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Believe it or not, we had snow! 'So what?' You might say. 'Lots of places have snow!' Ah, but I live in Leyland, and Leyland isn't lots of places. In fact, Leyland is about twelve to fourteen miles of the coast as the crow flies. It also only a few feet above sea level, and because of its geographic position, we don't get much snow, and if we do, it's only a bit of a dusting, which is what arrived today. It doesn't stay long either, and by late afternoon it had all but disappeared. But just that little bit had made it into a bit of an event. Granted, not enough to drag people out onto the street to gaze in wonder at the stuff. Not enough to make a massive snowman with a carrot for a nose that takes ten days to melt, but snow, never the less.


                                   Canada Geese

The heat is on,

it’s seven below,

the planes are grounded

the trains are slow,

cars slide to a halt in four inches of snow,

and the crowds are asleep on the airport floor

with nowhere else to go.


But the Canada geese land on the ice,

and shrug at the inconvenience.





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