The joys of air travel

Published by: John Alty on 20th Nov 2017 | View all blogs by John Alty

I didn’t find it very amusing at the time but my fellow travellers did and I’m sure they’re laughing about it to this day. I can hear them now:

“I gotta tell you about this poor guy at Jan Smuts Airport in Johannesburg. That’s in South Africa you know, Maisie and me went there on safari for our thirtieth wedding anniversary. Anyway, we’re all standing at the baggage conveyor. This guy’s on his own….”

Yeah, yeah, let me tell it, it’s my story. I was, as he said, standing with my fellow passengers at the luggage conveyor and feeling totally knackered after my seemingly never-ending journey from Pennsylvania. I’d positioned myself as close to the exit as possible, at the farthest reach of the belt. Why carry my own bag when the conveyor will do it for me, right? And there’s always less of a scrum out here.

The conveyor started up and a lifetime later a few bags appeared, passengers shambled forward, retrieved belongings and headed for customs. A little while later my jet-legged mind registered some laughter emanating from the far end of the conveyor, where the inclined belt emerged from the bowels of the airport delivering up its motley collection of suitcases. The laughter grew, followed the progress of the belt like a Mexican wave. The source of the mirth became apparent. A pair of socks was travelling unaccompanied along the conveyor. The laughter continued. The show was not yet over. A shirt appeared, freshly laundered and wrapped. A suit, still on its hanger. Another pair of socks. Something in a plastic carrier bag. Then a pair of underpants hove into view. 

Funny how you immediately recognize your own underpants. 




  • Squidge
    by Squidge 22 days ago
    Oh my...hope the case appeared at some point?
  • new-bee-author
    by new-bee-author 19 days ago
    Laundered or not?
  • Caducean Whisks
    by Caducean Whisks 18 days ago
    Dear, oh dear, oh dear. What an embarrassing pickle :) Made me smile. Nicely, of course.
  • Ariejester
    by Ariejester 18 days ago
    Oh no! Did you get your case?
  • Tony
    by Tony 18 days ago
    Were you on an un-package holiday by any chance?
  • John Alty
    by John Alty 18 days ago
    Yes, Tony, that must have been it! An un-package holiday.
    The case finally caught up with the contents. I lived in Johannesburg at the time so less of a problem than if I'd been on a business trip.
  • Dolly
    by Dolly 18 days ago
    Hmm, that would probably depend on what sort of business trip you might, or might not have been on.
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