table, so I vacated it, paid my own visit to the bathroom, backtracked, and hung around by the entrance.
    People watching.
    Inside Gullivers many ladies of the night perched on bar stools, hoping to attract a man. Men — didn’t matter what they looked like — who bought drinks, and wanted to party. Customers, Ying would have said.
    Being irresistible and available, I received several covert looks, accompanied by subtle rearranging dresses to show off plenty of leg.
    The looks turned to disappointment and envy when Ying returned, stood on tip-toe and brushed my cheek with her lips.
    ‘Sorry, sweetie’, she said. ‘Family business.’
    ‘Sounded serious,’ I said.
    Ying linked my hand in hers. ‘Only money and mother,’ she said. ‘I’ll sort it out later.’
  • mike
    by mike 11 months ago
    Dear Stephen,
    I have a DVD of 'Taken' and watched it again last night. The force driving the plot is almost primeval. it is the same force that powers some of Verdi's operas. This is a father's love for his daughter. The improbable plot is almost irrelevant. It would not be an easy plot to parody. The film is certainly not PC..
    Woody Allen attempted a parody of this type of film. It is not one of his best, but the idea was a good one. It is called.'What's Up, Tiger Lilly" If you look at the Wiki on it, outside meddling with the film ruined his conception. It is one of the reasons he keeps artistic control over his films. (There are bits on UTube)
    Peter Sellers had been a wonderful mimic. I found a DVD of 'The Millionairess' in a charity shop for 50p. Sellers plays an Indian doctor and he is pitch perfect. I was going to suggest an Indian version of 'Romeo and Juliet' as a Globe production,Nothing done by me, of course. But it would rely on Indian actors reciting the verse in English. The actors might well pitch the verse with the accents of Peter Sellers. and have to 'mimic' the Indian voices too! I thought a sitcom about an India family onBritish TV rather odd, in that all the Indian cast did was to mmic the English middle and upper classes with this sort of Peter Seller's voice.

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