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Chapter One

Amelia Fellerthark walked around the small shop. Her eyes occasionally wandering over to the clothes rack to find her niece. Juniper Fellerthark looked innocently over to her aunt as she secrutely his an unpaid for necklace into her bag. She waved her hand and the bar code disappeared. Amelia smiled. She was compeletly oblivious to her nieces felony. Amelia moved over to the glass section where a beautiful glass bowl caught her eye.


Chapter Two

Jessica Fellerthark stood at her eisle and as she painted she thought about her daughter Juniper and her sister Amelia who were out for the day. Meanwhile Phillipa hummed to herself while she absent mindedly flicked through her spellbook.


Chapter Three

Rain had started to fall and the wind blew it down harshly. Junipa ran down the garden path. She screamed in terror with tears pouring down her face. 

Her fear shuddered the house. Jessica looked at Phillipa who was already running for the front door. She yanked it open and her niece crashed into her.

"She's been taken. A man took her." Juniper cried.


Chapter Four

"Wakey WaKeY sweetheart." A man said as he crouched occasionally to check the crystals were in place and stuck on tight.

"Who.. Who are you?" Amelia mumbled. The man put a hand on his chest and took a sharp inhale.

"Amy its me, Alec. Your former boyfriend." Alec said tapping one crystal after another.


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  • Squidge
    by Squidge 6 months ago
    Hi Kim - and welcome to the cloud. If you're looking for feedback on your writing, it's best to post it in the forum, under critiques...
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