Well done, well done, well done, well done

Published by: Harry on 19th Sep 2011 | View all blogs by Harry
Monsterly giant & humungously enormous congratulations to WW client, Dania el Kadi, whose book Summer Blast has become a number one bestseller in her native Lebanon.

We've had bestsellers and prizewinners before, but this is the first time that a client of ours has had a number 1 hit book. Debi Alper - yes, her again - was the editorial wizard who helped make this happen. Big fat congrats to her too.

The book was (as I remember it) a wonderful combination of women's fiction and gritty reality-war story. It's Bridget Jones meets the Middle East. Not just a fun book, as it happens, but an important one. The book is also available here on Amazon. If we can get Dania to come to the Getting Published event next month, we will.

In fact, Dania's success has inspired us. We'll give away a bottle of fizz to the best entry to Slushpile Live at the GP event. Writing is such a tough game that it deserves to be celebrated. If you can come, then please do. If not - well, we'll raise a glass to absent friends.

And almost-finally, and talking of friends, many of you will have met Tom Harper at the Festival of Writing. He's got a new thriller out right now and he's blogged about it here. Tom is absolutely brilliant - he's run the Crime Writers' Association and is devoted to both the genre and to writers generally. All power to his elbow (and other major joints too, of course. We have a strong diversity policy here at WW Towers.)

And finally-finally, I feel I have to bring you what is definitely the quote of the day. Laura Wilkins (who runs the office here) - 'If you have a really boring voice, it's like God stamping on your head.' Love it.

(Laura, btw, would like me to add that she meant this in a nice way - that some people try extra hard. And she did mean it nicely. She's nice like that.)



  • Skylark
    by Skylark 6 years ago
    All brilliant news - congratulations everybody. And not at all surprising that Debi has had a hand in it again :-)
  • Dania
    by Dania 6 years ago
    Yap! It WAS Debi :)

    Thank you Harry for posting
  • John Taylor
    by John Taylor 6 years ago
    Many, many congratulations, Dania! And as for that Debi character, don't tell her I think she's inspirational, I don't want it going to her head. J x
  • MarkR
    by MarkR 6 years ago
    Always good to hear of success - many congratulations.
  • EmmaD
    by EmmaD 6 years ago
    I think I saw a bit of this in the very early stages too - at one of the one-day courses that Debi and I taught. It was already a great idea, with a really good voice. I'm so thrilled it's actually fought its way out into the big, wide world! Many congratulations Dania, and Debi too!
  • Caducean Whisks
    by Caducean Whisks 6 years ago
    Hooray! Well done Dania and Debi. Another one over the wall. Hoooorrrrraaaayyy!
  • Barry Walsh
    by Barry Walsh 6 years ago
    Congratulations and well done Dania. And to Debi who's clearly on a roll.
  • stephenterry
    by stephenterry 6 years ago
    A double D celebration - great news both of you...
  • TheApprentice
    by TheApprentice 6 years ago
    Fantastic news, congrats to everyone involved!!
  • mike
    by mike 6 years ago
    i will inform some colleagues and friends who are from the area - but they might know of the book already. Word of mouth!
  • Debi
    by Debi 6 years ago
    So excited about this. So VERY excited.

    Once again, it's another example of talent and a damn good concept not being enough. Dania worked really hard to make her book this good. (As in 'bestseller' good - squeee.) As Emma D said, my first contact with Dania was when she came on one of the Writers' workshop courses Emma and I ran. Following that, she had more than one edit, finishing up with a close line edit to ensure the MS was polished to perfection. It took time and commitment to bring her wonderful story to life.

    And just look at the result of all that dedication.

    So there you have it. The winning formula:
    fresh and original concept + writing talent + a willingness to learn and improve + objective feedback + hard work + perseverance = A BESTSELLER!
  • Vanessa
    by Vanessa 6 years ago
    How many years does that take? Lol
  • Spangles
    by Spangles 6 years ago
    Fantastic news, and so heartening at a time when there is so much bad news being tossed about. Congratulations, one and all!
  • Lindac21
    by Lindac21 6 years ago
    How fabulous! Well done :)
  • Cadidore
    by Cadidore 6 years ago
    Brilliant news. Congratulations to everyone involved.
  • Dania
    by Dania 6 years ago
    Thank you, everyone.

    To be honest, I only started thinking I should actually finish the novel when Debi encouraged me during the course. Emma was also very supportive.

    It was also a blast working with her on the edits.
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