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Published by: Barb on 7th Aug 2017 | View all blogs by Barb

"Help me. Help me," she whimpered.

I've been trying to name my latest WIP for months now. But I've come up with nothing. So before I start gnawing on the corner of the carpet, I thought I would ask for your input, dear Cloudies.

Here's the blurb:

In 1982, Blair Ellis is deep in research at the University of Virginia's paranormal program and providing expertise to the government's remote viewing project. Her own psychic abilities are noticed and she is asked to monitor the life of a CIA agent. Thrust into the brutal reality of the life of covert operations in Beirut, she finds that not only can she see the environment, but she can also hear and project thoughts. This ability forms a mental bond between her and Agent Kane St Clair. A man she knows intimately without having ever met.

As Blair's abilities expand she begins to hear the thoughts of others but only if they are in the same room as Kane. To take advantage of this she is sent into the field to add to the reconnaissance of Hezbollah by building relationships with wives of its leaders. To develop a complete cover Blair is deployed as a married woman with Kane as her husband. Played out against the terror and destruction of the Lebanese Civil War, Blair is torn between what are real feelings, and what are part of the job. But a greater danger than misreading Kane's passions and affections is the closing in of the Islamic Jihad and the unravelling of their story.



  • Mashie Niblick
    by Mashie Niblick 11 months ago
    'In the Field'?

    i.e. in the field of the paranormal; Kane has to be 'in the field' for Blair to hear others thoughts; and 'in the field' means in Lebanon as an operative, a field agent.
  • Catasshe
    by Catasshe 11 months ago
    Wait, so are Kane and her on the same side, but both under cover agents?
  • Catasshe
    by Catasshe 11 months ago
    'The Mindreader' seems the obvious one, but not if that is something you don't want to give away in the cover blurb...
  • Barb
    by Barb 11 months ago
    Yes, they are. I'll tighten the blurb so that it's clear.
  • Barb
    by Barb 11 months ago
    This is the cover blurb so this will be known.
  • Catasshe
    by Catasshe 11 months ago
    But he's not allowed to know she's also undercover?
  • Catasshe
    by Catasshe 11 months ago
    The Psychic's Lover? The Psychic's husband.... Except, seems she's the main character not him.
  • Barb
    by Barb 11 months ago
    No, Kane knows. Their cover story is as a married couple. He's CIA and she's consulting for the CIA.
  • Catasshe
    by Catasshe 11 months ago
    What genre/tone is it? I don't normally read these sorts of books I'm afraid... Without knowing the mood of it its hard to guage title. Is it a sort of psychological thriller?
  • Barb
    by Barb 11 months ago
    Paranormal thriller - but close enough.
  • L.
    by L. 11 months ago
    I know it is the title of a film (completely different genre though) but reading the blurb first thing I can think of is "Dangerous Minds" as it can play on several levels.
  • AlanP
    by AlanP 11 months ago
    Thrillers need short punchy titles, two words seems to be in vogue these days. How about Mind Games?
  • Catasshe
    by Catasshe 11 months ago
    Think Twice
  • Catasshe
    by Catasshe 11 months ago
    The thoughts between us
  • Scheherazade
    by Scheherazade 11 months ago
    Dangerous Mind. (I was in Beirut as a child in 1970 - it was a beautiful city then, swam in the bay)
  • Catasshe
    by Catasshe 11 months ago
    By the way, it does sound a compelling concept! Well done you! xx
  • Barb
    by Barb 11 months ago
    Thanks guys - you're all giving me great ideas.
  • Caducean Whisks
    by Caducean Whisks 11 months ago
    Windows? Something to do with windows?
    I'm taking this from Elizabeth I's quote that she would not open windows into men's souls. i.e. they could think what they liked as long as they didn't say it.
    Sounds unusual. Best of luck with it.
  • Caducean Whisks
    by Caducean Whisks 11 months ago
    And she said it in respect of religious persecution, so it kinda chimes
  • mike
    by mike 11 months ago
    Thought and something to do with the natural wold, Thought wind - thought speed. The velocity of thought. The wind of thought.
    The wings of thought? Thought wings? Thought wind. the climate of thought, So ' something ' and thought. The spring of thought the winter of thought the summer of thought,. The autumn of thought. Thought springs. I think it comes up 'the springs og thought.
    The window of thought? The idea of communicating by thought occurs in the science fiction of the thirties.
  • Catasshe
    by Catasshe 11 months ago
    'The Winter of Thoughts'
    has quite a ring to it...
  • Catasshe
    by Catasshe 11 months ago
    Treachery of Thoughts?

