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Published by: Debi on 20th Mar 2017 | View all blogs by Debi

Sally and I have just completed another 6-hour stint, working through the 256 submissions we received. We're having to be incredibly ruthless, saying no to some wonderful stories if there are several on a similar theme. For example, there were many which deal with the grim reality of the housing crisis, including street homelessness, elderly people going into care homes, refugees etc. We need to ensure a balance of subjects, tone and so on. Also, we're aware that there's a consensus that the next anthology should be shorter than the last one. It's really hard knowing how many good stories won't make it and how disappointed those authors will be.

A message from Sally: Sorry folks. This is a TOUGH selection process! But we are making progress and really thrilled with the sheer quality of so many stories. Thanks everyone for submitting. It's a privilege (if rather hard) to be faced with picking the cream of the crop.

Anyway, we have a core of an amazing collection, with another group of stories that we would like to put on the website - maybe one a week - but we're still working through a long list and Sally is away for the next couple of weeks. I'm afraid you're all going to have to carry on being patient. Thanks for your support.


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  • Squidge
    by Squidge 1 year ago
    Debi, you and Sal are doing an amazing job - the end result will be incredible! And good things are worth taking the time over, so please don't apologise for making us wait! We have to remember that you're both doing this on top of everything else in your lives...
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