The Genarians

Published by: EzBloke on 2nd Feb 2011 | View all blogs by EzBloke
Ages can be divided by decade, and each decade is given a collective noun;

10 to 19 are Denarians
20 to 29 are Vicenarians
30 to 39 are Tricenarians
40 to 49 are Quadragenarians
50 to 59 are Quinquagenarians 
60 to 69 are Sexagenarians
70 to 79 are Septuagenarians
80 to 89 are Octogenarians
90 to 99 are Nonagenarians 
100 to 109 are Centenarians
110+ are Supercentenarians

(Where are the 0 to 9 year olds? Rugratenarians...?)

And I have determined, without the aid of Google, that the reasons are thus; 

10 to 19 is the age of lying to your parents and should be spelled Denyarians
20 to 29 obviously looks like the best age for prostitution
30 to 39 is the start of "the troubles"; everything is done "in a trice" including things that really shouldn't...
40 to 49 is when it takes you four times longer to do what you used to (with the notable exception of above...)
50 to 59 no-one has ever heard of, so it is clearly made up and no-one can actually spot anyone who is in their fifties and if they do, they tend to forget them anyway
60 to 69 is the age of Wishful Thinking, especially the last year of this decade which all men look forward to but most men never see
70 to 79 is when things go septic
80 to 89 should technically be called "predominantly-dead-anarian" as the things that previously went septic have now fallen off. Things such as fingers, toes, legs and head.
90 to 99 is so called because there are none
110+ should be called "Alzheimer's has convinced you you were born in 1896 when in fact you were born in 1986"... anarian

It's just a thought...




  • Gerry
    by Gerry 7 years ago
    Oi, I'm 60 and I'm not having anyone comment on my Sex(agenarian) Life!
  • Kate7
    by Kate7 7 years ago
    Best age for prostitution huh? *glances in the mirror* maybe if the money was given up front lol XD
  • EzBloke
    by EzBloke 7 years ago
    Sorry Gerry! :o)
  • EzBloke
    by EzBloke 7 years ago
    Awwwww Kate!
    If it helps any, even I can get money selling my body.
    Last offer I had was 50p "for scrap"...
  • Mcallan
    by Mcallan 7 years ago
    Oi!!!!..I'm in my 50's I'll have you know!..*looks all indignant like*..;)
  • EzBloke
    by EzBloke 7 years ago
    I'm sorry... do I know you? (Chortle)
  • imp
    by imp 7 years ago
    I'm with Mac - bloody cheek!
  • Mcallan
    by Mcallan 7 years ago
    Ya bugger ya!..;)
  • EzBloke
    by EzBloke 7 years ago
    Sorry imp...!

    Sorry everyone...
    I was bored.

  • Gels
    by Gels 7 years ago
    haha, this is great :D
  • EzBloke
    by EzBloke 7 years ago
    :o) Cheers Gels!

    To all those I have upset with this missive, I apologise!
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