    Treacherous Thoughts
  • mike
    by mike 11 months ago
    The Wheels of Thought' has not been taken. I thought it was an H.G.Wells title but this is 'The Wheels of Chsnce'
    So you have some connection hereH.
  • mike
    by mike 11 months ago
    'The Winds of Thought' Of my suggestions, I would puck this one, but the 'Wheels of Thought' has resonance,
  • Catasshe
    by Catasshe 11 months ago
    'Betrayal of Thoughts' ?
  • mike
    by mike 11 months ago
    The romantic poets might provide you with a line. I am thinking of Coleridge or Shelley. My grandfather was full of this sort of stuff, but he was bonkers and not very successful.,
  • mike
    by mike 11 months ago
    The eyes of thought, This links the two ideas in your blog
  • Jenni Belsay
    by Jenni Belsay 11 months ago
    If paranormal thriller (and more plot driven?) perhaps find emotive words that convey both aspects? These not right but might trigger more ideas.

    With Jihad In Mind
    Think Hezbollah
    Mindful of Terror
    Mind Fields of War/Terror/Beirut
    Torn Between Minds
    Mission to Madness
    Thought Attack
    All Thoughts Lead to Hell
    Trapped/Lost in the Field (building on Mashie's idea)
  • Newbie
    by Newbie 11 months ago
    Private Eyes
  • Cissy
    by Cissy 11 months ago
    I quite like the idea of connecting as John said above: Hidden connection or The double connection? Sounds like a very intriguing story, B
  • Berks
    by Berks 11 months ago
    Just some brain stormed ideas for you. No royalties necessary... :-) (apologies if any already suggested, was in a rush and skim read the above)

    Kane and Able
    Kane and Ability
    In two minds
    You Divided by Me
    Psychic Distance makes the Heart grow
    The minds eyes
    A Dangerous Thought
    Dangerous Projection
    Battle of the Mind
    Look into my Soul
    Windows of Your mind
    Islamic State Of Mind
    Whatever you think, you become (famous Buddha quote)
    Mind Over Matter
    Piece of Mind (as opposed to Peace of Mind)
    The thought that counts
  • BellaM
    by BellaM 11 months ago
    "Gnawing on the corner of the carpet" would be a great book title (though not for this particular book!).

    I love the blurb - really makes me want to read it.

    Title suggestions:

    The Mind of the Infidel
    Thought Crime
    Marriage of Convenience
    Jihadi Bride (not sure about this, but I throw it out there anyway)
  • JtF
    by JtF 11 months ago
    Beyond the sensory horizon
    Mindful war games
    Remote renegades

    Sounds really cool blurb best JtF
  • Barb
    by Barb 11 months ago
    This is all fabulous - thank you all so much for your suggestions.
  • Tony
    by Tony 11 months ago
    When I finished reading the blurb (which makes it sound like a great book btw) my first thought was 'In Two Minds' which I see Berks has already suggested. It appeals to me because of its double meaning BUT it doesn't immediately tell you what the book is likely to be about, if you feel that's important.

    Maybe, 'Minds of Lebanon'?
    'The Beirut Overseer'
    'View to a Kill' - probably much more appropriate for your book than the James Bond story!
  • Clytemnestra
    by Clytemnestra 11 months ago
    'And Another Makes Three'

    Sounds like a great concept for a story, Barb.
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